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2018 March 14: The Australian Government announced a fleet of 211 8x8 'Boxer CRV' (Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles) by Rheinmetall (.de) would replace the ASLAV.

Boxer CRV
3 crew + 4 seats, length 8.8m, width 2.96m, height hull 2.6m, turret 3.15m,
Lance turret 30mm cannon, 7.62mm machine gun, 12.7mm remote weapon station, anti-tank guided missile.

2019 September 24: "The first of a fleet of new [Boxer] combat reconnaissance vehicles (CRVs) for the Australian Defence Force has been unveiled at a ceremony at Enoggera Barracks, Brisbane. The 211 new Boxer 8x8 CRVs will be delivered by Rheinmetall Defence Australia under the au$5 billion LAND 400 Phase 2 Mounted Combat Reconnaissance Capability program. ... The first 25 vehicles will be assembled in Germany and delivered to Australia as part of technology transfer activities to familiarise Australian workers and suppliers on the specific manufacturing techniques of these vehicles. The remaining vehicles will be assembled at the Rheinmetall Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence facility in Redbank, Queensland, using companies across Australia." — defence.

2019 November 5: The British MOD signed a £2.8bn deal to buy "around 500 Boxer armoured vehicles" for the army with units arriving "from 2023".

2024 April 10: Australia signed a production contract for 123 Boxers (to be built in .au) with 100+ for export to Germany.

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