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/** magic <I>doc comment</I> ... is in HTML ... [tag-section] */
goes immediately before a class, method or variable declaration.
The most useful and/or common tags
param of method, or type param of class or method.
e.g., @param seq the DNA sequence to be analysed.
@return (of a method)
@see [[package.]class]#member [showThis]
(name shown if no text)
@see [package.]class [showThis],
e.g., see java.lang.Math
@see package [showThis]
@see <A HREF="URL#value">textToBeShown</a>
@throws (of a method)
. . .
In-line tag, {@inlineTag}
copy (~inherit) text from the superclass, overridden method, or implemented method spec. (of interface), as appropriate.
{@link [[package.]class]#member label}   (also see '@see'.-)
. . .
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