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The Australian Light Armoured Vehicle, ASLAV-25, is a wheeled, eight wheel drive (8x8), amphibious vehicle from the Diesel Division, General Motors (DDGM) of Canada. The one pictured above was under evaluation by the Australian Army for about three years. It must have done its stuff, because the design was adopted by the Australian Army. DDGM contracted British Aerospace Australia (BAeA) to fit-out and finish the ASLAV at its South Australia plant. This included air-conditioning and fitting the widest wheels and tyres to suit Australian conditions.


Wheeled armoured vehicles are attractive compared to tracked vehicles because of their reliability, low maintenance costs and ability to transport themselves quickly over long distances.

Propulsion in the water comes from two neatly mounted propellers, one each side. Top speed afloat is a handy 11kph. The turret is perfectly balanced so it can be traversed and the gun fired while in the water.

There is a tiny rudder behind each propeller and it is hard to credit that these are large enough, although they are directly in the propeller flow. In fact the rudders gain considerable assistance from the front four steering road wheels.

Getting into the water is rarely a problem for an amphibious vehicle but getting out can be altogether more difficult. Partly for this reason, each ASLAV is fitted with a 15,000 lb hydraulic self-recovery winch mounted behind a front hatch - L. A11ison

1996 ASLAV-25 Light Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle (Type-1), manufacturer's specifications

Armoured amphibian, 3 crew + 6 troops
Loa 6527mm, width 2620mm, height 2692mm
Turning radius 7.75m
Performance: max speed 100kph; afloat 10kph; range 660km
Trench crossing 2m; maximum grade 60%; max side slope 30%
Weight 11,680kg (unladen), combat 13,200kg
Engine Detroit Diesel 6V53T, power 275hp
Transmission Allison MT653 auto transmission, 5 fwd, 1 rev; transfer case 8x8 or 8x4; front four wheels steer; 4 differentials (LSD) + 1 water drive
Afloat 2 propellers, 4 rudders,
Suspension 8 wheel independent
Tyres Michelin XML
Winch 15,000 lb dynamic pull, hydraulic winch, front mounted
Armament (light armoured reconnaissance model)
primary M242 25mm chain gun, with thermal imaging sight
secondary M240 7.62mm machine gun, co-axial to the main gun
supplementary MAG58 7.62mm machine gun, pintle mounting on roof
ancillary two clusters of four 76mm smoke grenade launchers
Armour steel hull protects against small-arms fire, mines, and high-explosive air-bursts at 10m
Also available as:
Type II vehicles
ASLAV-PC personnel carrier, crew of 2 + 7 assault troops
ASLAV-S surveillance vehicle - Army RASIT ground surveillance radar and additional observation equipment, crew of 4 plus 2 troops
ASLAV-C command vehicle - crew of 5 + 2 troops
ASLAV-A ambulance - crew of 3 + up to 6 patients
Type III vehicles
ASLAV-R recovery vehicle, inc. 50,000 lb winch, can tow another ASLAV, crew of 3
ASLAV-F fitters vehicle, inc. crane, crew of 3
Rrp p.o.a. :-)

2012: "The last two Australian Light Armoured Vehicles (ASLAVs) serving in the Middle East Area of Operations (MEAO) completed their tour of duty with a range shoot at the Multi National Base - Tarin Kot [Afghanistan] heavy weapons range in November." -- defense.

2018 March 14: The Australian Government selected the 'Boxer CRV' by Rheinmetall (.de) to replace the ASLAV.

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