1887 John Marston started the Sunbeamland Cycle Co..
1901 A Sunbeam-Mabely car was put into production; the wheels were in a diamond layout, 1-2-1!
1905 The Sunbeam Motor Car Co. was formed.
1920 Sunbeam merged with Automobiles Darracq S.A. of France
(1919 Darracq had bought Clement-Talbot (London)) forming Talbot-Darracq and Sunbeam-Talbot-Darracq (STD Motors).
1925 Malcolm Cambell set a World Land Speed Record of 150.76mph (242.6km/h) at Pendine Sands driving the 18-litre V12 Sunbeam 350hp special, renamed Bluebird [NT98, Geo00]. The car is at the UK National Motor Museum.
1927 Henry Segrave driving the "1000hp" Sunbeam raised the World Land Speed Record to over 200mph --FIA.
1935 Sunbeam-Talbot-Darracq went into receivership; Sunbeam and Talbot (UK) were bought by Rootes Group.
1938 Rootes formed the Sunbeam-Talbot brand.
1946 Sunbeam-Talbot
1953 The Sunbeam Alpine sports car was released. A black Sunbeam Alpine featured in the Bond novel Dr. No (1958). (In the Dr. No movie (1962), Bond (Sean Connery) drove a later model Alpine.)
1959 The "Series" Sunbeam Alpine was a new design.
1965 Alpine (Series V) 1725cc
1964 The Sunbeam Tiger was released, essentially a Sunbeam Alpine with a 260in3 (4.3-litre) Ford V8.
1964 Tiger
1964 Chrysler bought a share of Rootes.
1967 Chrysler took over Rootes.
1977 Chrysler stopped using the Sunbeam marque although it was later reused as a model name.
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