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1922: A 3 litre Bentley, driven by John Duff (alone), averaged nearly 87mph for 24-hours at the Brooklands racing circuit, UK, setting a class record  [-B].

1923: Bentley contested the first ever Le Mans 24-hours race and finished fourth.

1924: Bentley won the Le Mans 24-hours race.

1927-1930: Bentley won the Le Mans 24-hours race four years in a row.

1928: A 3 litre Bentley, driven by Dudley Foy, covered 100 miles at a speed of more than 115mph at the Brooklands racing circuit  [-B].

1929: A supercharged 4.5 litre car was developed for Birkin to race; there was a limited production run of 50 to make this model eligible for racing. It is said that W.O.Bentley did not approve of supercharging.
Speed 8 (2001)
2002: Bentley (VW) entered one Bentley EXP Speed 8 coupe in the Le Mans 24-hour race. The car qualified in 11th place. It finished in 4th place, behind three Audi (VW) R8s.
2002, 4th at Le Mans
2002 start
2003: A Bentley Speed 8 coupe, #7 driven by Dindo Capello, Guy Smith and Tom Kristensen, won the 2003 Le Mans 24-hour race. Another Speed 8, #8 driven by Mark Blundell, David Brabham and Derek Bell, finished second.
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