DeLorean, a failed company that produced a handful of its rear-engined sports coupes.
1978, August: The British Government defended plans to support the DeLorean project in Northern Ireland.
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in 2022
1982: DeLorean cars failed.
1985: The movie 'Back to the Future', and its two sequels, featured a time-travelling DeLorean.

2022 October 25: "Kat DeLorean, daughter of ... John DeLorean is following in her father's footsteps by building a new sports car. ... The car will be named the Model-JZD in honor of John Zachary DeLorean. ... DeLorean Next Generation [DNG] Motors will begin assembly of the 'Model-JZD' in Detroit, Michigan in January of 2023, with an expected unveiling by the end of the year. ..." — DNGmotors.
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