Nubian 6×6

Thornycroft was a British truck building firm founded in 1896. It built the 4x4 'Hathi' truck after World War I and it is thought that seven examples came to Australia.

The British Government devised a 'subsidy scheme' between WWI and WWII in which trucks received a subsidy on condition that they could be resumed for war service if the need arose. To qualify, the trucks had to be sufficiently agile off-road, i.e. 4x4s or alternatively 6x4s with a special rear suspension design. This suspension had upper and lower leaf springs pivoted between the two rear axles to form a walking beam allowing large axle movements. The design was later used on the Nubian 6×6.

19 48
1948 Amazon 6x4

Thornycroft is perhaps best known for the 'Mighty Antar' 6x4 prime mover which was used by the British Army between 1952 and the 1980s as a tank transporter. Three Mighty Antars came to Australia for use on the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Scheme, moving heavy generating machinery.

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