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JLTV: Joint Light Tactical Vehicle.
Experience of IEDs in Iraq and Afghanistan showed the need for a more heavily armoured vehicle than the Hummer.
Category A, combat transport weight 14,322 pounds, and 3,500 pound payload while armoured.
Category B, 4,500 pound payload while armoured.
Category C, 5,100 pound payload while armoured, and including shelter and ambulance options.
All, height adjustable suspension to ≤76" to fit in "preposition force ships."
2010, May: The DoD took delivery of prototype JLTVs from BAE-Navistar, General Tactical Vehicles, and Lockheed-BAE, for evaluation, including ballistic tests.
2010 June-July: Australian test vehicles scheduled for delivery; also see Hawkei.
2011, December 2: The US Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2012, seemingly terminated the JLTV program. ...
2012, January 5: But the Army clarified that the project was in fact still active.
2013, September: Full scale testing of JLTV prototypes from Oshkosh Defense, Lockheed Martin, and AM General began.
2015, August 25: The US military awarded $6.7 billion contract to Oshkosh for an initial production run of "approximately 17,000" JLTVs from FY 2016.

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