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1960s: The British Army wanted four wheel drives with greater load carrying and pulling capacities than the standard series vehicles. The standard vehicles were often overloaded and this led to mechanical breakdowns.

The prototype below has a 3-litre 6-cylinder Rover motor, 9.00×16 tyres, leaf springs over the axles, and 5.3:1 ENV differentials similar to those in the SIIB forward control.

soft top
1966 prototype

There is a resemblance to the air-portable `Lightweight' Land-Rover in the simple flat panels.

This particular Land-Rover was used in experiments with powered trailers. It has two transfer cases in series. Drive to the rear axle passes through the 2nd transfer case to the back axle. The transfer gears in the second case are used to take drive up to a power take-off (PTO). This guarantees that the PTO and the propeller shafts rotate at the same rate. The arrangement allows the PTO to drive a powered trailer in high and low range via a coupling on the rear chassis cross-member. (The coupling is missing from this vehicle.) The Land-Rover 101 later came up with a different solution to driving a powered trailer in both low and high range.

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