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  • Fred Hoyle & John Elliot, A For Andromeda, isbn:0-285-50165-8, Souvenir Press (London) 1962. (Reprinted 1974). Corgi edition 1963.
    "This book is based on the BBC television serial of the same name and is published by arrangement with the [BBC]."
Fred Hoyle 1915-2001
  • Fred Hoyle & John Elliot, Andromeda Breakthrough, (hb) Harper & Row 1964, (pb) Corgi 1966, and others.


  • Roger Fulton. The Encyclopedia of TV Science Fiction, Boxtree Ltd. and ITV Books 1990.
    Brief summaries of TV Science Fiction programmes from 1951 onwards, including `A for Andromeda' and `The Andromeda Breakthrough'.
  • Leslie Halliwell. Halliwell's Television Companions, Granada Publ. Ltd., Frogmore, St.Albans, Herts, isbn 0-246-11714-1, 1982.
    Also pub. as Halliwell's Teleguide Granada 1979.
    Brief entry for A for Andromeda on page 1, mostly about the computer, Andromeda and the conflict between her `inhuman master' and her human nature. Entry ends "..... a sequel lacking Julie Christie, The Andromeda Breakthrough, also lacked comparable impact".
  • Joy Leman. Wise Scientists and Female Androids, p108-124 of Popular Television in Britain, J. Corner (ed), British Film Institute, isbn 0-85170-269-4 (hb) 0-85170-270-8 (pb), 1991.
    An essay on gender, politics and sci-fi, esp' wrt `Quatermass' and `A for Andromeda'. Picture of Julie Christie as Christine (later Andromeda) at a keyboard p120.
  • Tise Vahimagi. British Television, an Illustrated Guide, Oxford University Press, isbn 0-19-812267-5 (hb), 0-19-818336-4 (pb), 1994.
    One column entry on (many shows including) A for Andromeda, p98, and a picture of Julie Christie as Andromeda and Peter Halliday as Flemming.


From: lorenh@hpcvra.cv.hp.com.sp@m.not (Loren Heisey)
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Subject: EpiLog episode guide list update
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Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1992 20:13:30 GMT
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Here is an updated list of episode guides in issues of Epi-Log magazine. For those that do not know, Epi-Log is a magazine devoted to doing episode guides. The quality of the guides varies quite a bit depending on who writes the synopses. Some guides have been known to have errors. They do list all the episodes and usually give the original air dates. People looking for lots of information on a show will probably not be interested in them but they are useful for keeping track of which episodes one has seen or has yet to see. Epi-Log magazines can be found at Sci-Fi conventions and also at some comic book stores.
They can also be gotten from the publisher:

Star Tech,
P.O. Box 456, Dunlap, TN 37327, USA
(their catalog is $1 and requests for information need a SASE [self addressed stamped envelope]).

The left half is a by issue listing and the right half is an alphabetical listing. A # after the name means it is a list of episodes rather than a guide.

UFO                         16 [...]
A For Andromeda             16
Andromeda Breakthrough      16
Adam Adamant Lives!         16
Into the Labyrinth          16
Out of the Unknown          16
Quatermass (four series)    16
Star Maidens                16
Supercar                    16
Thunderbirds                16
Terrahawks                  16
Storyteller, The            16
Saint, The (seasons 1-2)    16
Return of the Saint         16
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