Haskell 98 Examples

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Hello - hello world program.
Lists - list processing.
Trees - tree processing.
IO - input / output.
DPA - dynamic programming algorithm.
Edit dist. - string edit distance.
Mistakes - some common slip ups.
Classes - types classes.
Strictness - evaluation order.
Compared - λ : Haskell : SML.

ghc -- Glasgow Haskell compiler
Unix command: ghc file.hs
file suffixes:
- .lhs   literate Haskell                 unlit
- .hs    plain Haskell                    ghc
- .hc    C from the Haskell compiler      gcc
- .c     C not from the Haskell compiler  gcc
- .s     assembly language                as
- other  passed directly to the linker    ld
RR = S. Peyton Jones (ed). Haskell 98 Language and Libraries. The Revised Report. CUP, 254 p., 2003.
S. Peyton Jones et al. Report on the Programming Language Haskell 98. 1 Feb 1999.
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