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"Intel" is, of course, the shadowy and unscrupulous multinational cartel that features in A for Andromeda (1961) and in The Andromeda Breakthrough (1962).

In the first book, and series, Intel performs incidental acts of espionage and murder around the message from space and the supercomputer built by the British government when the message is decoded. The book ends with the destruction of the computer by Fleming and Andromeda.

In the second book, it is revealed that Intel has obtained a duplicate set of plans and has built a second computer. Fleming and Andromeda, who are on the run from the British authorities, are kidnapped by Intel to help with its plans, or is it the computer's plans, for world domination.

(Later in 1968, Intel was formed for real by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore in "Silicon Valley" California. Initially incorporated as N M Electronics, it was quickly renamed Intel -- Integrated Electronics. The name had been taken by a motel chain and Moore and Noyce purchased the rights [--from Intel's 25th anniversay of the microprocessor 1996]. Spooky?-)

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