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1906 November: Societe Italinana Automobili Darracq (SIAD) founded to assemble Darracqs in Italy.
1910: The company started to build 'Alfa' cars designed by Cavaliere Giuseppe Merosi.
1915: Nicola Romeo took over Alfa.
1921: This Alfa Romeo G1 #6018 was imported new into Australia; only 52 were built. It has a 6.3-litre, straight-six, side-valve engine.
1921 G1
Previous cars had been "Alfas" and the G1 was the first "Alfa Romeo".
1921 Alfa Romeo G1
Loa 4494mm, wheelbase 3400mm, track 1445mm/ 1445mm, weight 1500kg (empty)
Engine: front driving the rear wheels, straight six, cast iron double block and fixed heads
6330cc, bore 98mm, stroke 140mm, c.r. 4.6:1
Side valves, one laterally mounted camshaft, chain driven
Cooling system 16 litre pressurized water cooling with mechanical fan
Power (bhp/rpm) 70/2100, torque (lb/ft/rpm) 217/1100
Mechanical fuel pump, one vertical single barrel carburetor
Fuel tank rear mounted 75 litres
Lubrication Pressurized, sump capacity 9 litres
Transmission 4 speed manual mechanical gearbox with reverse gear, lateral floor mounted gear lever, dry dual plate clutch
Suspension, front live axle, semi-elliptic longitudinal leaf springs, rear live axle, double semi-elliptic longitudinal leaf springs
Wheels cast iron spoke, tyres 895×135, brakes - foot, rear drums only
Steering worm and wheel
Electrical system 12 volt with a generator
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1923 Alfa Romeo RLN
red convertible
1923 RLN
Rear wheel brakes only. The car was used as a mail/hire car between Melbourne, Geelong and Colac (Vic, .au) three times a week for 15 years, clocking up more than 500,000 miles.
a 1973 Spider Veloce 1962cc (105 ser.2)
1970-1976: The Montreal had a 2593cc V8 engine.
a 1975 Montreal
1984: Alfa Romeo became part of the Fiat group.
1985: Alfa Romeo 33 station wagon 4×4 1.5-litre flat-4, sold in Australia from 1984 to 1992, the wagon from 1985 to 1987. Some more 4×4 sedans were imported in 1991 and 1992.
1985 ‘33’ station-wagon 4×4
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