Toyota LandCruiser


1978 55-series
1980 60-series
1998 '100' GXLS
2002 October: Toyota (.au) dropped the 6-cylinder petrol engine from the 100-series LandCruiser station wagon, remaining engine options being 4.7-litre V8 petrol (170kW, 410Nm), 4.2-litre 6-cyl diesel naturally aspirated or turbo.. Prices from au$51,990 diesel, live front axle, part-time 4WD, to the Sahara (was GXV) au$79,900 - au$89,900. (And Lexus LX470 au$117,000.)
2007 Nov.: The new 200 Series LandCruiser went on sale in .au.
Toyota LandCruiser 200, seats 7,
ladder chassis,
weight 2555kg (GXL petrol) to 2720kg (Sahara diesel) (unladen),
Engines 4.7L, V8, petrol, vvt
power 202kW, torque 445Nm, claimed 14.5L/100km,
or 4.5L, V8, twin-turbo diesel
power 195kW at 3400rpm, torque 650Nm at 1600-2600rpm, claimed 10.3L/100km,
Transmission 6-speed automatic only, full time 4WD, hi & low range,
Suspension indep. front, live axle rear, coil springs, Kinetic KDSS suspension, brakes disc/disc, stability control, traction control, hill descent control,
Safety: GXL 6 airbags, front, front side, side curtain; VX & Sahara +front knee bags, row-2 side bags.
fuel tank 93 litres,
Prices, GXL petrol $69,990, VX petrol $79,990, Sahara petrol $94,990, twin-turbo diesel +$10,000, i.e. Sahara diesel $104,990 ($au, 11/2007).
The 70+ series LandCruiser (ute, troopie, s/w) also got the 4.5-litre turbo diesel as its diesel option, replacing the I6 due to Euro IV emission rules.
2011: The FJ Cruiser, a sheep (Prado) in wolf's (FJ40) clothing made it to .au, from au$45K + orc -- 4x4 or 4x2 (?.us).
The last LandCruisers with two live axles officially for sale in .au are variations on the 70.
4.5 V8 turbo diesel, '76' station wagon, in 2013

2019, September 20: "Cumulative Global Sales of the Toyota Land Cruiser Series Surpass 10 million Units ... The Land Cruiser is Toyota's longest-selling car. It launched on August 1, 1951, as the Toyota "Jeep BJ," and production has continued for 68 years. Full-scale exports of the Land Cruiser began with the 20 Series, which was introduced in November 1955, four years after the launch of the first-generation car. ..." — Toyota.

2021 August 2: "The latest Land Cruiser, the 300-Series, made its debut in Japan on August 2, 2021." — T.  3.5-litre V6 twin turbo petrol or 3.3-litre V6 twin turbo diesel, 10-speed automatic gearbox, independent front & live-axle rear suspension, price 5.1 to 7.6 million ¥ (au$1 ~ ¥81).

2023 August 2: "Toyota's new Land Cruiser '250' (?Prado?) makes World Premiere Land Cruiser '70' Return to Japan also announced ... The new 250 Series [has] the same GA-F platform as the 300 Series ... including the first hybrid system [option] ... " — Toyota. And, "The [250's] development team set out to return the Land Cruiser Prado, which shifted toward high-end and luxury over time, to the light-duty model that customers have come to expect" — Toyota 16/4/2024.

2023 October, .au: "... upgraded LandCruiser 70 Series range ... arriving in Australian showrooms in November priced from au$75,600+orc for the 76 Series WorkMate wagon. ... introduces a six-speed automatic ... teamed to the tried-and-tested 1GD four-cylinder 2.8-litre turbo-diesel engine [150kW, 500Nm] ... [the] 1VD 4.5-litre turbodiesel V8 engine [151kW, 430Nm] will continue to be sold ..." — Toyota. Prices from au$75.6K to au$87.6K.

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