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1960: The M113 armoured personnel carrier (APC) entered service with western armies. The armour is an aluminium alloy and the 12-ton M113 is amphibious and can be air-lifted.
1965: "On March 19, 1965, the first M113A1 vehicles were issued to the Royal Australian Armoured Corps." -- army (2015).

1967: Australian developed M113 A1 fire support vehicle (FSV) with the turret, 76mm gun, from the Alvis Saladin armoured car.

Used in Vietnam c1971.

11,940kg, l 4.68m, w 2.69m, h 2.75m, amphibious.

1976+: M113 A1 medium reconnaissance vehicle (MRV) with the turret from the Scorpion light tank.
(1979+: M113 A2 upgrade.)
(1987+: M113 A3 upgrade, more powerful engine, lengthened, 6 road wheels.)
2010: Australia retured its M113 A1s, their final live firing taking place in exercise 'Southern Reach' in South Australia. The M113 A1s were replaced by M113 AS4s (A3s) - upgraded, longer six road wheels not five.
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