Land-Rover Game SIII



The Land-Rover Game was a unique Australian series-3 model, introduced to try to slow down the slide in market share generally, and to try to grab a slice of the recreational vehicle market in particular. It had the short wheel-base (88") station-wagon body (note the rectangular sliding windows) and was dressed up with a bull-bar, wide wheels, flares and yellow paint. The grab handles on the rear chassis cross-member were also replaced with "bumperettes" - L. A11ison


Others write:

I have had a look at about half dozen over the years. My Game didn't have any rear seats. I am pretty sure [the fronts] were "standard" seats (black). It did come with a swing-out rear tyre carrier, bullbar, tropical roof, overdrive, opening rear side windows like in a station wagons but not the alpine [roof] windows), and a side opening rear door. It also came with a Lightburn hydraulic jack and set up for towing. It was bright yellow with black wheel arch extensions etc.
- Karl Bossard [2/'96]


My Game was made in 1977 and from what information I can find they were produced from late 1976 to early 1978. Mine doesn't have any rear seats and appears to have never had any. I read in a pre-production review that they were going to come with bucket seats but mine has the standard seats.
- Dean Cording [2/'96]


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