1905: Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan (HFS) opened a garage in Malvern Link, UK.
1909: The first Morgan prototype cyclecar had a Peugeot V-twin engine between the front wheels and driving the single rear wheel.
1910: The single seat Runabout was shown in London.
1931: Mrs. Gwenda Stewart driving a Morgan three wheeler set a one-hour world record of over 100mph.
1936: Morgan showed its first four wheeled car at the London and Paris Motor Shows. It was dubbed the Morgan 4-4.
1938: Prudence Fawcett and Geoff White, driving a Morgan 4-4, finished 13th in the Le Mans 24-hour race.
1947: The Morgan Plus Four went into production with a 1.8-litre (later 2.1) Standard Vanguard engine.
a 1951 Morgan Roadster
1966: A Rover V8 was squeezed into a development of the Plus Four, making the Plus Eight.
2001: The Morgan Aero 8 has a "bonded aluminium chassis" for modern levels of crash resistance. It is powered by a BMW 4.4-litre aluminium V8 (286bhp).
a 2002 Aero 8
2010 August: Morgan (.uk) began taking orders for the 4 seat Morgan Eva GT (due 2012), with a BMW twin-turbo 3-litre straight six (306bhp, 400Nm).
2011: Morgan showed a "modern" 3-wheeler at the Geneva Motor Show. It is fitted with a V-twin engine, and a Mazda 5-speed gearbox. (Also see Feb. 2022.)
2019 March: The new Morgan Plus Six (BMW turbo I6, £78K) was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

2019 March 5: The Morgan family sold a majority share in the company to an Italian venture capital firm. "Investindustrial has today announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Morgan Motor Company Ltd ('Morgan'), the iconic 110-year old British sports cars manufacturer. ..." — Morgan.

2022 February 24: Morgan began promoting its new 3-wheeler, the Super 3, 1.5 litre 3-cyl., from £42K.

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