You've Got Mail (1998).

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At last, a main-stream romance woven around Internet chat - it has arrived! Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) with his mega-bookstore is about to put Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan), who runs a small, specialist kids' books store, out of business. Meanwhile `NY152' and `Shopgirl' are chatting online. Yep, NY152 is Joe and Shopgirl is Kathleen. They hate each other in the flesh, but are growing to love each other on the 'net, if they but knew. And, Kathleen is going out with Frank Kavasky (Greg Kinnear). Sounds like a comedy of errors? What follows is a light, predictable but nevertheless delightful story, cashing in on the success of Sleepless in Seattle in part.

  • Director: Nora Ephron
  • Joe Fox: Tom Hanks
  • Kathleen Kelly: Meg Ryan
-- L. Allison, 1999
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