Range Rover Sport



The Range Rover Sport was released in the UK in early 2005? A rough idea of things to come was given with the Range Stormer concept in [2004]. It shares the 'T5' "platform" of the series-3 Discovery.

Range Rover Sport 2005 (LR project code L320)
Loa 4885mm, height 1784mm, wheelbase 2745mm (108"),
V8 petrol, 4.2L supercharged, 395bhp at 5750rpm, 410 lb-ft at 2500rpm
V8 petrol, 4.4L, 200bhp
TDV6 diesel, 2.7L turbo-charged, 190bhp
Transmission 6-spd ZF auto ZF, 2-speed transfer case
Suspension all indep. air-springs, brakes disc/disc

2009, model year 2010 (10MY), on sale late 2009 in .au: previous 3.6 litre TDV8 engine continues, new 3.0 litre twin turbo diesel, 5.0 litre V8 petrol and supercharged petrol engines.

2013, March 13: An all new Range Rover Sport premiered at the New York Motor SHow.

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