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2002 June: The Subaru Forester ser II has a 2.5-litre flat-4 (112kW @ 5600rpm, 223Nm @ 3600rpm), up from 2-litres.

2002 XS
2002 June, Forester, 5 door station wagon
Length 4450mm, wisth 1735mm, height 1590mm, wheelbase 2525mm, track 1495mm/ 1485mm, ground clearance 200mm, weight 1362kg - 1402kg
Ground clearance 200mm, approach 25° ramp-over 161°, departure 21°
Engine, petrol (ULP), 2.5 litre, flat-4, mpfi, SOHC
Bore 99.5mm, stroke 79.0mm, c.r. 10.0:1
power 112kW at 5600rpm, torque 223Nm at 3600rpm, fuel consumption 7.2L/100km - 10L/100km
Transmission manual or automatic, full-time AWD, rear diff' LSD
Suspension Macpherson strut / dual link + strut
Tyres P215/60R16, fuel tank 60L
Price: $30,990 X manual - $39,990 XS automatic + luxury pack -- $au 6/2002
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