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2002: Bentley (VW) and Rolls Royce (BMW) prepared to part company in 2002, the last "real" Rolls Royce being produced in 2002. VW carefully positioned Bentley as a more sporting marque (which is true to Bentley's origins), showing a variety of powerful sports and grand-touring concept cars although they also presented a stately limousine to the Queen:
The Bentley GT coupe below has a 6-litre, twin-turbocharged W12 engine, six-speed automatic gearbox and all wheel drive.
2002 June, testing
2002 September: Bentley announced that the coupe would be called the Continental GT (after the Bentley R-Type Continental of 1952) when it went on sale in 2003.
2003 March 4, Geneva Motor Show, Continental GT: Engine capacity 5998cc, W12 twin-turbo (0.7 bar), 411kW@6100rpm 650Nm@1600rpm, loa 4807mm, width 1918mm, height 1390mm, wb 2745mm, £110,000, us$149,000.

2010: Bentley's new Mulsanne, 2585kg, 6.75-litre V8, with cylinder de-activation, 377kW (505bhp), 1020Nm (752 lb ft), 16.9 l/100km (16.7mpg), 393 gm CO2/km, 8-speed auto, rear wheel drive, ~£220k. It replaced the Arnage.

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