WWII The Scammell SV-2S 6×4 is a pre world war two design. It has a single rear differential which drives into walking beams at each end of an "axle" tube. Each walking beam carries two road wheels which are driven by chains. This system has the great virtues of simplicity and excellent wheel articulation.


These trucks were used during world war two as recovery vehicles although their haulage duties were taken over by the likes of Diamond-T tractors.

Post WWII: This Scammell recovery tractor, FV1181(a), is a 6×6, having the rear walking-beam suspension (with one diff') and a driven front axle located by an A-frame, part-time 6×4 / 6×6.

FV1181a 6×6

1978 Scammell Contractor with 350hp Cummins diesel, 15-speed Road Ranger transmission and 9.64:1 Scammell differentials. At least one is in commercial hands in .au, but said to have been put together from "left overs" from a tender for an Australian Army contract. The Contractor design dates from the mid 1960s and found civilian and military uses.


The Contractor was supplied with engines from 350 to 430hp and with manual, semi-automatic or automatic transmissions for towing either semi-trailers or tow-bar trailers for a total weight up to 240 tons in specialist heavy haulage applications. Options include winches, a 4-door cab, and six-wheel drive.

1978 Scammel Contractor, bonnetted tractor, 2 seats, 2 doors;
loa 7770mm, width 2500mm, height 2950mm;
weight 12,600kg (unladen);
Cummins power 350hp;
transmission 15-speed Road Ranger, 4 speed Spicer aux', diff' ratio 9.64:1;
suspension leaf/leaf;
variants - various engine and transmission combinations for up to 240,000kg total train weight, e.g.
Cummins 6-cyl 350bhp, 8-speed semi-automatic or Road Ranger 15-speed (3 rev). Cummins 6-cyl 430bhp, 5-speed automatic and torque converter.

c1990 The Scammell Crusader is a civilian semi-trailer "tractor", also adopted by the British Army. There are 20-ton and 35-ton (towing) versions, and also a recovery vehicle.

Crusader, forward control semi-trailer tractor, 2+2 seats, 2 doors;
loa 6660mm, width 2500mm, height 3300mm, track 2050mm/1845mm, turning radius 9.5m;
weight 11,100kg (unladen), tows 35,000kg (35 tons);
Rolls Royce `Eagle', turbo-charged diesel, power 305bhp at 2100rpm;
transmission Eaton Fuller 15m (3 rev), clutch twin dry-plate, 8-ton capacity winch;
suspension leaf/leaf, brakes air;
tyres 11.00x20, fuel-tank 455L;
variants: a similar model to above with a 20,000kg (20 ton) towing capacity 9-speed gearbox, 2-seat cab, 9200kg weight;
6×4 recovery vehicle with rear hydraulic lift, 20,000kg winch, 7500kg front winch.
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