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Queue is a generic class, that is we can have a Queue of ints, a Queue of chars, a Queue of strings, and so on. Queue is parameterised on its element type which can be instantiated to int, char, string (*char) or to any other type.
Queue.driver.cpp main program uses Queues
Queue.h definition of Queue data structure and ...
Queue.ipp ... implementation of Queue enQ and deQ
Queue.userProc.h header for ...
Queue.userProc.cpp a separately compiled file also uses Queues
makefile compiles everything
To make a Queue of int class use ‘Queue<int> variablename’ and similarly for any other element type.
Queue is defined by a template; think of it as a compile-time function with the < > syntax around its parameter(s) to distinguish it from a regular run-time function. The Queue operations enQ & deQ also depend on the element type, and are generic functions, and their bodies are defined by templates.
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