Jeffrey Quad



Production of the Jeffrey Quad four wheel drive truck began in 1913 at the Thomas B. Jeffrey factory in Kenosha Wisconsin.

Some thousands of Quads were produced from 1914 for use in World War I, as transporters and as ambulances, four wheel drive being invaluable in the quagmires of the war. In 1916 the firm was sold to Nash which continued to build the four wheel drive as the Nash Quad.

This 1915 Jeffery Quad is fitted with a 4-cylinder Buda motor of 4.87 litres. The gearbox has four forward ratios, plus reverse, and drives front and rear differentials.


Front and rear axles are dead in that they simply carry the weight of the truck from the semi elliptical leaf springs to the road wheels. The Meuhl differentials and half-shafts are mounted above the load bearing dead axles and drive the hubs through hub-reduction gearing. This reduces the loads on the drive train and gets the differentials and half shafts up high and out of harm's way. The Meuhl differentials are essentially equivalent to the modern Torsen type of limited slip differential incorporating worm gears to drive the differential side gears. This is high-tech stuff.

The grid fitted to the front of the truck protects the radiator mounted immediately behind it.

This particular Jeffrey Quad, like many others, became surplus to requirements after the war and was acquired for use at the Le Mans race track in 1919. It was used there until abandoned in 1952. Richard Peskett subsequently heard of it, bought it and restored it to its present condition.

1915 Jeffrey Quad type 4015B, #70237;
2-ton truck, drop-side tray, 2-seats;
wheelbase 3.1m, turning radius 8.5m;
Buda, 4.87-litre, 4-cylinder, side-valve motor, bore 108mm, stroke 133mm, power 22kW;
transmission 4m, four wheel drive, hub-reduction gearing, Four wheel steering;
suspension dead-axles, semi-elliptical springs, 4-wheel drum brakes

1916: Charles Nash bought the Thomas B. Jeffery Company and founded Nash Motors.

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