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Porsche has been a long-term supporter of long-distance sports car racing.

The 917s.
Powered by 4.5-litre, flat-12, 520hp, air-cooled engines, Porsche 917s won the Le Mans 24-hour race in 1970 (#23) and 1971 at 222.304 km/h. That 1971 record stood until 2010.
1970 917
1972+: 917 Spyders, open versions of the 917, with 5+ litre, turbo-charged engines eventually developing well over 1000 hp, came to dominate the North American Can-Am sports car series (until regulations changed in 1974), putting a stop to the success of the McLarens. Some said that they killed the series.
1972 Can Am championship winner
(1972 917/10 5-litre, >850hp.)
(1973 917/30 5.4-litre, >1100hp.)
(Chassis #917/30-004, 5374cc, est. 1200hp@8000rpm, was sold at auction by Gooding and Co for us$4,400,000, 9 March 2012.)
1976 and 1977: Porsche 936 won the Le Mans 24-hour race.
1979: Porsche 935 K3 won Le Mans.
1981: Porsche 936 turbo won Le Mans.
1982 to 1985: Porsche 956 won Le Mans.
1984: The Porsche type 962 -- (rear-)mid 2994cc, twin-turbo flat-6, 582kW@8200rpm -- was introduced for long distance racing and carried off many good results through the 1980s and on, inc. Le Mans 1986 (962C), 1987 (962C), 1994 (962LM). A 1986 Porsche 962, IMSA GTP, chassis #962-121, engine #361, sold for us$810,000 at Bonhams Quail auction in Aug. 2011.
1986: Derek Bell/ Al Holbert/ Hans-Joachim Stuck, 962C.
1987: Derek Bell/ Al Holbert/ Hans-Joachim Stuck, 962C.
1994: Yannick Dalmas/ Mauro Baldi/ Hurley Haywood, 962LM.
1996: Manuel Reuter/ Davy Jones/ Alexander Wurz, WSC95 won LM.
1997: Michele Alboretto/ Stefan Johannson/ Tom Kristensen, WSC95 won LM.
1998: Allan McNish/ Laurent Aiello/ Stephane Ortelli, 911 GT1 98 won LM.
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