1885: Siegfried Bettmann started selling Triumph bicycles.
1902: The company started selling motorbikes.
1923: Triumph launched its first car, the Triumph 10/20.
1930: Company renamed the Triumph Motor Co..
1939: Receivership, bought by Thomas Ward & Co..
1944: Triumph bought by the Standard Motor Co..
1953: Production of the Triumph TR2 sports car.
1955: TR3 production,
red, open
and later the "TR3A" and "TR3B". (Tilly Masterton drove a Triumph TR3 in Goldfinger, the James Bond novel.)
1961: Triumph bought by Leyland Motors, later British Leyland.
1961: TR4 production,
white, open
1962 TR4
and later the TR4A, 1964-1968.
1962-1980: Triumph Spitfire production.
1967: TR5 production.
1968: TR6 production.
green, open
1969(?) Spitfire (1962 - 1980)
1970-1977: Triumph Stag 2+2, 2997cc ohc V8.
1977 Stag
1974: TR7 production.
1978: TR8   ~ TR7 + V8,
red hard top
1981 TR8
engine bay
the Rover V8
See [Geo00] & [Rob05].
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