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1996: Tim Dutton made kit-cars until 1989 and later turned to making amphibious cars.

The Dutton Mariner is based on the Ford Fiesta - 1100cc, 1300cc, 1400cc, 1600cc, 1800c (petrol), or 1800cc diesel, front wheel drive. The Mariner's hull is of glass reinforced plastic (GRP). Steel Ford components exposed to water are coated with a corrosion resistant polymer, and hub-seals have stainless steel sleeves fitted. The engine drives a 24kW (35hp) water-jet by a belt from the crank-shaft pulley - L. A11ison

1996 Dutton Mariner, open car (soft-top and hard-top available), 5 seats, 2 doors
Loa 4165mm, width 1625mm (body), height 1473mm
Approach 35°, departure 35°
Weight 1050kg (2310lbs)
Engine - as from donor Ford Fiesta
5-speed manual gearbox, front wheel drive, water-jet driven by hydraulic pump and motor
Speed afloat 5mph (4.5 knots, 8kph), sport 8mph (7 knots, 13kph)
Tyres 5Jx13" wheels 185 70R 13 tyres; fuel tank 42L

2000: Dutton announced a four wheel drive version of the Dutton Commander based on the Suzuki SJ413 Samurai (Sierra) with 1900cc turbo diesel engine, 5-speed gearbox and 2-speed transfer case, with live-axles. The water-jet is driven by a PTO manufactured by Dutton (it could have other uses).

yellow + blue
2000 4×4

2001: The Commander 4×4 went on sale in 2001.

Dutton Marine,
Littlehampton Marina, Ferry Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN175DS, UK.
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