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Standard ML (SML) is a functional programming language. ML was devised at Edinburgh University and gave rise to a number of descendant languages. Purists would call SML an applicative language because it has strict evaluation, not lazy evaluation, and has assignable variables. SML-97 was standardised c1997.
[Programming Examples].
To run SML in interactive mode:
ne> sml
Standard ML of New Jersey, Version 110.0.7, September 28, 2000 [CM; autoload enabled]
- 1+2;
val it = 3 : int
- <CTRL>d
or run a program in a file,
ne> sml < y.sml
Standard ML ...
- = val it = 6 : int
or run a program in a file in interactive mode
ne> sml
Standard ML ...
- use "y.sml";
[opening y.sml]
val it = 6 : int
val it = () : unit
NB. Quote the file name after use; the name is a string.


Also see [programming languages].
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