Appears in: [The Computer Journal, V28, N5, pp480-486, 1985 (click)].

Programming Denotational Semantics II

L. Allison, Department of Computer Science, University of Western Australia, Nedlands 6009, Western Australia.

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Abstract: The Denotational Semantics of a small programming language is coded into Algol-68 to give an interpreter. The Semantics incorporates many of the notions of Standard Semantics including declarations, declarations, declaration continuations, final answers and stores or memory which are used to define block structuring, output and parameterless procedures. This extends work previously reported[1]. The coding in Algol-68 is quite straightforward and the result is a type checked and executable semantics which is as readable as the original semantics to one familiar with Algol-68. No special software is needed other than a compiler for the general purpose language Algol-68.

Also see [1986].

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