Unimogs are high-mobility all wheel drive trucks made by Mercedes-Benz. They are popular with armed forces and public utilities for use off-road and in snow, etc..

1946: The first Unimog was produced.
1951: Daimler Benz ("Mercedes") took over Unimog.

The Australian Army replaced its International 4×4 trucks with Unimogs in the ?1980s? 6×6 Unimog recovery vehicles were also purchased in the late 1990s.

1980s, Unimog 4×4, Forward-control truck 3 seats 2 doors
Loa 6545mm (6940mm with winch), width 2490mm, height 2615mm (cab) 3130mm (canopy),
Wheelbase 3850mm, grnd clearance 460mm, turning radius 8.4m (wall)
Weight 6600kg (unladen), GVM 12000kg (11000kg off-road)
Mercedes-Benz 5675cc diesel 6-cylinder direct-injection turbocharged 2v/cyl ohv
Bore 97mm, stroke 128mm, c.r. 16.0:1
Power 124kW at 2800rpm, torque 520Nm at 1800rpm
Transmission manual, 8 forward and 8 reverse speeds,  fwd: 13.01, 9.02, 5.96, 4.38, 2.97, 2.06, 1.36, 1.0 :1,  rev: 12.60, 8.74, 5.78, 4.24, 2.88, 2.00, 1.32, 0.97 :1,  part-time 4WD, front & rear diff' locks, portal-axles, diff' ratio 2.18:1, hub reduction 2.92:1, overall 6.38:1
Suspension live-axles & coils, brakes disc/disc
Tyres 12×20 18-ply
Optional winch PTO driven, 6 ton pull.
There is also a crew-cab model.
Australian Army
model   payloadwheelbasepower
U 100 L4×41.5 - 1.8 t3220mm72kW
U 140 L4×42.0 - 2.5 t3470/ 3900mm79kW/ 102kW
U 1350 L4×42.5 - 3.0 t3250/ 3700mm100kW
U 1550 L4×43.0 t3250/ 3700/ 4500mm114kW
U 1550 L/384×44.0 t3850mm114kW
U 2150 L4×45.0 t3250/ 3850/ 4500mm132kW/ 157kW/ 177 kW
U 2450 L6×67.0 t3900mm177kW

1995 August: Mercedes-Benz (.au) won a $20.5M contract fpr 55 Unimog 2450L 6×6 recovery vehicles, replacing International F1 recovery vehicles.

1999: Unimog 2450L 6×6 Medium Recovery Vehicle, Forward-control truck, 3 seats
Loa 7580mm, width 2500mm, height 2800mm (cab), weight 13,500kg (unladen)
Payload 4,500kg, GVM 18,000kg, towing 12,000kg (braked)
Wheelbase 3900mm (1-2) and 5300mm (1-3), track 1870mm, grnd clearance 495mm
Approach 47°, departure 49°
Turning radius 9.25m
Type OM 366 LA, 5958cc, diesel, 6-cyls, turbo-charged intercooled, 2v/cyl ohv
Power 177kW at 2600rpm, torque 760Nm at 1700rpm
Transmission 8×2-speed (in fwd & rev), 2-speed transfer case, part-time 6×6, diff' locks, portal axles with hub-reduction
Suspension live-coil/ live-coil, brakes disc
Tyres 14.5R20, central tyre inflation system (CTIS), fuel-tank 165L (220L optional)
2×8-tonne winches, hydraulic under-lift system & Palfinger crane

2013, April 19: The new Unimog "U 4023 and U 5023 ... the follow-up models for the U 4000 and U 5000" [MB] got new cab styling, more efficient Euro VI engines and improved transmission.

2013±: The .au Army was to replace its Unimogs with MANs under Land 121 Phase 3B.

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