Inductive Inference 1.1

Lloyd Allison, School of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Monash University, Clayton, Victoria, Australia 3800.

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Technical Report 2004/153.
May 2004.

Abstract: Examined, the succinct expression of general solutions to inductive inference problems. Haskell types and type classes define the properties of various kinds of statistical model -- distributions, function models and time-series. This is an application of Haskell which itself has applications, and is almost as general as Haskell's own area of application. Case studies in inductive inference, including mixtures of Markov models, state-based time-series, missing data, and mixed Bayesian networks, illustrate the functional style of programming with models. Polymorphic types, type inference, high-order functions and lazy evaluation are all useful.

Keywords: Bayesian networks, inductive inference, machine learning, minimum message length, MDL, MML, statistical models.



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