TVR: A British, small scale builder of sports cars.
1947: Trevor Wilkinson formed 'Trevcar Motors'.
1954: 'TVR Engineering' became 'TVR'.
2004: Nikolay Smolensky bought TVR.
2006-2007: TVR went broke.
2010: There seemed to be moves to revive TVR.
2011, November: There were reports that TVRs were again available, to order, with 6.2-litre Chevrolet V8s.
2012 July: The final end of the road?...
2013 June: ¿But there again ... Nikolay Smolensky sold what remained of TVR to Les Edgar of 'TVR Automotive Ltd'.
2015 June: TVR reported that that it would be back with a new 2-seat, Cosworth V8, sports car in 2017.
2016 March 22: TVR announced that its new factory would be built wat Ebbw Vale in South Wales
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