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1971 October: The series III Land-Rover can be identified by the plastic radiator grille, neater door hinges and simpler (possibly weaker) bonnet hinges. Inside, the dashboard is plastic with a degree of padding. Mechanically, the gearbox has synchromesh on all four forward gears; it is said to be weaker than the SIIA gearbox.

Ireland: SWB station wagon

The model range is much as for SIIA: 88" and 109" wheelbases, soft-top, hard-top, tray (ute), and station wagons.

Modified: SWB hard-top on a LWB
blue stn wgn
Darjeeling January 2009
caminogold stn wgn
.au 2009
Elsamere, Lake Naivasha, Kenya 2011, the 'Nightingale', the S3 in which George Adamson (1906-1989) was murdered by poachers

1972: Stronger Salisbury rear axle standard on LWB.

1972: SIII version of the Military Lightweight introduced.

1974: End of Land Rover imports into USA (RR imports started 1987).

LWB rear lower
LWB rear lower shock absorber rubbers, dead left, new top, and washers.

1976 June: 1,000,000th Land-Rover produced.

1979: Stage-1.

1983: 110 and ('84) 90.

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