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The Australian Long Range Patrol Vehicle (LRPV) performed a similar role to the British Pink Panthers.

Spare wheels are a nuisance, until you need them, and LRPVs carry two. The Pink Panthers carried one out in front of the radiator; the LRPVs have one on each side with brush deflectors extending the width of the bodywork.

Series IIA, standard military Land Rover, petrol engine, some components, e.g. water pump, were unique to the military versions.
Electrics: twelve (12) volts
After-market power boosted brakes, electronic ignition, extensive bar work, large auxillary fuel tank, storage facilities in the rear, motorbike rack on the rear.
Pedestal mount in rear for GPMG M60, or .30 cal Browning (never .50 cal as alot of people assume) and mounting on passenger side for GPMG M60.
Spare-wheel carriers fold down as a work-bench or table and were known as bat-wings.

The Australian Army got Perentie 6×6 LRPVs in the 1990s - L. A11ison

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