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The M998A2 High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle, HMMVW or Hummer, was built by AM General Corporation. Early Hummers have a 6.2-litre V8 diesel and a 3-speed automatic gearbox, later models a 6.5-litre engine and a 4-speed transmission. Suspension is independent, with double wishbones at each corner, portal axles, hub-reduction gearing and 37×12.5R16.5 tyres -- Lloyd Allison.
HMMWV c1995
Loa 4.84m (15' 10"), width 2.18m (7' 2"), height 1.83m (6'), track 1.82m/1.82m (71.6"/71.6"), ground clearance 0.39m (15"), turning radius 7.62m (25') kerb
Approach 63°, departure 33°
GVM 10,300lbs
6.5L diesel V8
Bore 103mm (4.06"), stroke 97mm (3.82"), c.r. 21.3:1
Power 120kW (160hp) at 3400rpm, torque 393Nm (290lb-ft) at 1700rpm
Transmission 4-speed automatic, full-time 4WD, 2-speed transfer case, hub-reduction gears
Suspension independent-coil/ independent-coil, brakes disc/disc (inboard)
Tyres 37×12.5R16.5 run-flat, fuel-tank 94L (25g)
2010 April 14: "The mine-resistant ambush-protected all-terrain vehicle (M-ATV) is on its way to Afghanistan to replace many of the up-armored Humvees." -- US Army. The story of Afghanistan, and Iraq, was the increasing use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs); many HMMWVs were "up-armored" but a need was still seen for a vehicle that was more IED-resistant for use in the more dangerous areas -- the JLTV.
2010: The US Army took delivery of prototypes of the 'JLTV' (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) from BAE-Navistar, General Tactical Vehicles, and Lockheed-BAE, for competitive tests. (The Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2012, seemed to terminate the JLTV program, 2 Dec 2011, but it was still active 5 Jan 2012, and in fact full-scale production was approved 21 June 2019.)
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