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Cuthbertson of Biggar Scotland is thought to have made 15 tracked Land-Rovers based on SI, SII and SIIA, short and long wheelbase models, the last c1972.


Each track is carried by four narrow road wheels fitted with pneumatic tyres and is driven by a sprocket which replaces the usual Land-Rover road wheel. The tracks are mounted on a strong sub-frame. The front tracks turn as a whole for steering - aided by substantial power steering driven from the engine crankshaft pulley.

There are pictures of Cuthbertson Land-Rovers floating in water, with cylindrical buoyancy aids fore and aft, being propelled by the tracks.

The advantage of the tracks is in greatly reducing ground pressure for operation on soft marshy ground. They are not particularly good at climbing obstacles because they lack the front "ramp" of typical tank tracks. Don't ask about stability.

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