Charles Babbage (26/12/1791 - 18/10/1871)

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Babbage is buried in `Kensal Green Cemetery', properly known as `The General Cemetery of All Souls', West London, between the Grand Union Canal and Harrow Rd., -- Paul Lay, The Independent, Reviews, p.31, 30 July 2004.
Underground(!): Kensal Green, Bakerloo line (or Silverlink main-line).
The cemetery has a truly enormous brick wall facing Harrow Road. The north gate, west of the station, is nearer than the main entrance to the east.
Roughly in the centre of the cemetery is the 'Circle Avenue'. This is cut by the E-W 'Centre Avenue' and the N-S 'Junction Avenue'. The mausoleum of Sir John Dean Paul Bart is hard to miss at the southern intersection of Circle Avenue and Junction Avenue. Babbage's tomb is perhaps less than half way from here towards the southern end of Junction Avenue, next to the track, on its east side -- LA, 11/2004.

10/2004: "Kensal Green cemetery opens Monday to Sunday from 9am to 5.30pm. tel:020-8969-0152" .
[][10/2004] p.21: Open Nov-Feb 9am-4pm, March 9am-6pm, Apr 9am-7pm, May-Aug 9am-8pm, Sept 9am-7pm, Oct 9am-5pm.
[@BBC][10/2004] April - Sep, Mon - Sat, 0900 - 1730, Sun, 1000 - 1730; Oct - Mar, Mon - Sat, 0900 - 1630, Sun, 1000 - 1630.
[~androom][10/2004] -- inc' pic of B's.
2004: Friends of Kensal Green: [][2004]: Guided Tours every Sun. 2pm regardless of weather, £5.00p.p., 2-hrs.
c/o The General Cemetery Company, Harrow Road, London W10 4RA (inc' SAE).
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