Nash Motors


1916: Nash Motors was founded, in Wisconsin, by Charles Nash after buying the Thomas B. Jeffery Company.
WW I: Nash built Jeffrey 4x4 Quad trucks.
1937: Nash Motors and Kelvinator Appliance Co. merged to form Nash-Kelvinator Corp..
1954: Nash-Kelvinator bought Hudson Car co., forming American Motors Corp. (AMC).
1953-1961: The Nash Metropolitan was designed, and sold, in the USA but built for Nash in the UK by Austin, part of BMC. It had the Austin A40's 1200cc 4-cylinder engine.
1955: The S3's engine grew to 1489cc.
The S3 also sported a rather fanciful bonnet emblem.
1956: The Metropolitan was sold in the UK badged as the Austin Metropolitan and, from 1961, simply as the Metropolitan.
(1968: AMC sold Kelvinator.)
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