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HUMHBB, an example entry from `Genbank'. The DNA sequence proper starts about half way through the file after the bibliographic entries and annotations. As of 1998 this is no longer considered a particularly long sequence, with some complete chromosomes, ~1 million base-pairs, having been sequenced for other organisms. As of June 2000, a preliminary map of the entire human genome had been produced.

LOCUS       HUMHBB      73326 bp ds-DNA             PRI       10-OCT-1991
DEFINITION  Human beta globin region on chromosome 11.
ACCESSION   J00179 J00093 J00094 J00096 J00158 J00159 J00160 J00161 J00162
            J00163 J00164 J00165 J00166 J00167 J00168 J00169 J00170 J00171
            J00172 J00173 J00174 J00175 J00177 J00178 K01239 K01890 K02544
            M18047 M19067 M24868 M24886 X00423 X00424 X00672
KEYWORDS    Alu repetitive element; HPFH; KpnI repetitive sequence;
            RNA polymerase III; allelic variation; alternate cap site;
            beta-1 pseudogene; beta-globin; delta-globin; epsilon-globin;
            gamma-globin; gene duplication; globin; polymorphism;
            promoter mutation; pseudogene; repetitive sequence; thalassemia.
SOURCE      Human mRNA, cDNA and DNA.
  ORGANISM  Homo sapiens
            Eukaryota; Animalia; Metazoa; Chordata; Vertebrata; Mammalia;
            Theria; Eutheria; Primates; Haplorhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 62427 to 62649; 63500 to 63628)
  AUTHORS   Marotta,C.A., Forget,B.G., Weissman,S.M., Verma,I.M.,
            McCaffrey,R.P. and Baltimore,D.
  TITLE     Nucleotide sequences of human globin messenger RNA
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
REFERENCE   2  (bases 63620 to 63664)
  AUTHORS   Forget,B.G., Marotta,C.A., Weissman,S.M. and Cohen-Solal,M.
  TITLE     Nucleotide sequences of the 3'-terminal untranslated region of
            messenger RNA for human beta globin chain
  JOURNAL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 72, 3614-3618 (1975)
  STANDARD  full staff_review
REFERENCE   3  (bases 63611 to 63644)
  AUTHORS   Proudfoot,N.J. and Brownlee,G.G.
  TITLE     Nucleotide sequences of globin messenger RNA
  JOURNAL   Br. Med. Bull. 32, 251-256 (1976)
  STANDARD  simple staff_entry
REFERENCE   4  (bases 63691 to 63761)
  AUTHORS   Proudfoot,N.J. and Longley,J.I.
  TITLE     The 3' terminal sequences of human alpha and beta globin messenger
            RNAs: Comparison with rabbit globin messenger RNA
  JOURNAL   Cell 9, 733-746 (1976)
  STANDARD  full staff_review
REFERENCE   5  (sites)
  AUTHORS   Proudfoot,N.J. and Brownlee,G.G.
  TITLE     Non-coding region sequences in eukaryotic messenger RNA
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
REFERENCE   6  (bases 63614 to 63761)
  AUTHORS   Proudfoot,N.J.
  TITLE     Complete 3' noncoding region sequences of rabbit and human
            beta-globin messenger RNA's
  JOURNAL   Cell 10, 559-570 (1977)
  STANDARD  full staff_review
REFERENCE   7  (bases 62155 to 62211)
  AUTHORS   Baralle,F.E.
  TITLE     Complete nucleotide sequence of the 5' noncoding region of human
            alpha- and beta-globin mRNA
  JOURNAL   Cell 12, 1085-1095 (1977)
  STANDARD  full staff_review
REFERENCE   8  (sites)
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
REFERENCE   9  (bases 62205 to 63628)
  AUTHORS   Cohen-Solal,M., Forget,B.G., Prensky,W., Marotta,C.A. and
  TITLE     Human beta-globin messenger RNA: II. Nucleotide sequences derived
            from 125-I-labeled globin messenger RNA
  JOURNAL   J. Biol. Chem. 252, 5032-5039 (1977)
  STANDARD  full staff_review
REFERENCE   10 (bases 54808 to 54899; 62427 to 62649; 63500 to 63733)
  AUTHORS   Marotta,C.A., Wilson,J.T., Forget,B.G. and Weissman,S.M.
  TITLE     Human beta-globin messenger RNA. III. Nucleotide sequences derived
            from complementary DNA
  JOURNAL   J. Biol. Chem. 252, 5040-5053 (1977)
  STANDARD  full staff_review
REFERENCE   11 (bases 62155 to 62207)
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  TITLE     The nucleotide sequences of the untranslated 5' regions of human
            alpha- and beta-globin mRNAs
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
REFERENCE   12 (bases 56121 to 56202)
  AUTHORS   Lawn,R.M., Fritsch,E.F., Parker,R.C., Blake,G. and Maniatis,T.
  TITLE     The isolation and characterization of linked delta- and beta-
            globin genes from a library of human DNA
  JOURNAL   Cell 15, 1157-1174 (1978)
  STANDARD  full staff_review
REFERENCE   13 (bases 35872 to 35964; 63500 to 63549)
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  TITLE     Isolation and partial sequence of recombinant plasmids containing
            human alpha-, beta- and gamma-globin cDNA fragments
  JOURNAL   Nature 273, 640-643 (1978)
  STANDARD  full staff_review
REFERENCE   14 (bases 62205 to 63760)
  AUTHORS   Wilson,J.T., Wilson,L.B., DeRiel,J.K., Villa-Komaroff,L.,
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  TITLE     Insertion of synthetic copies of human globin genes into bacterial
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
REFERENCE   15 (bases 34496 to 34581; 39432 to 39517)
  AUTHORS   Chang,J.C., Poon,R., Neumann,K.H. and Kan,Y.W.
  TITLE     The nucleotide sequence of the 5' untranslated region of human
            gamma-globin mRNA
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
REFERENCE   16 (bases 40857 to 41003)
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  TITLE     Sequence of the 3' noncoding and adjacent regions of human
            gamma-globin mRNA
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
REFERENCE   17 (bases 35844 to 35925; 40760 to 40841)
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
REFERENCE   18 (bases 34496 to 34554; 62155 to 62210; 63626 to 63760)
  AUTHORS   Kan,Y.W., Chang,C.S. and Poon,R.
  TITLE     Nucleotide sequences of the untranslated 5' and 3' regions of human
            alpha-, beta-, and gamma-globin mRNAS
  JOURNAL   (in) Stamatoyannopoulos,G. and Newhouse,A.W. (Eds.);
            Cellular and Molecular regulation of hemoglobin switching:  0-0,
            Grune and Stratton, New York (1979)
  STANDARD  simple staff_entry
REFERENCE   19 (sites)
  AUTHORS   Chang,J.C. and Kan,Y.W.
  TITLE     Beta-0 thalassemia, a nonsense mutation in man
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
REFERENCE   20 (bases 19864 to 19983)
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  TITLE     Molecular cloning of human epsilon-globin gene
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
REFERENCE   21 (sites)
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
REFERENCE   23 (bases 19480 to 21759)
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
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            sequences suggest that DNA can be exchanged between these
            duplicated genes
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
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  JOURNAL   Gene 13, 185-196 (1981)
  STANDARD  full staff_review
REFERENCE   34 (sites)
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
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  STANDARD  full staff_entry
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
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  JOURNAL   Nature 296, 627-631 (1982)
  STANDARD  full staff_review
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
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            beta-thalassaemia genes
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  STANDARD  full staff_entry
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  TITLE     A beta-thalassemia lesion abolishes the same MstII site as the
            sickle mutation
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  STANDARD  full staff_entry
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
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  TITLE     The beta-globin gene in Sardinian delta-beta-0-thalassemia carries
            a C -> T nonsense mutation at codon 39
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
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  STANDARD  full staff_review
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            [1]  cRNA fragments.
            [2]  mRNA.
            [5]  sites; polyadenylation signal and site for the beta gene.
            [4]  cDNA from normal and thalassemic mRNAs.
            [6]  cDNA.
            [9]  mRNA and cDNA fragments.
            [10]  mRNA.
            [7]  cDNA.
            [13]  see comment below for 35872 to 35964 - may be 40788 to 40880.
            [19]  sites; amber mutation at codon 17 of the beta chain.
            [22]  sites; gene order for the beta-like globin cluster.
            [27]  sites; consensus sequences in the promoter regions.
            [40]  sites; mutation associated with Hb Vicksburg.
            [41]  beta thalassemia DNA.
            [42]  sites; mutation associated with beta-0 thalassemia.
            [35]  sites; mutation associated with beta-plus thalassemia.
            [36]  sites; mutation associated with beta-0 thalassemia.
            [37]  six alleles over this span.
            [34]  sites; mutations associated with beta-0 thalassemia.
            [30]  sites; mutation associated with beta-0 thalassemia.
            [53]  sites; alternative cap sites for mRNA.
            [54]  sites; mutation associated with beta-plus thalassemia.
            [57]  sites; deletion mutation associated with beta-0 thalassemia;.
            [49]  sites; mutations associated with beta thalassemias.
            [50]  sites; deletion mutation; for sequence, see separate entry.
            [62]  DNA from Kurdish Jew with thalassemia.
            [58]  sites; promoter region for beta gene.
            [59]  sites; termini for RNA polymerase III transcripts.
            [60]  sites; alternative cap sites for mRNA.
            [61]  sites; deletion mutations associated with thalassemias;.
            [65]  for the R allele;.
            [73]  sites; beta and gamma gene cap sites.
            [71]  sites; mutation associated with beta thalassemia.
            [69]  sites; Miyada Hb lesion; for sequence, see separate entry.
            [75]  sites; hsRTVL-H element; for sequence, see separate entry.
            [66]  sites; mutations associated with thalassemia.
            [67]  sites; mutation associated with thalassemia.
            [68]  sites; mutation associated with thalassemia.
            [76]  see comment; review.
            [74]  sites; mutations in the A-gamma gene.
            [81]  sites; mutation in promoter region leading to HPFH;.
            [82]  sites; mutation in promoter region leading to HPFH.
            [85]  sites; DNAse I hypersensitivity sites in the region.
            [78]  sites; cryptic branch points in beta IVS1.
            [79]  sites; 3' segments of beta and G-gamma cDNAs.
            [84]  sites; mutational analysis of G-gamma IVS-2.
            [86]  sites; small nuclear ribonucleoprotein binding site to mRNA.
            [92]  sites; hemoglobin Long Island mutation.
            [94]  revises [72].
            [96]  sites; mutations resulting in beta-thalassemia.
            [97]  sites; sickle cell anemia mutation site.
            [32]  sites; thalassemia mutations.
            [44]  sites; thalassemia mutations.
            [45]  sites; thalassemia mutation.
            [21]  sites; thalassemia mutation.
            [89]  beta-0 thalassemia mutations.
            This 73 kb sequence, which includes all of the known beta genes in
            the cluster on chromosome 11, was compiled from the following
            sources primarily:
                bases             references
                ------           ------------
               1 to 10409           [80]
               10410 to 13774       [56]
               13775 to 16594       [80]
               16595 to 21399       [23], [28], [39]
               21400 to 32370       [63; see acknowledgments therein; bases
            31906-32038 sequenced on one strand only]
               32371 to 43746       [31]
               43747 to 50733       [94]
               50734 to 67222       [48], [62]
               67223 to 73326       [83]
            Other sequence work is referenced and annotated below. Oliver
            Smithies provided the sequence in [80] via Arpanet and Francis
            Collins supplied a diskette with the sequence in [76].
            Computer-readable sequence for [94] kindly provided by
            M.M.Miyamoto, 15-FEB-1988.
            The five beta-like globin genes are found within a 45 kb cluster on
            chromosome 11 in the following order:
                  5'-epsilon -G-gamma -A-gamma -delta -beta-3'   [22]
            Additionally, the pseudogene beta-1 is located between the A-gamma
            and delta genes [72]. A region 5' to the epsilon gene was thought
            to be another pseudogene; however [56] shows this not to be so.
            These embryonic, fetal and adult beta-like genes have the same
            overall exonic structure, leading to the conclusion that they are
            derived from one ancestral gene. In particular, they have many
            consensus sequences and repetitive sequences in common which have
            been analyzed by [27] and [76].
                   Epsilon gene
            The epsilon globin gene (hbe below) is normally expressed in the
            embryonic yolk sac: two epsilon chains together with two zeta
            chains (an alpha-like globin; see separate entry) constitute the
            embryonic hemoglobin Hb Gower I; two epsilon chains together with
            two alpha chains form the embryonic Hb Gower II.  Both of these
            embryonic hemoglobins are normally supplanted by fetal, and later,
            adult hemoglobin.
            The promoter region sequences 'ccaat', 'ata' and 'cttccg' found at
            19421, 19476 and 19513 are characteristic of all human beta-like
            genes, as well as of some other mammalian genes, and are thought to
            influence initiation of transcription and translation [27],[76].
            However, at least nine alternative cap sites which do not possess
            these conserved sequences have been found upstream from the
            so-called canonical cap sites at 19504 and 19506 [53],[60].
            The Alu family sequences found at 16910-17176 and 17945-18208 are
            typical of the 5' flanking regions of the beta-like globin genes
            [23],[39]. The first of these bipolar repeats has been shown to be
            active as a template for RNA polymerase III [39].
                   G-gamma and A-gamma genes
            The gamma globin genes (hbgg and hbga below) are normally expressed
            in the fetal liver, spleen and bone marrow.  Two gamma chains
            together with two alpha chains constitute fetal hemoglobin (HbF)
            which is normally replaced by adult hemoglobin (HbA) at birth.  In
            some beta-thalassemias and related conditions (HPFH or 'hereditary
            persistence of fetal hemoglobin'), gamma chain production continues
            into adulthood.  The mapping of deletions in these pathologies is
            therefore of special interest with regard to developmental control
            The two types of gamma chains differ at residue 136 where glycine
            is found in the G-gamma product and alanine is found in the A-gamma
            product.  The former is predominant at birth.  Because of the
            sequence identity of the two genes over large stretches, it was not
            always possible in the early work to know which sequence was being
            investigated [13],[15],[17].  Moreover, because allelic variation
            has been reported for each of these non-allelic genes, further
            sequence work is required to determine the consensus sequence for
            each.  Thus far the sequences of two A-gamma alleles have been
            reported ([24]; see separate entry which annotates the allelic
            variation).  The second introns for the hbgg and hbga genes shown
            below contain 886 and 866 bases respectively, while their alleles
            on the opposing chromosome have 904 and 876 bases for the
            corresponding introns.  [24] and [31] present an analysis of this
            phenomenon and conclude that intergenic exchange can occur in human
            germ line cells with significant frequency.
            Given the above-mentioned uncertainties with regard to polymorphism
            and material, differences, where annotated, are treated as
            variations rather than as conflicts.
            The promoter region sequences 'ccaat', 'ata' and 'cttctg' found at
            bases 34408, 34466 and 34503 in the hbgg gene, and bases 39344,
            39402 and 39439 in the hbga gene, are characteristic of all
            beta-like genes, as well as of some other mammalian genes, and are
            thought to influence transcription and translation [27],[76].  The
            gamma genes each manifest duplicate 'ccaat' boxes at positions
            34381 (hbgg) and 39317 (hbga).  Alternative cap sites are active in
            vitro upstream from the canonical cap sites at 34496 and 39432: at
            bases 34416, 34426, 34436 and 34446 for hbgg, and at bases 39352,
            39362, 39372 and 39382 for hbga [73].  Alternative cap sites have
            also been reported for epsilon and beta mRNAs when there is no
            duplication of the 'ccaat' sequence.  [81] and [82] show that the
            distal 'ccaat' box for the hbga gene (for the B allele -- see
            separate sequence) has some vital function: a g -> a mutation at
            base 39315 is apparently responsible for one form of Greek HPFH.
            The Alu family sequences found at bases 32408-32741 (approx.) and
            37343-37580 (approx.) are typical of the beta-like globin Alu's
            [27],[76],[33],[31].  A study of the hbgg repeat has revealed RNA
            transcription by polymerase III [33]( also reported for Alu regions
            in the 5' flanks of the epsilon and beta genes).
            Human, gorilla and chimpanzee beta-like pseudogenes were sequenced
            and compared (see separate entries for the other primate sequences)
            by [72] and revised by [94]. The pseudogene structure was deduced
            through comparison with the A-gamma globin gene. Base substitutions
            in the initiation codon and in codons downstream, that create
            internal termination signals in exons 2 and 3, make this sequence a
                   Delta and beta genes
            The delta and beta genes (denoted hbd and hbb below) are normally
            expressed in the adult: two alpha chains plus two beta chains
            constitute HbA, which in normal adult life comprises about 97% of
            the total hemoglobin.  Two alpha chains plus two delta chains
            constitute HbA-2, which with HbF comprises the remaining 3% of
            adult hemoglobin.
            The sequence given below has been reconstructed from the sequences
            reported by [48] and [62]: the mutation at base 62161 is apparently
            sufficient to distinguish the Kurdish Jew thalassemic sequence from
            a normal (consensus) beta globin DNA; [62] has resolved all
            sequence differences to date with exception of the differences
            reported herein as variations.
            The promoter region sequences 'ccaat', 'ata' and 'cttctg' found at
            bases 54690, 54727 and 54765 in the delta gene, and at bases 62079,
            62124 and 62162 in the beta gene, are characteristic of all
            beta-like genes, as well as of some other mammalian genes, and are
            thought to influence transcription and translation [27],[76].
            However, alternative cap sites have been found for these genes as
            well as other beta-like genes [58],[73].
            [96] describes the mutation (substitution of 'a' for 't' at
            position 62125, thereby destroying the promoter) found in an Hb
            Lepore-beta+ -thalassemia patient, who was homozygous for this
            mutation.  The father who had the simple beta-thalassemia trait was
            found to be heterozygous.
            A form of thalassemia exists, where 19 bp are added after the first
            exon, starting at position 62408 and ending at a stop codon at
            position 62424-62426 [32],[44],[43]. This aberrant splicing is
            caused by a mutation of 'g' to 'a' in the first intron of
            beta-hemoglobin at position 62406.  The substitution of a 'g' for a
            't' at position 62412 also causes premature splicing and results in
            an abnormal and abbreviated beta hemoglobin [89].
            Another form of beta-thalassemia is produced by the substitution of
            an 'a' for a 'g' at position 62650.  This causes a readthrough at
            the exon/intron boundary of exon 2/intron 2 [45].
            The Alu family sequences found at bases 50933, 51994, 65531 and
            66794 are again typical of the beta-like globin Alu's.  These
            sequences are of considerable interest in relation to regulation,
            recombination and transcription by RNA polymerase III.
            There are non-Alu repetitive elements in the gene cluster that have
            been partially characterized: the EC-1 repeat [38] and a
            retrovirus-like element in the 3' flank about 300 kb downstream of
            this sequence [75] (see separate entry); there are numerous repeats
            in the 5' flank which will be included in a future update [80].
            Reference [83] has characterized a novel KpnI family sequence in
            the 3' flank of the cluster.
            Potential polyadenylation signals were identified for the following
               hbe       positions 21073-21078
               hbgg      positions 36061-36066
               hbga      positions 40977-40982
               hbd       positions 56383-56388
               hbb       positions 63736-63741
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     exon            <19559..19650
                     /note="epsilon-globin, exon 1"
     exon            <34549..34640
                     /note="G-gamma globin, exon 1"
     exon            <39485..39576
                     /note="A-gamma globin, exon 1"
     exon            <54808..54899
                     /note="delta-globin, exon 1"
     exon            <62205..62296
                     /note="beta-globin, exon 1"
     exon            <62205..62296
                     /note="beta-globin thalassemia, exon 1 [32],[44]"
     exon            <45728..45818
                     /note="pseudo-hbp, exon 1 [72]"
     CDS             join(19559..19650,19773..19995,20851..20979)
     CDS             join(34549..34640,34763..34985,35872..36000)
                     /note="G-gamma globin"
     CDS             join(39485..39576,39699..39921,40788..40916)
                     /note="A-gamma globin"
     CDS             join(54808..54899,55028..55250,56149..56277)
     CDS             join(62205..62296,62427..62649,63500..63628)
     CDS             join(62205..62296,62408..62426)
                     /note="beta-globin thalassemia"
     CDS             join(45728..45818,45940..46163,47015..47142)
     repeat_region   10597..10611
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 5' copy"
     repeat_region   10612..10924
                     /note="Alu family repeat"
     repeat_region   10925..10939
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 3' copy"
     repeat_region   complement(16910..17176)
                     /note="Alu family repeat [28],[39]"
     variation       17864..17866
                     /note="cag in clone lambda-epsilon; g in ph 1.8 [28]"
     repeat_region   17945..18208
                     /note="Alu family repeat [28],[39]"
     prim_transcript 19289..21098
                     /note="hbe mRNA (alt.) [23],[53],[60]"
     prim_transcript 19504..21098
                     /note="hbe mRNA (alt.) [23],[53],[60]"
     prim_transcript 19506..21098
                     /note="hbe mRNA (alt.) [23],[53],[60]"
     intron          19651..19772
                     /note="hbe intron 1 [23]"
     exon            19773..19995
                     /note="epsilon-globin, exon 2"
     intron          19996..20850
                     /note="hbe intron 2 [23]"
     exon            20851..>20979
                     /note="epsilon-globin, exon 3"
     variation       21001
                     /note="g in [76]; c in [23]"
     old_sequence    21372..21378
     unsure          31906..32038
                     /note="sequenced on one strand only [76]"
     repeat_region   32408..32424
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 5' copy [33]"
     repeat_region   32425..32729
                     /note="Alu family repeat [33]"
     variation       32626
                     /note="g in [31]; a in [33]"
     repeat_region   32730..32746
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 3' copy [33]"
     variation       32761..32762
                     /note="ag in [31]; ga in [33]"
     variation       33204
                     /note="a in [31]; g in [33]"
     variation       33216
                     /note="a in [31]; g in [33]"
     mutation        34294
                     /note="c in wt; g in persons with elevated gamma chain
     mutation        34300
                     /note="c in wt; t in persons with elevated gamma chain
     mutation        34339
                     /note="c in wt; t in high G-gamma SS; beta thalassemia;
                     and in low Hb F G-gamma-beta+-HPHF and HPFH [77]"
     mutation        34379
                     /note="g in wt; a in persons with elevated gamma chain
     prim_transcript 34496..36087
                     /note="hbgg mRNA [15],[24],[27]"
     intron          34641..34762
                     /note="hbgg intron 1 [24]"
     exon            34763..34985
                     /note="G-gamma globin, exon 2"
     intron          34986..35871
                     /note="hbgg intron 2 [24]"
     exon            35872..>36000
                     /note="G-gamma globin, exon 3"
     mutation        37675..40197
                     /note="g-25 kb-c in wt; gc in silent deletion [91]"
     mutation        39315
                     /note="g in wt (b allele, see separate sequence); a in
                     HPFH [81],[82]"
     prim_transcript 39432..41003
                     /note="hbga mRNA [5],[15],[24],[27]"
     variation       39456
                     /note="a in [31]; g in [15]"
     intron          39577..39698
                     /note="hbga intron 1 [24]"
     exon            39699..39921
                     /note="A-gamma globin, exon 2"
     intron          39922..40787
                     /note="hbga intron 2 [17],[24]"
     exon            40788..>40916
                     /note="A-gamma globin, exon 3"
     variation       43800..43802
                     /note="gat in [94]; gt in [76]"
     variation       43848..43850
                     /note="ttg in [94]; tg in [76]"
     variation       43861
                     /note="t in [94]; c in [76]"
     variation       44140
                     /note="t in [94]; c in [76]"
     variation       45087..45095
                     /note="aaaaaaaaa in [94]; aa in [76]"
     variation       45245..45246
                     /note="ca in [94]; ctca in [76]"
     variation       45298
                     /note="t in [94]; c in [76]"
     variation       45315
                     /note="c in [94]; t in [76]"
     variation       45317
                     /note="t in [94]; c in [76]"
     variation       45327..45329
                     /note="cat in [94]; ct in [76]"
     variation       45335..45337
                     /note="tta in [94]; ta in [76]"
     variation       45339..45341
                     /note="tag in [94]; tg in [76]"
     mRNA            45675..47388
                     /note="pseudo-hbp mRNA [72]"
     intron          45819..45941
                     /note="pseudo-hbp intron 1 (no splice consensus at 45941
     exon            45940..46163
                     /note="pseudo-hbp, exon 2 [72]"
     intron          46164..47014
                     /note="pseudo-hbp intron 2 (no splice consensus at 46164
     exon            47015..>47142
                     /note="pseudo-hbp, exon 3 [72]"
     repeat_region   complement(50907..50912)
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 3' copy [48],[62]"
     repeat_region   complement(50933..51216)
                     /note="Alu family repeat [48],[62]"
     repeat_region   complement(51217..51222)
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 5' copy [48],[62]"
     repeat_region   51984..51993
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 5' copy [62]"
     repeat_region   51994..52277
                     /note="Alu family repeat [33],[62]"
     repeat_region   52304..52313
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 3' copy [62]"
     prim_transcript 54758..56407
                     /note="hbd mRNA [25]"
     intron          54900..55027
                     /note="hbd intron 1 [25]"
     mutation        54904
                     /note="g in wt; a in beta thalassemia [90]"
     exon            55028..55250
                     /note="delta-globin, exon 2"
     mutation        55065
                     /note="g in wt; t in beta-thalassemia Glu->stop"
     intron          55251..56148
                     /note="hbd intron 2 [25]"
     variation       55541
                     /note="ct in [55],[62],[76]; tc in [25]"
     variation       55589..55590
                     /note="ct in [62],[76]; c in [25]; cc in [55]"
     exon            56149..>56277
                     /note="delta-globin, exon 3"
     mutation        58873..63111
                     /note="a-4239 bp-c in wt; ac in atypical beta-thalassemia
     mutation        59681..72304
                     /note="t-12622 bp-t in wt; tt in Dutch beta-0- thalassemia
     variation       60763..60768
                     /note="tatttt in [62],[76]; t in [37]"
     variation       60850
                     /note="a in [37],[62],[76]; g in [52]"
     variation       60860
                     /note="c in [62],[76]; ca in [37],[52]"
     variation       61166
                     /note="c in [52],[62],[76]; g in [52]"
     variation       61312
                     /note="c in [62],[76]; t in [52]"
     variation       61326
                     /note="t in [62],[76]; tt in [52]"
     allele          61604
                     /note="t in wt; c in Albanian allele (produces RsaI site)
     allele          61626..61627
                     /note="tt in wt; tatat in Albanian allele [70]"
     variation       61681
                     /note="a in [62],[76]; g in [52]"
     variation       61771
                     /note="gc in [62],[76]; g in [52]"
     variation       61791
                     /note="g in [62]; a in [76]"
     variation       61815
                     /note="t in [55],[62],[76]; c in [52]"
     variation       61842
                     /note="g in [62],[76]; c in [52]"
     variation       61940
                     /note="g in [52],[62],[76]; c in [41]"
     variation       61950
                     /note="a in [52],[62],[76]; t in [41]"
     mutation        62068
                     /note="c in wt; g in beta-thalassemia [63]"
     mutation        62125
                     /note="t in normal promoter; a in thalassemia patient (Hb
                     Lepore-beta+ -thal)"
     mutation        62127
                     /note="a in [26],[41],[52]; c in [62],[76],[J. Biol. C"
     prim_transcript 62155..63760
                     /note="hbb mRNA [5],[11],[10],[7],[26]"
     variation       62174
                     /note="c in [62],[76]; t in [49]"
     variation       62213
                     /note="c in [26],[62],[76]; t in [49]"
     mutation        62223..62225
                     /note="gag in wt; gg in beta-thalassemia [64]"
     mutation        62224
                     /note="a in normal hbb; t in sickle cell anemia 78]"
     mutation        62256
                     /note="a in wt; t in thalassemia [21]"
     intron          62297..62426
                     /note="hbb intron 1 [10],[26],[55]"
     mutation        62297
                     /note="g in wt; a in thalassemia [63]"
     intron          62297..62407
                     /gene="HBB thalassemia"
     mutation        62301
                     /note="g in wt; c in thalassemia [63]"
     mutation        62302
                     /note="t in wt; c in thalassemia [63]"
     mutation        62406
                     /note="g in wt; a in thalassemia [32],[44],[43],[89]"
     exon            62408..>62426
                     /note="beta-globin thalassemia, exon 2 [32],[44]"
     mutation        62412
                     /note="t in wt; g in thalassemia [89]"
     exon            62427..62649
                     /note="beta-globin, exon 2"
     mutation        62448
                     /note="g in wt; a in a form of thalassemia [32]"
     intron          62650..63499
                     /note="hbb intron 2 [10],[12],[26]"
     mutation        62650
                     /note="g in wt; a in a form of thalassemia [45]"
     variation       62665
                     /note="c in [26],[49],[62],[76]; g in [49]"
     variation       62723
                     /note="g in [26],[62],[76]; t in [49]"
     variation       62730
                     /note="c in [26],[62],[76]; t in [49]"
     variation       63315
                     /note="t in [26],[49],[62],[76]; c in [49]"
     mutation        63394
                     /note="c in wt; g thalassemia [63] (causes an extra exon)"
     exon            63500..>63628
                     /note="beta-globin, exon 3"
     variation       63848..63849
                     /note="ta in [62],[76]; t in [26]"
     mutation        63936..63937
                     /note="ct in wt; cct in a form of thalassemia [46]"
     variation       63936
                     /note="c in [62],[76]; cc in [26]"
     mutation        63975..63976
                     /note="tt in wt; aa in a form of thalassemia [46]"
     variation       63975..63976
                     /note="aa in [37],[62],[76]; tt in [26]"
     variation       63992
                     /note="g in [37],[62],[76]; c in [26]"
     repeat_region   65508..65520
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 5' copy [62],[76]"
     repeat_region   65531..65785
                     /note="Alu family repeat [62],[76]"
     repeat_region   65786..65798
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 3' copy [62],[76]"
     repeat_region   66783..66793
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 5' copy [62],[76]"
     repeat_region   66794..67060
                     /note="Alu family repeat [62],[76]"
     repeat_region   67087..67097
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 3' copy [62],[76]"
     repeat_region   67089..73213
                     /note="KpnI family repeat [83]"
BASE COUNT    22072 a  14169 c  14789 g  22293 t      3 others
ORIGIN      1 bp upstream of EcoRI site; chromosome 11p15 [J. Biol. Chem. 260,
        1 gaattctaat ctccctctca accctacagt cacccatttg gtatattaaa gatgtgttgt
       61 ctactgtcta gtatccctca agtagtgtca ggaattagtc atttaaatag tctgcaagcc
      121 aggagtggtg gctcatgtct gtaattccag cactggagag gtagaagtgg gaggactgct
      181 tgagctcaag agtttgatat tatcctggac aacatagcaa gacctcgtct ctacttaaaa
      241 aaaaaaaaat tagccaggca tgtgatgtac acctgtagtc ccagctactc aggaggccga
      301 aatgggagga tcccttgagc tcaggaggtc aaggctgcag tgagacatga tcttgccact
      361 gcactccagc ctggacagca gagtgaaacc ttgcctcacg aaacagaata caaaaacaaa
      421 caaacaaaaa actgctccgc aatgcgcttc cttgatgctc taccacatag gtctgggtac
      481 tttgtacaca ttatctcatt gctgttcgta attgttagat taattttgta atattgatat
      541 tattcctaga aagctgaggc ctcaagatga taacttttat tttctggact tgtaatagct
      601 ttctcttgta ttcaccatgt tgtaactttc ttagagtagt aacaatataa agttattgtg
      661 agtttttgca aacacagcaa acacaacgac ccatatagac attgatgtga aattgtctat
      721 tgtcaattta tgggaaaaca agtatgtact ttttctacta agccattgaa acaggaataa
      781 cagaacaaga ttgaaagaat acattttccg aaattacttg agtattatac aaagacaagc
      841 acgtggacct gggaggaggg ttattgtcca tgactggtgt gtggagacaa atgcaggttt
      901 ataatagatg ggatggcatc tagcgcaatg actttgccat cacttttaga gagctcttgg
      961 ggaccccagt acacaagagg ggacgcaggg tatatgtaga catctcattc tttttcttag
     1021 tgtgagaata agaatagcca tgacctgagt ttatagacaa tgagcccttt tctctctccc
     1081 actcagcagc tatgagatgg cttgccctgc ctctctacta ggctgactca ctccaaggcc
     1141 cagcaatggg cagggctctg tcagggcttt gatagcacta tctgcagagc cagggccgag
     1201 aaggggtgga ctccagagac tctccctccc attcccgagc agggtttgct tatttatgca
     1261 tttaaatgat atatttattt taaaagaaat aacaggagac tgcccagccc tggctgtgac
     1321 atggaaacta tgtagaatat tttgggttcc attttttttt ccttctttca gttagaggaa
     1381 aaggggctca ctgcacatac actagacaga aagtcaggag ctttgaatcc aagcctgatc
     1441 atttccatgt catactgaga aagtccccac ccttctctga gcctcagttt ctctttttat
     1501 aagtaggagt ctggagtaaa tgatttccaa tggctctcat ttcaatacaa aatttccgtt
     1561 tattaaatgc atgagcttct gttactccaa gactgagaag gaaattgaac ctgagactca
     1621 ttgactggca agatgtcccc agaggctctc attcagcaat aaaattctca ccttcaccca
     1681 ggcccactga gtgtcagatt tgcatgcact agttcacgtg tgtaaaaagg aggatgcttc
     1741 tttcctttgt attctcacat acctttagga aagaacttag cacccttccc acacagccat
     1801 cccaataact catttcagtg actcaaccct tgactttata aaagtcttgg gcagtataga
     1861 gcagagatta agagtacaga tgctggagcc agaccacctg agtgattagt gactcagttt
     1921 ctcttagtaa ttgtatgact cagtttcttc atctgtaaaa tggagggttt tttaattagt
     1981 ttgtttttga gaaagggtct cactctgtca cccaaatggg agtgtagtgg caaaatctcg
     2041 gctcactgca acttgcactt cccaggctca agcggtcctc ccacctcaac atcctgagta
     2101 gctggaacca caggtacaca ccaccatacc tcgctaattt tttgtatttt tggtagagat
     2161 ggggtttcac atgttacaca ggatggtctc agactccgga gctcaagcaa tctgcccacc
     2221 tcagccttcc aaagtgctgg gattataagc atgattacag gagttttaac aggctcataa
     2281 gattgttctg cagcccgagt gagttaatac atgcaaagag tttaaagcag tgacttataa
     2341 atgctaacta ctctagaaat gtttgctagt attttttgtt taactgcaat cattcttgct
     2401 gcaggtgaaa actagtgttc tgtactttat gcccattcat ctttaactgt aataataaaa
     2461 ataactgaca tttattgaag gctatcagag actgtaatta gtgctttgca taattaatca
     2521 tatttaatac tcttggattc tttcaggtag atactattat tatccccatt ttactacagt
     2581 taaaaaaact acctctcaac ttgctcaagc atacactctc acacacacaa acataaacta
     2641 ctagcaaata gtagaattga gatttggtcc taattatgtc tttgctcact atccaataaa
     2701 tatttattga catgtacttc ttggcagtct gtatgctgga tgctggggat acaaagatgt
     2761 ttaaatttaa gctccagtct ctgcttccaa aggcctccca ggccaagtta tccattcaga
     2821 aagcattttt tactctttgc attccactgt ttttcctaag tgactaaaaa attacacttt
     2881 attcgtctgt gtcctgctct gggatgatag tctgactttc ctaacctgag cctaacatcc
     2941 ctgacatcag gaaagactac accatgtgga gaaggggtgg tggttttgat tgctgctgtc
     3001 ttcagttaga tggttaactt tgtgaagttg aaaactgtgg ctctctggtt gactgttaga
     3061 gttctggcac ttgtcactat gcctattatt taacaaatgc atgaatgctt cagaatatgg
     3121 gaatattatc ttctggaata gggaatcaag ttatattatg taacccagga ttagaagatt
     3181 cttctgtgtg taagaatttc ataaacatta agctgtctag caaaagcaag ggcttggaaa
     3241 atctgtgagc tcctcaccat atagaaagct tttaacccat cattgaataa atccctatag
     3301 gggatttcta ccctgagcaa aaggctggtc ttgattaatt cccaaactca tatagctctg
     3361 agaaagtcta tgctgttaac gttttcttgt ctgctacccc atcatatgca caacaataaa
     3421 tgcaggccta ggcatgactg aaggctctct cataattctt ggttgcatga atcagattat
     3481 caacagaaat gttgagacaa actatgggga agcagggtat gaaagagctc tgaatgaaat
     3541 ggaaaccgca atgcttcctg cccattcagg gctccagcat gtagaaatct ggggctttgt
     3601 gaagactggc ttaaaatcag aagccccatt ggataagagt agggaagaac ctagagccta
     3661 cgctgagcag gtttccttca tgtgacaggg agcctcctgc cccgaacttc cagggatcct
     3721 ctcttaagtg tttcctgctg gaatctcctc acttctatct ggaaatggtt tctccacagt
     3781 ccagcccctg gctagttgaa agagttaccc atgcagaggc cctcctagca tccagagact
     3841 agtgcttaga ttcctacttt cagcgttgga caacctggat ccacttgccc agtgttcttc
     3901 cttagttcct accttcgacc ttgatcctcc tttatcttcc tgaaccctgc tgagatgatc
     3961 tatgtgggga gaatggcttc tttgagaaac atcttcttcg ttagtggcct gcccctcatt
     4021 cccactttaa tatccagaat cactataaga agaatataat aagaggaata actcttatta
     4081 taggtaaggg aaaattaaga ggcatacgtg atgggatgag taagagagga gagggaagga
     4141 ttaatggatg ataaaatcta ctactatttg ttgagacctt ttatagtcta atcaattttg
     4201 ctattgtttt ccatcctcac gctaactcca taaaaaaaca ctattattat ctttattttg
     4261 ccatgacaag actgagctca gaagagtcaa gcatttgcct aaggtcggac atgtcagagg
     4321 cagtgccaga cctatgtgag actctgcagc tactgctcat gggccctgtg ctgcactgat
     4381 gaggaggatc agatggatgg ggcaatgaag caaaggaatc attctgtgga taaaggagac
     4441 agccatgaag aagtctatga ctgtaaattt gggagcagga gtctctaagg acttggattt
     4501 caaggaattt tgactcagca aacacaagac cctcacggtg actttgcgag ctggtgtgcc
     4561 agatgtgtct atcagaggtt ccagggaggg tggggtgggg tcagggctgg ccaccagcta
     4621 tcagggccca gatgggttat aggctggcag gctcagatag gtggttaggt caggttggtg
     4681 gtgctgggtg gagtccatga ctcccaggag ccaggagaga tagaccatga gtagagggca
     4741 gacatgggaa aggtggggga ggcacagcat agcagcattt ttcattctac tactacatgg
     4801 gactgctccc ctataccccc agctaggggc aagtgccttg actcctatgt tttcaggatc
     4861 atcatctata aagtaagagt aataattgtg tctatctcat agggttatta tgaggatcaa
     4921 aggagatgca cactctctgg accagtggcc taacagttca ggacagagct atgggcttcc
     4981 tatgtatggg tcagtggtct caatgtagca ggcaagttcc agaagatagc atcaaccact
     5041 gttagagata tactgccagt ctcagagcct gatgttaatt tagcaatggg ctgggaccct
     5101 cctccagtag aaccttctaa ccagctgctg cagtcaaagt cgaatgcagc tggttagact
     5161 ttttttaatg aaagcttagc tttcattaaa gattaagctc ctaagcaggg cacagatgaa
     5221 attgtctaac agcaactttg ccatctaaaa aaatctgact tcactggaaa catggaagcc
     5281 caaggttctg aacatgagaa atttttagga atctgcacag gagttgagag ggaaacaaga
     5341 tggtgaaggg actagaaacc acatgagaga cacgaggaaa tagtgtagat ttaggctgga
     5401 ggtaaatgaa agagaagtgg gaattaatac ttactgaaat ctttctatat gtcaggtgcc
     5461 attttatgat atttaataat ctcattacat atggtaattc tgtgagatat gtattattga
     5521 acatactata attaatacta atgataagta acacctcttg agtacttagt atatgctaga
     5581 atcaaattta agtttatcat atgaggccgg gcacggtggc tcatatatgg gattacatgc
     5641 ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccaagg caattggatc acctgaggtc aggagttcca
     5701 gaccagcctg gccaacatgg tgaaacccct tctctactaa aaaatacaaa aaatcagcca
     5761 ggtgtggtgg cacgcgtcta taatcccagc tactcaggag gctgaggcag gagaatcact
     5821 tgaacccagg aggtggaggt tgcagtgagc taagattgca ccactgcact ccagcctagg
     5881 cgacagagtg agactccatc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaagaagt ttattatatg aattaactta
     5941 gttttactca caccaatact cagaagtaga ttattacctc atttattgat gaggagccca
     6001 atgtacttgt agtgtagatc aacttattga aagcacaagc taataagtag acaattagta
     6061 attagaagtc agatggtctg agctctccta ctgtctacat tacatgagct cttattaact
     6121 ggggactcga aaatcaaaga catgaaataa tttgtccaag cttacagaac caccaagtag
     6181 taaggctagg atgtagaccc agttctgcta cctctgaaga cagtgttttt tccacagcaa
     6241 aacacaaact cagatattgt ggatgcgaga aattagaagt agatattcct gccctgtggc
     6301 ccttgcttct tacttttact tcttggcgat tggaagttgt ggtccaagcc acagttgcag
     6361 accatacttc ctcaaccata attgcatttc ttcaggaaag tttgagggag aaaaaggtaa
     6421 agaaaaattt agaaacaact tcagaataaa gagattttct cttgggttac agagattgtc
     6481 atatgacaaa ttataagcag acacttgaga aaactgaagg cccatgcctg cccaaattac
     6541 cctttgaccc cttggtcaag ctgcaacttt ggttaaaggg agtgtttatg tgttatagtg
     6601 ttcatttact cttctggtct aacccattgg ctccgtcttc atcctgcagt gacctcagtg
     6661 cctcagaaac atacatatgt ttgtctagtt taagtttgtg tgaaattcta actagcgtca
     6721 agaactgagg gccctaaact atgctaggaa tagtgctgtg gtgctgtgat aggtacacaa
     6781 gaaatgagaa gaaactgcag attctctgca tctccctttg ccgggtctga caacaaagtt
     6841 tccccaaatt ttaccaatgc aagccatttc tccatatgct aactacttta aaatcatttg
     6901 gggcttcaca ttgtctttct catctgtaaa aagaatggaa gaactcattc ctacagaact
     6961 ccctatgtct tccctgatgg gctagagttc ctctttctca aaaattagcc attattgtat
     7021 ttccttctaa gccaaagctc agaggtcttg tattgcccag tgacatgcac actggtcaaa
     7081 agtaggctaa gtagaagggt actttcacag gaacagagag caaaagaggt gggtgaatga
     7141 gagggtaagt gagaaaagac aaatgagaag ttacaacatg atggcttgtt gtctaaatat
     7201 ctcctaggga attattgtga gaggtctgaa tagtgttgta aaataagctg aatctgctgc
     7261 ctaacattaa cagtcaagaa atacctccga ataactgtac ctccaattat tctttaaggt
     7321 agcatgcaac tgtaatagtt gcatgtatat atttatcata atactgtaac agaaaacact
     7381 tactgaatat atactgtgtc cctagttctt tacacaataa actaatctca tcctcataat
     7441 tctattagct aatacatatt atcatcctat atttcagaga cttcaagaag ttaagcaact
     7501 tgctcaagat catctaagaa gtaggtggta tttctgggct catttggccc ctcctaatct
     7561 ctcatggcaa catggctgcc taaagtgttg attgccttaa ttcatcaggg atgggctcat
     7621 actcactgca gaccttaact ggcatcctct tttcttatgt gatctgcctg accctagtag
     7681 aacttatgaa atttctgatg agaaaggaga gaggagaaag gcagagctga ctgtgatgag
     7741 tgatgaaggt gccttctcat ctgggtacca gtggggcctc taagactaag tcactctgtc
     7801 tcactgtgtc ttagccagtt ccttacagct tgccctgatg ggagatagag aatgggtatc
     7861 ctccaacaaa aaaataaatt ttcatttctc aaggtccaac ttatgttttc ttaattttta
     7921 aaaaaatctt gaccattctc cactctctaa aataatccac agtgagagaa acattctttt
     7981 cccccatccc ataaatacct ctattaaata tggaaaatct gggcatggtg tctcacacct
     8041 gtaatcccag cactttggga ggctgaggtg ggtggactgc ttggagctca ggagttcaag
     8101 accatcttgg acaacatggt gataccctgc ctctacaaaa agtacaaaaa ttagcctggc
     8161 atggtggtgt gcacctgtaa tcccagctat tagggtggct gaggcaggag aattgcttga
     8221 acccgggagg cggaggttgc agtgagctga gatcgtgcca ctgcactcca gcctggggga
     8281 cagagcacat tataattaac tgttattttt tacttggact cttgtgggga ataagataca
     8341 tgttttattc ttatttatga ttcaagcact gaaaatagtg tttagcatcc agcaggtgct
     8401 tcaaaaccat ttgctgaatg attactatac tttttacaag ctcagctccc tctatccctt
     8461 ccagcatcct catctctgat taaataagct tcagtttttc cttagttcct gttacatttc
     8521 tgtgtgtctc cattagtgac ctcccatagt ccaagcatga gcagttctgg ccaggcccct
     8581 gtcggggtca gtgccccacc cccgccttct ggttctgtgt aaccttctaa gcaaaccttc
     8641 tggctcaagc acagcaatgc tgagtcatga tgagtcatgc tgaggcttag ggtgtgtgcc
     8701 cagatgttct cagcctagag tgatgactcc tatctgggtc cccagcagga tgcttacagg
     8761 gcagatggca aaaaaaagga gaagctgacc acctgactaa aactccacct caaacggcat
     8821 cataaagaaa atggatgcct gagacagaat gtgacatatt ctagaatata ttatttcctg
     8881 aatatatata tatatatata tacacatata cgtatatata tatatatata tatatttgtt
     8941 gttatcaatt gccatagaat gattagttat tgtgaatcaa atatttatct tgcaggtggc
     9001 ctctatacct agaagcggca gaatcaggct ttattaatac atgtgtatag atttttagga
     9061 tctatacaca tgtattaata tgaaacaagg atatggaaga ggaaggcatg aaaacaggaa
     9121 aagaaaacaa accttgtttg ccattttaag gcacccctgg acagctaggt ggcaaaaggc
     9181 ctgtgctgtt agaggacaca tgctcacata cggggtcaga tctgacttgg ggtgctactg
     9241 ggaagctctc atcttaagga tacatctcag gccagtcttg gtgcattagg aagatgtagg
     9301 caactctgat cctgagagga aagaaacatt cctccaggag agctaaaagg gttcacctgt
     9361 gtgggtaact gtgaaggact acaagaggat gaaaaacaat gacagacaga cataatgctt
     9421 gtgggagaaa aaacaggagg tcaaggggat agagaaggct tccagaagaa tggctttgaa
     9481 gctggcttct gtaggagttc acagtggcaa agatgtttca gaaatgtgac atgacttaag
     9541 gaactataca aaaaggaaca aatttaagga gaggcagata aattagttca acagacatgc
     9601 aaggaatttt cagatgaatg ttatgtctcc actgagcttc ttgaggttag cagctgtgag
     9661 ggttttgcag gcccaggacc cattacagga cctcacgtat acttgacact gttttttgta
     9721 ttcatttgtg aatgaatgac ctcttgtcag tctactcggt ttcgctgtga atgaatgatg
     9781 tcttgtcagc ctacttggtt tcgctaagag cacagagaga agatttagtg atgctatgta
     9841 aaaacttcct ttttggttca agtgtatgtt tgtgatagaa atgaagacag gctacatgat
     9901 gcatatctaa cataaacaca aacattaaga aaggaaatca acctgaagag tatttataca
     9961 gataacaaaa tacagagagt gagttaaatg tgtaataact gtggcacagg ctggaatatg
    10021 agccatttaa atcacaaatt aattagaaaa aaaacagtgg ggaaaaaatt ccatggatgg
    10081 gtctagaaag actagcattg ttttaggttg agtggcagtg tttaaagggt gatatcagac
    10141 taaacttgaa atatgtggct aaataactag aatactcttt attttttcgt atcatgaata
    10201 gcagatatag cttgatggcc ccatgcttgg tttaacatcc ttgctgttcc tgacatgaaa
    10261 tccttaattt ttgacaaagg ggctattcat tttcatttta tattgggcct agaaattatg
    10321 tagatggtcc tgaggaaaag tttatagctt gtctatttct ctctctaaca tagttgtcag
    10381 cacaatgcct aggctatagg aagtactcaa agcttgttaa attgaattct atccttctta
    10441 ttcaattcta cacatggagg aaaaactcat cagggatgga ggcacgcctc taaggaaggc
    10501 aggtgtggct ctgcagtgtg attgggtact tgcaggacga agggtggggt gggagtggct
    10561 aaccttccat tcctagtgca gaggtcacag cctaaacatc aaattccttg aggtgcggtg
    10621 gctcactcct gtaatcacag cagtttggga cgccaaggtg ggcagatcac ttgaggtcag
    10681 gagttggaca ccagcccagc caacatagtg aaacctggtc tctgcttaaa aatataaaaa
    10741 ttagctggac gtggtgacgg gagcctgtaa tccaactact tgggaggctg aggcaggaga
    10801 atcgcttgaa ccggggaggt ggagtttgca ctgagcagag atcatgccat tgcactccag
    10861 cctccagagc gagactctgt ctaaagaaaa acgaaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa
    10921 aacccatcaa attccctgac cgaacagaat tctgtctgat tgttctctga cttatctacc
    10981 attttccctc cttaaagaaa ctgtggaact tccttcagct agaggggcct ggctcagaag
    11041 cctctggtca gcatccaaga aatacttgat gtcactttgg ctaaaggtat gatgtgtaga
    11101 caagctccag agatggtttc tcatttccat atccacccac ccagctttcc aattttaaag
    11161 ccaattctga ggtagagact gtgatgaaca aacaccttga caaaattcaa cccaaagact
    11221 cactttgcct agcttcaaaa tccttactct gacatatact cacagccaga aattagcatg
    11281 cactagagtg tgcatgagtg caacacacac acacaccaat tccatattct ctgtcagaaa
    11341 atcctgttgg tttttcgtga aaggatgttt tcagaggctg accccttgcc ttcacctcca
    11401 atgctaccac tctggtctaa gtcactgtca ccaccaccta aattatagct gttgactcat
    11461 aacaatcttc ctgcttctac cactgcccca ctacaatttc ttcccaatat actatccaaa
    11521 ttagtctttt caaaatgtaa gtcatatatg gtcacctctt tgttcaaagt cttctgatag
    11581 tttcctatat catttataat aaaaccaaat ccttacaatt ctctacaata gttgttcatg
    11641 catatattat gtttattaca gatacgcata tatatagctc tcatataaat aaatatatat
    11701 atttatgtgt atgtgtgtag agtgtttttt cttacaactc tatgatgtag gtattattag
    11761 tgtcccaaat tttataattt aggacttcta tgatctcatc ttttattctc cccttcaccg
    11821 aatctcatcc tacattggcc ttattgatat tccttgaaaa ttctaagcat cttacatctt
    11881 tagggtattt acatttgcca ttccctatgc cctaaatatt taatcatagt ttcatataaa
    11941 tgggttcctc atcatctatg ggtactctct caggtgttaa ctttatagtg aggactttcc
    12001 tgccatacta cttaaagtag cgataccctt tcaccctgtc ctaatcacac tctggccttc
    12061 atttcagttt tttttttttc tccatagcac ctaatctcat tggtatataa catgtttcat
    12121 ttgcttattt aatgtcaagc tctttccact atcaagtcca tgaaaacagg aactttattc
    12181 ctctattctg tttttgtgct gtattcttag caattttaca attttgaatg aaatgaatga
    12241 gcagtcaaac acatatacaa ctataattaa aaggatgtat gctgacacat ccactgctat
    12301 gcacacacaa agaaatcagt ggagtagagc tggaagcgct aagcctgcat agagctagtt
    12361 agccctccgc aggcagagcc ttgatgggat tactgagttc tagaattgga ctcatttgtt
    12421 ttgtaggctg agatttgctc ttgaaaactt gttctgacca aaataaaagg ctcaaaagat
    12481 gaatatcgaa accagggtgt tttttacact ggaatttata actagagcac tcatgtttat
    12541 gtaagcaatt aattgtttca tcagtcaggt aaaagtaaag aaaaactgtg ccaaggcagg
    12601 tagcctaatg caatatgcca ctaaagtaaa cattattcca taggtgtcag atatggctta
    12661 ttcatccatc ttcatgggaa ggatggcctt ggcctggaca tcagtgttat gtgaggttca
    12721 aaacacctct aggctataag gcaacagagc tccttttttt tttttctgtg ctttcctggc
    12781 tgtccaaatc tctaatgata agcatacttc tattcaatga gaatattctg taagattata
    12841 gttaagaatt gtgggagcca ttccgtctct tatagttaaa tttgagcttc ttttatgatc
    12901 actgtttttt taatatgctt taagttctgg ggtacatgtg ccatggtggt ttgctgcacc
    12961 catcaacccg tcatctacat taggtatttc tcctaatgct atccttcccc tagcccccca
    13021 cccccaacag gccccagtgt gtgatgttcc cctccctgtg tccatggatc actggttttt
    13081 tttttttttt tttttttttt tttaaagtct cagttaaatt tttggaatgt aatttatttt
    13141 cctggtatcc taggacctgc aagttatctg gtcactttag ccctcacgtt ttgatgataa
    13201 tcacatattt gtaaacacaa cacacacaca cacacacaca cacatatata tatataaaac
    13261 atatatatac ataaacacac ataacatatt tatcgggcat ttctgagcaa ctaactcatg
    13321 caggactctc aaacactaac ctatagcctt ttctatgtat ctacttgtgt agaaaccaag
    13381 cgtggggact gagaaggcaa tagcaggagc attctgactc tcactgcctt tggctaggtc
    13441 cctccctcat cacagctcag catagtccga gctcttatct atatccacac acagtttctg
    13501 acgctgccca gctatcacca tcccaagtct aaagaaaaaa ataatgggtt tgcccatctc
    13561 tgttgattag aaaacaaaac aaaataaaat aagcccctaa gctcccagaa aacatgacta
    13621 aaccagcaag aagaagaaaa tacaataggt atatgaggag actggtgaca ctagtgtctg
    13681 aatgaggctt gagtacagaa aagaggctct agcagcatag tggtttagag gagatgtttc
    13741 tttccttcac agatgcctta gcctcaataa gcttgcggtt gtggaagttt actttcagaa
    13801 caaactcctg tggggctaga attattgatg gctaaaagaa gcccggggga gggaaaaatc
    13861 attcagcatc ctcaccctta gtgacacaaa acagaggggg cctggttttc catatttcct
    13921 catgatggat gatctcgtta atgaaggtgg tctgacgaga tcattgcttc ttccatttaa
    13981 gccttgctca cttgccaatc ctcagtttta accttctcca gagaaataca cattttttat
    14041 tcaggaaaca tactatgtta tagtttcaat actaaataat caaagtactg aagatagcat
    14101 gcataggcaa gaaaaagtcc ttagctttat gttgctgttg tttcagaatt taaaaaagat
    14161 caccaagtca aggacttctc agttctagca ctagaggtgg aatcttagca tataatcaga
    14221 ggtttttcaa aatttctaga catgagattc aaagccctgc acttaaaata gtctcatttg
    14281 aattaactct ttatataaat tgaaagcaca ttctgaacta cttcagagta ttgttttatt
    14341 tctatgttct tagttcataa atacattagg caatgcaatt taattaaaaa aacccaagaa
    14401 tttcttagaa ttttaatcat gaaaataaat gaaggcatct ttacttactc aaggtcccaa
    14461 aaggtcaaag aaaccaggaa agtaaagcta tatttcagcg gaaaatggga tatttatgag
    14521 ttttctaagt tgacagactc aagttttaac cttcagtgcc catgatgtag gaaagtgtgg
    14581 cataactggc tgattctggc tttctactcc tttttcccat taaagatccc tcctgcttaa
    14641 ttaacattca caagtaactc tggttgtact ttaggcacag tggctcccga ggtcagtcac
    14701 acaataggat gtctgtgctc caagttgcca gagagagaga ttactcttga gaatgagcct
    14761 cagccctggc tcaaactcac ctgcaaactt cgtgagagat gaggcagagg tacactacga
    14821 aagcaacagt tagaagctaa atgatgagaa cacatggact catagaggga aacaacgcat
    14881 actggggcct atcagagggt ggagggtgag agaaggagag gatcaggaaa aatcactaat
    14941 ggatgctaag cgtaatacct gagtgatgag atcatctata caacaaaccc ccttgacatt
    15001 catttatcta tgtaacaaac ctgcacatcc tgtacacgta cccctgaact taaaataaaa
    15061 gttgaaaaca agaaagcaac agtttgaaca cttgttatgg tctattctct cattctttac
    15121 aattacacta gaaaatagcc acaggctcct gcaaggcagc cacagaattt atgacttgtg
    15181 atatccaagt cattcctgga taatgcaaaa tctaacacaa aatctagtag aatcatttgc
    15241 ttacatctat ttttgttctg agaatataga tttagataca taatggaagc agaataattt
    15301 aaaatctggc taatttagaa tcctaagcag ctcttttcct atcagtggtt tacaagcctt
    15361 gtttatattt ttcctatttt aaaaataaaa ataaagtaag ttatttgtgg taaagaatat
    15421 tcattaaagt atttatttct tagataatac catgaaaaac attcagtgaa gtgaagggcc
    15481 tactttaccc aacaagaatc taatttatat aatttttcat actaatagca tctaagaaca
    15541 gtacaatatt tgactcttca ggttaaacat atgtcataaa ttagccagaa agatttaaga
    15601 aaatattgga tgtttccttg tttaaattag gcatcttaca gtttttagaa tcctgcatag
    15661 aacttaagaa attacaaatg ctaaagcaaa cccaaacagg caggaattaa tcttcatcga
    15721 atttgggtgt ttctttctaa aagtccttta tacttaaatg tcttaagaca tacatagatt
    15781 ttattttact aattttaatt atacagacaa taaatgaata ttcttactga ttactttttc
    15841 tgactgtcta atctttctga tctatcctgg atggccataa cacttatctc tctgaacttt
    15901 gggcttttaa tataggaaag aaaagcaata atccattttt catggtatct catatgataa
    15961 acaaataaaa tgcttaaaaa tgagcaggtg aagcaattta tcttgaacca acaagcatcg
    16021 aagcaataat gagactgccc gcagcctacc tgacttctga gtcaggattt ataagccttg
    16081 ttactgagac acaaacctgg gcctttcaat gctataacct ttcttgaagc tcctccctac
    16141 cacctttagc cataaggaaa catggaatgg gtcagatccc tggatgcaag ccaggtctgg
    16201 aaccataggc agtaaggaga gaagaaaatg tgggctctgc aactggctcc gagggagcag
    16261 gagagaatca accccatact ctgaatctaa gagaagactg gtgtccatac tctgaatggg
    16321 aagaatgatg ggattaccca tagggcttgt tttagggaga aacctgttct ccaaactctt
    16381 ggccttgaga tacctggtcc ttattccttg gactttggca atgtctgacc ctcacattca
    16441 agttctgagg aagggccact gccttcatac tgtggatctg tagcaaattc cccctgaaaa
    16501 cccagagctg tatcttaatt gtttaaaaaa attatattat ctcaaggact gttcttctct
    16561 gagtagccaa gctcagcttg gttcaagcta caagcagctg cgctgctttt tgtctagtca
    16621 ttgttctttt atttcagtgg atcaaatacg ttctttccaa acctaggatc ttgtcttcct
    16681 ggactatata ttttatccac gaagtcttaa tctggggtcc acagaacact agggggctgg
    16741 tgaagtttat agaaaaaaaa tctgtatttt tacttacatg taactgaaat ttagcatttt
    16801 cttctacttt gaatgcaaag gacaaactag aatgacatca tcagtaccta ttgcatagtt
    16861 ataaagagaa accacagata ttttcatact acaccatagg tattgcagat ctttttgttt
    16921 ttgtttttgt ttgagatgga gtttcgctct tattgcccag gctggagtgc agtggcatga
    16981 tttcggctca ctgcaacctc cccttcctgc attcaagcaa ttctcctgcc ttggcctcca
    17041 gagtagctgg ggattacagg cacctgccac catgccagtc taatttttgt atttttagta
    17101 gagaatgggt ttcgccatgt tggccaggct ggtcttgaac tcctgacctc agatgatctg
    17161 cccgccttgg cctcctgaag tgctgggatt ataggtgtga gccaccacgc ctggcccatt
    17221 gcagatattt ttaattcaca tttatctgca tcactacttg gatcttaagg tagctgcaga
    17281 cccaatccca gatctaatgc tttcataaag aagcaaatat aataaatact ataccacaaa
    17341 tgtaatgttt gatgtctgat aatgatattt cagtgtaatt aaacttagca ctccatgtat
    17401 attatttgat gcaataaaaa catatttttt tagcacttac agtctgccaa actggcctgt
    17461 gacacaaaaa aagtttaggg gaattcccct agttttgtct gtgttagcca atggttagaa
    17521 tatatgctca gaaagatacc attggttaat agctaaaaga aaatggagta gaaattcagt
    17581 ggcctggaat aataacaatt tgggcagtca ttaagtcagg tgaagacttc tggaatcatg
    17641 ggagaaaagc aagggagaca ttcttacttg ccacaagtgt tttttttttt tttttttttt
    17701 atcacaaaca taagaaaata taataaataa caaagtcagg ttatagaaga gagaaacgct
    17761 cttagtaaac ttggaatatg gaatccccaa aggcacttga cttgggagac aggagccata
    17821 ctgctaagtg aaaaagacga agaacctcta gggcctgaac atacaggaaa ttgtaggaac
    17881 agaaattcct agatctggtg gggcaagggg agccatagga gaaagaaatg gtagaaatgg
    17941 atggagacgg aggcagaggt gggcagatca tgaggtcaag agatcgagac catcctggca
    18001 aacatggtga aatcccgtct ctactaaaaa taaaaaaatt agctgggcat ggtggcatgc
    18061 gcctgtagtc ccagctgctc gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tcgtttgaac ccaggaggcg
    18121 aaggttgcag tgagctgaga tagtgccatt gcactccagt ctggcaacag agtgagactc
    18181 cgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaagaaaga aaagaaaaag aaaaaagaaa aaataaatgg
    18241 atgtagaaca agccagaagg aggaactggg ctggggcaat gagattatgg tgatgtaagg
    18301 gacttttata gaattaacaa tgctggaatt tgtggaactc tgcttctatt attcccccaa
    18361 tcattacttc tgtcacattg atagttaaat aatttctgtg aatttattcc ttgantccca
    18421 aaatattgag gtaaataaca atggtattat aaaagggcag attaagtgat atagcataag
    18481 caatattctt caggcacatg gatcgaattg aatacactgt aaatcccaac ttccagtttc
    18541 agctctacca agtaaagagc tagcaagtca tcaaaatggg gacatacaga aaaaaaaaag
    18601 gacactagag gaataatata ccctgactcc tagcctgatt aatatatcga ttcactttta
    18661 ctctgtttgg tgacaaattc tggctttaaa taattttagg attttaggct tctcagctcc
    18721 cttcccagtg agaagtataa gcaggacagc aggcaagcaa gaagagagcc caaggcaata
    18781 ctcacaaagt agccagtgtc ccctgtggtc atagagaaat ggaaagagag aggantcccc
    18841 ccttggagcc actgggtggt aatcctttcc gtccgttcct ctctagggaa tcaccccaag
    18901 gtactgtact ttgggattaa ggctttagtc ccactgtgga ctacttgcta ttctgttcag
    18961 tttctgaagg aactatgtac ggtttttgtc tccctagaga aactaaggta cagaagtttt
    19021 gtttacaatg cactccttaa gagagctaga actgggtgaa gantcctggt ttaaccagcc
    19081 ttaatttcct ttccctgggc cccggtttgg tcacgtcact gtcaccacct ttaaggcaaa
    19141 tgttaaatgc gctttggctg aactttttcc tattttgaga tttgctcctt tatatgaggc
    19201 tttcttggaa aaggagaatg ggagagatgg atatcatttt ggaagatgat gaagagggta
    19261 aaaaagggta caaatggaaa tttgtgttgc agatagtatg aggagccaac aaaaaagagc
    19321 ctcaggatcc agcacacatt atcacaaact tagtgtccat ccatcactgc tgaccctctc
    19381 cggacctgac tccacccctg aggacacagg tcagccttga ccaatgactt ttaagtacca
    19441 tggagaacag ggggccagaa cttcggcagt aaagaataaa aggccagaca gagaggcagc
    19501 agcacatatc tgcttccgac acagctgcaa tcactagcaa gctctcaggc ctggcatcat
    19561 ggtgcatttt actgctgagg agaaggctgc cgtcactagc ctgtggagca agatgaatgt
    19621 ggaagaggct ggaggtgaag ccttgggcag gtaagcattg gttctcaatg catgggaatg
    19681 aagggtgaat attaccctag caagttgatt gggaaagtcc tcaagatttt ttgcatctct
    19741 aattttgtat ctgatatggt gtcatttcat agactcctcg ttgtttaccc ctggacccag
    19801 agattttttg acagctttgg aaacctgtcg tctccctctg ccatcctggg caaccccaag
    19861 gtcaaggccc atggcaagaa ggtgctgact tcctttggag atgctattaa aaacatggac
    19921 aacctcaagc ccgcctttgc taagctgagt gagctgcact gtgacaagct gcatgtggat
    19981 cctgagaact tcaaggtgag ttcaggtgct ggtgatgtga ttttttggct ttatattttg
    20041 acattaattg aagctcataa tcttattgga aagaccaaca aagatctcag aaatcatggg
    20101 tcgagcttga tgttagaaca gcagacttct agtgagcata accaaaactt acatgattca
    20161 gaactagtga cagtaaagga ctactaacag cctgaattgg cttaactttt caggaaatct
    20221 tgccagaact tgatgtgttt atcccagaga attgtattat agaattgtag acttgtgaaa
    20281 gaagaatgaa atttggcttt tggtagatga aagtccattt caaggaaata gaaatgcctt
    20341 attttatgtg ggtcatgata attgaggttt agaagagatt tttgcaaaaa aaataaaaga
    20401 tttgctcaaa gaaaaataag acacattttc taaaatatgt taaatttccc atcagtattg
    20461 tgaccaagtg aaggcttgtt tccgaatttg ttggggattt taaactcccg ctgagaactc
    20521 ttgcagcact cacattctac atttacaaaa attagacaat tgcttaaaga aaaacaggga
    20581 gagagggaac ccaataatac tggtaaaatg gggaaggggg tgagggtgta ggtaggtaga
    20641 atgttgaatg tagggctcat agaataaaat tgaacctaag ctcatctgaa ttttttgggt
    20701 gggcacaaac cttggaacag tttgaggtca gggttgtcta ggaatgtagg tataaagccg
    20761 tttttgtttg tttgtttgtt ttttcatcaa gttgttttcg gaaacttcta ctcaacatgc
    20821 ctgtgtgtta ttttgtcttt tgcctaacag ctcctgggta acgtgatggt gattattctg
    20881 gctactcact ttggcaagga gttcacccct gaagtgcagg ctgcctggca gaagctggtg
    20941 tctgctgtcg ccattgccct ggcccataag taccactgag ttctcttcca gtttgcaggt
    21001 cttcctgtga ccctgacacc ctccttctgc acatggggac tgggcttggc cttgagagaa
    21061 agccttctgt ttaataaagt acattttctt cagtaatcaa aaattgcaat tttatcttct
    21121 ccatctttta ctcttgtgtt aaaaggaaaa agtgttcatg ggctgaggga tggagagaaa
    21181 cataggaaga accaagagct tccttaagaa atgtatgggg gcttgtaaaa ttaatgtgga
    21241 tgttatggga gaattcccaa gattcccaag gaggatgata tgatggagaa aaatctttat
    21301 cggggtggga aaatggttaa ttaagtggca gagactccta ggcagttttt actgcaccgg
    21361 ggaaagaagg agctgttgtg gtacctgaga aagcagattt gtggtacatg tcacttttca
    21421 ttaaaaacaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaaact tcatagatat ccaagatata ggctgagaat
    21481 tactatttta atttactctt atttacattt tgaagtagct agcttgtcac atgttttatg
    21541 aaattgattt ggagataaga tgagtgtgta tcaacaatag cctgctcttt ccatgaagga
    21601 ttccattatt tcatgggtta gctgaagcta agacacatga tatcattgtg cattatcttc
    21661 tgatacaatg taacatgcac taaaataaag ttagagttag gacctgagtg ggaaagtttt
    21721 tggagagtgt gatgaagact ttccgtggga gatagaatac taataaaggc ttaaattcta
    21781 aaaccagcaa gctagggctt cgtgacttgc atgaaactgg ctctctggaa gtagaaggga
    21841 gagtaagaca tacgtagagg actaggaaag accagatagt acagggcctg gctacaaaaa
    21901 tacaagcttt tactatgcta ttgcaatact aaacgataag cattaggatg ttaagtgact
    21961 caggaaataa gattttggga aaaagtaatc tgcttatgtg cacaaaatgg attcaagttt
    22021 gcagataaaa taaaatatgg atgatgattc aaggggacag atacaatggt tcaaacccaa
    22081 gaggagcagt gagtctgtgg aattttgaag gatggacaaa ggtggggtga gaaagacata
    22141 gtattcgacc tgactgtggg agatgagaag gaagaaggag gtgataaatg actgaaagct
    22201 cccagactgg tgaagataac aggaggaaac catgcacttg accctggtga ctctcatgtg
    22261 tgaagggtag agggatatta acagatttac tttttaggaa gtgctagatt ggtcagggag
    22321 ttttgacctt caggtcttgt gtctttcata tcaaggaacc tttgcatttt ccaagttaga
    22381 gtgccatatt ttggcaaata taactttatt agtaatttta tagtgctctc acattgatca
    22441 gactttttcc tgtgaattac ttttgaattt ggctgtatat atccagaata tgggagagag
    22501 acaaataatt attgtagttg caggctatca acaatactgg tctctctgag ccttataacc
    22561 tttcaatatg ccccataaac agagtaaaca gggattattc atggcactaa atattttcac
    22621 ctaggtcagt caacaaatgg aggcaatgtg cattttttga tacatatttt tatatattta
    22681 tggggcatgt gatacttaca tgcctagaac atgtgactga ttaagtctag atatttagga
    22741 tatccattac tttgagcatt tatcatttct atgtattgag aaaatttcaa atcctcattt
    22801 ctgaccattt tgaaatatat aataaatagt aattaactat agtcacccta ctcaaatatc
    22861 aacattataa actaactaat ccttctttcc acttttttac caaccaacat ctcttaaatc
    22921 ccctgccata cacatcacac atttttcagc tctgataact atcattctac tctcatacca
    22981 ccatgagacc acttttttag ctccacagat gaataaaaac atgtgatatt tgactttctg
    23041 tatctggctt attttattat ctatctcttt ggcataccaa gagtttgttt ttgttctgct
    23101 tcagggcttt caattaacat aatgacctct ggttccatcc atgttgctac aaatgacaag
    23161 atttcattct ttttcatggc aaaatagtac tgtgcaaaaa atacaatttt ttaatccgtt
    23221 catctgttga tagacactta ggttgatccc aaaccttaac tattgtgaat aggtgcttca
    23281 ataaacatga gtgtaatgtg tccattggat atactgattt cctttctttt ggataaataa
    23341 ccactagtga gattgctgga ttgtatgata gttctgtttt tagtttattg agaaatcttc
    23401 atactgtttt ccataatggt tgtactattt tacattccca ccaacagtgt gtaagaaaga
    23461 gttccctttt ctccatatcc tcacaaggat ctgttatttt ttgtcttttt tgttaatagc
    23521 attttaacta gagtaagtag atatctcatt gtagttttga tttgcatttc cctgatcatt
    23581 agtgatgttg agattttttc atatgtttgt tggtcatttg tatatctttt tctgagattg
    23641 tctgttcatg tccttatcct acttttattg ggattgttgt tattttcttg ataatcattg
    23701 tgtcatttta gagcctggat attattcttt tgtcagatgt atagattgtg aagattttct
    23761 cctctgtggg ttgtctgttt attctgcaga ctcttccttt tgccatgcaa aagctcttta
    23821 gtttaattta gtcccagata ttttctttgt ttttatgtgt ttgcatttgt gttcttgtca
    23881 tgaaatcctt tcctaagcca atgtgtagaa gggtttttcc gatgttattt tctagaattg
    23941 ttacagtttc aggcttagat ttaagtcctt gatccatctt aagttgattt ttgtataagg
    24001 tgagagatga agatccagtt tcattctcct acatgtagct tgccagctat cccgactcat
    24061 ttgttgaata gggtgccctt tcccatttat gtttttgttt gctttgtcaa agatcagttc
    24121 ggatgtaagt atttgagttt atttctgggt tctctattct gttccattgg tccgatgtgc
    24181 ctatttgtac accagcatca tgctgtgttt ttggtgacta tggccttatt gtatagtttg
    24241 aaatgaggta atgtaatgcc attcagattt gttctttttt ttagacttgc ttgtttattg
    24301 ggctcttttt tggttccata agaattttag gattgttttt tctagttctg tgaaggctaa
    24361 tggtggtatt tatgggaatt gcaatgcaat ttgtaggttg cttctggcat tatggccatt
    24421 ttcacaatat tgattctacc catctatgag aatggcatgt gtttccattt gtttgtgtct
    24481 tatatgatta ctatcagccg tgttttgtag ttttccttgt agatgtcttt cacctccttg
    24541 gttaggtata tattcctaag tttttgtttt gttttgtttt gttttttgca gctattgtaa
    24601 aaggggttga gttattgatt ttattctcat cttggtcatt gctggtatgt aagaaagcaa
    24661 ctcattggtg tacgttaatt ttgtatccag aaactttgct gaattatttt atcagttcta
    24721 gggggttttg gaggagtctt tagagttttc tacatacaca atcatatcat cagcaaacag
    24781 tgacagtttg actttctctt taacaatttg gatgtgcttt acttgtttct cttgtctgat
    24841 tgctcttgct aggacttcca gtaatatgtt aaagagaagt ggtgagagtg ggtatccttg
    24901 tctcattcca gttttcagac agaatgcttt taactttttc ccattcaata taatgttggc
    24961 tgtgtgttta ccatagctgg cttttattac attgaggtat gtcctttgta aaccgatttt
    25021 gctgagtttt agtcataaag tgatgttgaa ttttgttgaa tgcagtttct gtggctattg
    25081 agataatcac atgatttttg tttccaattc tctttatgtt gtgtatcaca cttattgact
    25141 tgcgtatgtt aaaccatccg tgcatccctc gcatgaaacc acttgatcat gggttttgat
    25201 atgccgtgtg ggatgctatt agctatattt tgtcaaggat gttggcatct atgttcatca
    25261 gggatattga tctgtagtgt tttttttttt tggttatgtt ctttcccagt tttggtatta
    25321 aggtgatact ggcttcatag aatgatttag ggaggattct ctctttctct atcttgtaga
    25381 atactgtcaa taggattggt atcaattctt ctttgaatgt ctggtagaat tcgaacgtct
    25441 cctttaggtt ttctagttta ttcatgtaaa ggtgttcata gtaaccttga ataatctttt
    25501 gtatttctgt ggtatcagta atagtatctc ctgttttgtt tctaactgag tttatttgca
    25561 cttctctcct cttttcttgg ttaatcttgc taatggtcta tcagttttat ttatcttttc
    25621 aaagaaccag ctttttattt catttagctt ttgtattttt ttgcagttgt tttaatttca
    25681 tttagttctc ctcttatctt agttattccc tttcttttgc tgggttttgg ttctgtttgt
    25741 ttttgtttct ctagtttctt gtggtgtgac cttatattgt ctgtcctctt tcagactctt
    25801 tgacatcgac atttagggct gtgaactttc cttttagcac catctttgct gtatcctaga
    25861 ggttttgata ggtgtgtcac tattgtcggt cagttcaagt aattttgttg ttcttattat
    25921 actttaagtt ctgggataca tgtgcagaat gtgcaggttt gttacatagg tatagatgtg
    25981 ccatggtggt ttgctgctcc catcaacctg tcatctacat taggtatttc ttttaatgtt
    26041 atccctctcc taaccccctc accccccgac aggccctggt gtgtgatgtt cccctccctg
    26101 tgtccatgtg ttctcattgt tcaactccca cttatgagtg agaacgtgtg gtgtttggtt
    26161 tctctgttcc tgtgttagtt tgctcagaat gatgtttcca ccttcaccat gtccctgcaa
    26221 agacatgaac tcatcatttt atggctgcat atattccatg gtgtatatgt gccacatttt
    26281 ctttatccat tatatcgctg atggccattt gggttggttc caagtctttg gtattgtgaa
    26341 tagtgccgca ataaacatac gtgtgcacat gtctttatag tagaatgatt tctaattctt
    26401 tgggtatata cccagtaatg ggattgctgg gtcaaacagt atttctggtt ctagatcctt
    26461 gaggaattgc cacactgtct tccacaatgg ttgaactaat ttacacaccc atcaacagtg
    26521 taaaattttt cctattcttc cacatcctct ccagcacctt ttgtttcctg actttttaat
    26581 aattgccatt ctaactggca tgagatggta tctcattgtg gttttgattt gcatttctct
    26641 aatgaccagt gatgatgagc ttcttttcat gtgtttcttg gccacataaa tgacttcttt
    26701 agagaagcat ctgttcatat cctttgtcca ctttttgatg gggtcgttag gttttttctt
    26761 gtaaatttgt tgaagttctt tgtagatttt ggatgttagc cctttgtcag atggatagat
    26821 tggcaaaaat tttctcccat tctgtaggtt gcctgttcac tctgatgata gtcttttgct
    26881 gtgcagaagc tctttagttt aattagatcc catatgtcaa ttttggcctt tgttgtcatt
    26941 gcttttgatg tttagtcgtg gaattttgcc catgcctatg tcctgaatgg tattgcctag
    27001 gttatcttct aggattttta tggttttagg ttgcacattt aagtctttaa tccaccttga
    27061 gttaattttt gtataaggtg taaggaaggg gtacagtttc agttttatgc atattgctag
    27121 ccagtttttc cagcaccatt tattaaatag ggaattcttt ctccattgct tttgtgatgt
    27181 ttgtcaaaga tcagatggtc gtagatgtgt ggcattattt ctgaggcttc tgttctgttc
    27241 cactggtcta tatatctgtt ttggtaccag taccatgctg tttttgttac tgtagccttg
    27301 tagtatagct tgaagtcagg tagcatcatg cctccagctt tgttcttttt gtttaggatt
    27361 gtcttggcta tatgggctct tttttgattc catatgacat ttaaagtagt tttttctaat
    27421 tctttgaaaa aagtcagtgg tagcttgatg gggatagcat tgaatctata aattactttg
    27481 ggcagtatgg ccattttaaa gatattgatt ctttctatct atgagcatgg aatgtttttc
    27541 catttgtttg tgtcctctct tatttccttg agcagtgagt ggtttgtagc tctccttgaa
    27601 gaggttcttc acatccctta taagttgtat ttctaggtat tttattttat tctctttgca
    27661 gcaattgtga atgggagttc acccatgatt tggctctctg cttgtctatt attggtgtat
    27721 aggaatgctt gtgatttttg cacactgatt ttgtatcttg agactttgct gaagctgttt
    27781 atcagcttaa gattttgggc tgagatgaca gggtcttcta aatatacaat catgtcatct
    27841 gcaaacagag acaatttgac ttcctctctt cctatttgaa tatgctttat ttctttctct
    27901 tgcctgattg tcctggcgag aacttccaat actatgttga gtaagagtgg cgagagggca
    27961 tccttgtctt gtgccggttt tcaaagcaaa tgatttttaa atttccgtct tgatttcatt
    28021 gttgacccaa tgatcattca ggagcaggtt atttaatttc cctgtatttg catggttttg
    28081 aaggttcctt ttgtagttga tttccaattt tattctactg tggtctgaga gagtgcttga
    28141 tataatttca atttttaaaa atttattgag gcttgttttg tggcatatca tatggcctat
    28201 cttggagaaa gttccatgtg ctgatgaata gaatgtgtat tctgcagttg ttgggtagaa
    28261 tgtcctgtaa atatctgtta agtccatttg ttctttaaat ccattgtttc tttgtagact
    28321 gtcttgatga cctgcctagt gcagtcagtg gagtattgaa gtcccccact attattatgt
    28381 tgctgtctag tagtaattgt tttataaatt tgggatctcc agtattagat gcatatatat
    28441 taagaattgt aatattctcc cattggacaa gggcttttat cattatatga tgtccctctt
    28501 tgtctttttt aactgctgtt tctttaaagt ttgttttgtc tgacataaga atagctgctt
    28561 tggctcgctt ttggtgtcca tttgtgtgga atgtcatttt ccaccccttt accttaagtt
    28621 tatgtgagtc cttatgtgtt aggtgagtct cctgaaggcg gcagataact ggttggtgaa
    28681 ttctattcat tctgcaattc tgtatctttt aagtggagca tttagtccat ttacattcaa
    28741 catcagtatt gaggtgtgag gtgactattc cattcttcgt ggtatttgtt gcctgtgtat
    28801 ctttttatct gtatttttgt tgtatatgtc ctatgggatt tatgctttaa agaggttctg
    28861 ttttgatgtg cttccagggt ttatttcaag atttagagct ccttttatca ttcttgtagt
    28921 gttggcttgg tagtgccgaa ttctctcagc atttgttttt ctgaaaaaca ctgtgtattt
    28981 tcttcatttg tgaagcttag tttcactgga tataaaattc ttggctgata attgttttgt
    29041 ttaagaaggc tgaagatagg gccatattca cttctagctt ttacggtttc tgctgagaaa
    29101 tctgctgtta atctgatagg ttttctttca taggttacct ggtagtttca cctcacagct
    29161 cttaagattc tctttgtctt tagataactt tggatactct gatgacaatg tacctaggca
    29221 atgatatttt tgcaatgaat ttcccaggtg tttattgagc ttctttgtat ttggatatct
    29281 aggtctctag caaggagggg gaagttttcc ttgattattt ccatggacaa gttttccaaa
    29341 cttttagatt tctcttcttt ctcaggaatg ctgattattc ttaggtttga ttgtttaaca
    29401 taatcccaga tttcttggag gctttgttca tattttctta ttcttttttc tttgtctttg
    29461 ttggattggg taattcaaaa actttgtctt caagctctga atttcttctg cttggattct
    29521 attgctgaga ctttctagag cattttgcat ttctataagt gcatccattc atccattgtt
    29581 tcctgaagtt ttgaatgttt tttatttatg ctatctcttt aactgaagat ttctcccctc
    29641 atttcttgta tcatattttt ggttttttta aaattggact tcaccttcct cggatgcctc
    29701 cttgattagc ttaataactg accttctgaa ttatttttca ggtaaatcag ggatttcttc
    29761 ttggtttgga tgcattgctg gtgagctagt atgatttttt ggggggtgtt aaagaacctt
    29821 gtttttcata ttaccagagt tagttttctg gttccttctc acttgggtag gctctgtcag
    29881 agggaaagtc taggcctcaa ggctgagact tttgtcccag caggtgttcc cttgatgtag
    29941 cacagtcccc cttttcctag gacgtggggc ttcctgagag ccgaactgta gtgattgtta
    30001 tctctcttct ggatctagcc acccatcagg tctaccagac tccaggctgg tactggggtt
    30061 tgtctgcaca gagtcttgtg acgtgaacca tctgtgggtc tctcagccat agatacaacc
    30121 acctgctcca atggaggtgg tagaggatga aatgaactct gtgagggtcc ttacttttgg
    30181 ttgttcaatg cactatcttt ttgtgctggt tggcctcctg ccaggaggtg gcactttcta
    30241 gaaagcatca gcagaggcag tcaggtggtg gtggctgggg gggctggggc actagaactc
    30301 ccaagaatat atgccctttg tcttcagcta ctagggtgag taaggaagga ccatcaggtg
    30361 ggggcaggac tagtcgtgtc tgagctcaga gtctccttgg gcaggtcttt ctgtggctac
    30421 tgtgggagga tgggggtgta gtttccaggt caatggattt atgttcctag gacaattatg
    30481 gctgcctctg ctgtgtcatg caggtcatca ggaaagtggg ggaaagcaag cagtcacgtg
    30541 acttgcccag ctcccatgca actcaaaagg ttggtctcac ttccagcgtg caccctcccc
    30601 cgcaacagct ccgaatctgt ttccatgcag tcagtgagca aggctgagaa cttgcccagg
    30661 ctaccagctg cgaaaccaag tagggctgtc ctacttccct gccagtggag tctgcacacc
    30721 aaattcatgt ccccccacca acccccccac tgcccagccc ctagatctgg ccaggtggag
    30781 attttctttt tcctgtctct tttcccagtt cctctggcag ccctcccaaa tgacccctgt
    30841 gaggcaaggc agaaatggct tcctagggga cccagagagc ccacagggct tttcccgctg
    30901 cttcctctac ccctgtattt tgcttggccc tctaaattga ctcagctcca ggtaaggtca
    30961 gaatcttctc ctgtggtcta gatcttcagg ttcccagtga ggatgtgtgt ttgggggtag
    31021 acggtccccc ttttccactt ccacagtttg ggcactcaca atatttgggg tgtttcccgg
    31081 gtcctacatg agcaatctgc ttctttcaga gggtgtgtgc gttctctcag ctttcttgaa
    31141 tttatttctg caggtggttc tgcaaaaaaa attcctgatg ggagacttca catgctgctc
    31201 tgtgcatccg agtgggagct gcaatgtact tctgctgcca cccatctgcc atcaccctct
    31261 aatttgtcgg taatatgcat ttttaatcaa tctttttttc tctctctctc ttttcttctc
    31321 ccccaaaact atactgccct ttgatatcaa ggaatcaagg ccgtgatgtt gaggggtggg
    31381 cagtggatac actctttacc ccttagggag catatctaga tttagatatt gccaattcaa
    31441 gataacttaa ttgaaagcaa attcataatg aatacacaca cacacacaca catctgcatg
    31501 acaagatttt taatagttga aagaataact aataattgtc cacaggcaat aagggctttt
    31561 taagcaaaac agttgtgata aaacaggtca ttcttagaat agtaatccag ccaatagtac
    31621 aggttgctta gagattatga cattaccaga gttaaaattc aataatggct tctcactccc
    31681 taccactgag gacaagttta tgtccttagg tttatgcttc cctgaaacaa taccacctgc
    31741 tattctccac tttacatatc aacggcactg gttctttatc taactctctg gcacagcagg
    31801 agtttgtttt cttctgcttc agagctttga atttactatt tcagcttcta aactttattt
    31861 gcaatgcctt cccatggcag actccttctg tcattttgcc tctgttcgaa aactttttcc
    31921 ttaatttcat tcttagttaa taatatctga aattattttg ttgtttaact taattattaa
    31981 ttttatgtat gttctaccta gatataatct tctagaggat tgttttattc tctgacttat
    32041 ttaacttaaa tgcccactac ctttaaaaat tatgacattt atttaacaga tatttgctga
    32101 acaaatgttt gaaaatacat gggaaagaat gcttgaaaac acttgaaatt gcttgtgtaa
    32161 agaaacagtt ttatcagtta ggatttaatc aatgtcagaa gcaatgatat aggaaaaatc
    32221 gaggaataag acagttatgg ataaggagaa atcaacaaac tcttaaaaga tattgcctca
    32281 aaagcataag aggaaataag ggtttataca tgacttttag aacactgcct gggtttttgg
    32341 ataaatgggg aagttgttgg aaaacaggag ggatcctaga tattccttag tctgaggagg
    32401 agcaattaag attcacttgt ttagaggctg ggagtggtgg ctcacgcctg taatcccaga
    32461 attttgggag gccaaggcag gcagatcacc tgaggtcaag agttcaagac caacctggcc
    32521 aacatggtga aatcccatct ctacaaaaat acaaaaatta gacaggcatg atggcaagtg
    32581 cctgtaatcc cagctacttg ggaggctgag gaaggagaat tgcttgaacc tggaaggcag
    32641 gagttgcagt gagccgagat cataccactg cactccagcc tgggtgacag aacaagactc
    32701 tgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaga gagattcaaa agattcactt gtttaggcct tagcgggctt
    32761 agacaccagt ctctgacaca ttcttaaagg tcaggctcta caaatggaac ccaaccagac
    32821 tctcagatat ggccaaagat ctatacacac ccatctcaca gatcccctat cttaaagaga
    32881 ccctaatttg ggttcacctc agtctctata atctgtacca gcataccaat aaaaatcttt
    32941 ctcacccatc cttagattga gagaagtcac ttattattat gtgagtaact ggaagatact
    33001 gataagttga caaatctttt tctttccttt cttattcaac ttttatttta acttccaaag
    33061 aacaagtgca atatgtgcag ctttgttgcg caggtcaaca tgtatctttc tggtctttta
    33121 gccgcctaac actttgagca gatataagcc ttacacagga ttatgaagtc tgaaaggatt
    33181 ccaccaatat tattataatt cctatcaacc tgataagtta ggggaaggta gagctctcct
    33241 ccaataagcc agatttccag agtttctgac gtcataatct accaaggtca tggatcgagt
    33301 tcagagaaaa aacaaaagca aaaccaaacc taccaaaaaa taaaaatccc aaagaaaaaa
    33361 taaagaaaaa aacagcatga atacttcctg ccatgttaag tggccaatat gtcagaaaca
    33421 gcactgagtt acagataaag atgtctaaac tacagtgaca tcccagctgt cacagtgtgt
    33481 ggactattag tcaataaaac agtccctgcc tcttaagagt tgttttccat gcaaatacat
    33541 gtcttatgtc ttagaataag attccctaag aagtgaacct agcatttata caagataatt
    33601 aattctaatc catagtatct ggtaaagagc attctaccat catctttacc gagcatagaa
    33661 gagctacacc aaaaccctgg gtcatcagcc agcacataca cttatccagt gataaataca
    33721 catcatcggg tgcctacata catacctgaa tataaaaaaa atacttttgc tgagatgaaa
    33781 caggcgtgat ttatttcaaa taggtacgga taagtagata ttgaagtaag gattcagtct
    33841 tatattatat tacataacat taatctattc ctgcactgaa actgttgctt tataggattt
    33901 ttcactacac taatgagaac ttaagagata atggcctaaa accacagaga gtatattcaa
    33961 gaataagtat agcacttctt atttggaaac caatgcttac taaatgagac taagacgtgt
    34021 cccatcaaaa atcctggacc tatgcctaaa acacatttca caatccctga acttttcaaa
    34081 aattggtaca tgctttaact ttaaactaca ggcctcactg gagctacaga caagaaggtg
    34141 aaaaacggct gacaaaagaa gtcctggtat cttctatggt gggagaagaa aactagctaa
    34201 agggaagaat aaattagaga aaaattggaa tgactgaatc ggaacaaggc aaaggctata
    34261 aaaaaaatta agcagcagta tcctcttggg ggccccttcc ccacactatc tcaatgcaaa
    34321 tatctgtctg aaacggttcc tggctaaact ccacccatgg gttggccagc cttgccttga
    34381 ccaatagcct tgacaaggca aacttgacca atagtcttag agtatccagt gaggccaggg
    34441 gccggcggct ggctagggat gaagaataaa aggaagcacc cttcagcagt tccacacact
    34501 cgcttctgga acgtctgagg ttatcaataa gctcctagtc cagacgccat gggtcatttc
    34561 acagaggagg acaaggctac tatcacaagc ctgtggggca aggtgaatgt ggaagatgct
    34621 ggaggagaaa ccctgggaag gtaggctctg gtgaccagga caagggaggg aaggaaggac
    34681 cctgtgcctg gcaaaagtcc aggtcgcttc tcaggatttg tggcaccttc tgactgtcaa
    34741 actgttcttg tcaatctcac aggctcctgg ttgtctaccc atggacccag aggttctttg
    34801 acagctttgg caacctgtcc tctgcctctg ccatcatggg caaccccaaa gtcaaggcac
    34861 atggcaagaa ggtgctgact tccttgggag atgccataaa gcacctggat gatctcaagg
    34921 gcacctttgc ccagctgagt gaactgcact gtgacaagct gcatgtggat cctgagaact
    34981 tcaaggtgag tccaggagat gtttcagcac tgttgccttt agtctcgagg caacttagac
    35041 aactgagtat tgatctgagc acagcagggt gtgagctgtt tgaagatact ggggttggga
    35101 gtgaagaaac tgcagaggac taactgggct gagacccagt ggcaatgttt tagggcctaa
    35161 ggagtgcctc tgaaaatcta gatggacaac tttgactttg agaaaagaga ggtggaaatg
    35221 aggaaaatga cttttcttta ttagatttcg gtagaaagaa ctttcacctt tcccctattt
    35281 ttgttattcg ttttaaaaca tctatctgga ggcaggacaa gtatggtcgt taaaaagatg
    35341 caggcagaag gcatatattg gctcagtcaa agtggggaac tttggtggcc aaacatacat
    35401 tgctaaggct attcctatat cagctggaca catataaaat gctgctaatg cttcattaca
    35461 aacttatatc ctttaattcc agatgggggc aaagtatgtc caggggtgag gaacaattga
    35521 aacatttggg ctggagtaga ttttgaaagt cagctctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg
    35581 cgcgtgtgtt tgtgtgtgtg tgagagcgtg tgtttctttt aacgttttca gcctacagca
    35641 tacagggttc atggtggcaa gaagataaca agatttaaat tatggccagt gactagtgct
    35701 gcaagaagaa caactacctg catttaatgg gaaagcaaaa tctcaggctt tgagggaagt
    35761 taacataggc ttgattctgg gtggaagctt ggtgtgtagt tatctggagg ccaggctgga
    35821 gctctcagct cactatgggt tcatctttat tgtctccttt catctcaaca gctcctggga
    35881 aatgtgctgg tgaccgtttt ggcaatccat ttcggcaaag aattcacccc tgaggtgcag
    35941 gcttcctggc agaagatggt gactggagtg gccagtgccc tgtcctccag ataccactga
    36001 gctcactgcc catgatgcag agctttcaag gataggcttt attctgcaag caatacaaat
    36061 aataaatcta ttctgctaag agatcacaca tggttgtctt cagttctttt ttttatgtct
    36121 ttttaaatat atgagccaca aagggtttta tgttgaggga tgtgtttatg tgtatttata
    36181 catggctatg tgtgtttgtg tcatgtgcac actccacact tttttgttta cgttagatgt
    36241 gggttttgat gagcaaataa aagaactagg caataaagaa acttatacat gggagcgtct
    36301 gcaagtggga gtaaaaggtg caggagaaat ctggttggaa gaaagacctc tataggacag
    36361 gactcctcag aaacagatgt tttggaagag atggggaaag gttcagtgaa gggggctgaa
    36421 cccccttccc tggattgcag cacagcagcg aggaaggggc tcaacgaaga aaaagtgttc
    36481 caagctttag gaagtcaagg tttaggcagg gatagccatt ctattttatt aggggcaata
    36541 ctatttccaa cggcatctgg cttttctcag cccttgtgag gctctacggg gaggttgagg
    36601 tgttagagat cagagcagga aacaggtttt tctttccacg gtaactacaa tgaagtgatc
    36661 cttactttac taaggaactt tttcatttta agtgttgacg catgcctaaa gaggtgaaat
    36721 taatcccata cccttaagtc tacagactgg tcacagcatt tcaaggagga gacctcattg
    36781 taagcttcta gggaggtggg gacctaggtg aaggaaatga gccagcagaa gctcacaagt
    36841 cagcatcagc gtgtcatgtc tcagcagcag aacagcacgg tcagatgaaa atatagtgtg
    36901 aagaatttgt ataacattaa ttgagaaggc agattcactg gagttcttat ataattgaaa
    36961 gttaatgcac gttaataagc aagagtttag tttaatgtga tggtgttatg aacttaacgc
    37021 ttgtgtctcc agaaaattca catgctgaat ccccaactcc caattggctc catttgtggg
    37081 ggaggctttg gaaaagtaat caggtttaga ggagctcatg agagcagatc cccatcatag
    37141 aattattttc ctcatcagaa gcagagagat tagccatttc tcttccttct ggtgaggaca
    37201 cagtgggaag tcagccacct gcaacccagg aagagagccc tgaccaggaa ccagcagaaa
    37261 agtgagaaaa aatcctgttg ttgaagtcac ccagtctatg ctattttgtt atagcacctt
    37321 gcactaagta aggcagatga agaaagagaa aaaaataagc ttcggtgttc agtggattag
    37381 aaaccatgtt tatctcaggt ttacaaatct ccacttgtcc tctgtgtttc agaataaaat
    37441 accaactcta ctactctcat ctgtaagatg caaatagtaa gcctgatccc ttctgtctaa
    37501 cttcgaattc tattttttct tcaacgtact ttaggcttgt aatgtgttta tatacagtga
    37561 aatgtcaagt tctttcttta tatttctttc tttctttttt ttcctcagcc tcagagtttt
    37621 ccacatgccc ttcctacctt caggaacttc tttctccaaa cgtcttctgc ctggcctcca
    37681 ttcaaatcat aaaggaccca cttcaaatgc catcactcac taccatttca caattcgcac
    37741 tttctttctt tgtccttttt ttttttagta aaacaagttt ataaaaaatt gaaggaataa
    37801 atgaatggct acttcatagg cagagtagac acaagggcta ctggttgccg atttttattg
    37861 ttatttttca atagtatgct aaacaagggg tagattattt atgctgccca tttttagacc
    37921 ataaaagata acttcctgat gttgccatgg catttttttt ccttttaatt ttatttcatt
    37981 tcattttaat ttcgaaggta catgtgcagg atgtgcaggc ttgttacatg ggtaaatgtg
    38041 tgtctttctg gccttttagc catctgtatc aatgagcaga tataagcttt acacaggatc
    38101 atgaaggatg aaagaatttc accaatatta taataatttc aatcaacctg atagcttagg
    38161 ggataaacta atttgaagat acagcttgcc tccgataagc cagaattcca gagcttctgg
    38221 cattataatc tagcaaggtt agagatcatg gatcactttc agagaaaaac aaaaacaaac
    38281 taaccaaaag caaaacagaa ccaaaaaacc tccataaata cttcctaccc agttaatggt
    38341 ccaatatgtc agaaacagca ctgtgttaga aataaagctg tctaaagtac actaatattc
    38401 gagttataat agtgtgtgga ctattagtca ataaaaacaa cccttgcctc tttagagttg
    38461 ttttccatgt acacgcacat cttatgtctt agagtaagat tccctgagaa gtgaacctag
    38521 catttataca agataattaa ttctaatcca cagtacctgc caaagaacat tctaccatca
    38581 tctttactga gcatagaaga gctacgccaa aaccctgggt catcagccag cacacacact
    38641 tatccagtgg taaatacaca tcatctggtg tatacataca tacctgaata tggaatcaaa
    38701 tatttttcta agatgaaaca gtcatgattt atttcaaata ggtacggata agtagatatt
    38761 gaggtaagca ttaggtctta tattatgtaa cactaatcta ttactgcgct gaaactgtgg
    38821 tctttatgaa aattgttttc actacactat tgagaaatta agagataatg gcaaaagtca
    38881 caaagagtat attcaaaaag aagtatagca ctttttcctt agaaaccact gctaactgaa
    38941 agagactaag atttgtcccg tcaaaaatcc tggacctatg cctaaaacac atttcacaat
    39001 ccctgaactt ttcaaaaatt ggtacatgct ttagctttaa actacaggcc tcactggagc
    39061 tacagacaag aaggtaaaaa acggctgaca aaagaagtcc tggtatcctc tatgatggga
    39121 gaaggaaact agctaaaggg aagaataaat tagagaaaaa ctggaatgac tgaatcggaa
    39181 caaggcaaag gctataaaaa aaattaagca gcagtatcct cttgggggcc ccttccccac
    39241 actatctcaa tgcaaatatc tgtctgaaac ggtccctggc taaactccac ccatgggttg
    39301 gccagccttg ccttgaccaa tagccttgac aaggcaaact tgaccaatag tcttagagta
    39361 tccagtgagg ccaggggccg gcggctggct agggatgaag aataaaagga agcacccttc
    39421 agcagttcca cacactcgct tctggaacgt ctgagattat caataagctc ctagtccaga
    39481 cgccatgggt catttcacag aggaggacaa ggctactatc acaagcctgt ggggcaaggt
    39541 gaatgtggaa gatgctggag gagaaaccct gggaaggtag gctctggtga ccaggacaag
    39601 ggagggaagg aaggaccctg tgcctggcaa aagtccaggt cgcttctcag gatttgtggc
    39661 accttctgac tgtcaaactg ttcttgtcaa tctcacaggc tcctggttgt ctacccatgg
    39721 acccagaggt tctttgacag ctttggcaac ctgtcctctg cctctgccat catgggcaac
    39781 cccaaagtca aggcacatgg caagaaggtg ctgacttcct tgggagatgc cataaagcac
    39841 ctggatgatc tcaagggcac ctttgcccag ctgagtgaac tgcactgtga caagctgcat
    39901 gtggatcctg agaacttcaa ggtgagtcca ggagatgttt cagcactgtt gcctttagtc
    39961 tcgaggcaac ttagacaact gagtattgat ctgagcacag cagggtgtga gctgtttgaa
    40021 gatactgggg ttgggagtga agaaactgca gaggactaac tgggctgaga cccagtggca
    40081 atgttttagg gcctaaggag tgcctctgaa aatctagatg gacaactttg actttgagaa
    40141 aagagaggtg gaaatgagga aaatgacttt tctttattag atttcggtag aaagaacttt
    40201 cacctttccc ctatttttgt tattcgtttt aaaacatcta tctggaggca ggacaagtat
    40261 ggtcgttaaa aagatgcagg cagaaggcat atattggctc agtcaaagtg gggaactttg
    40321 gtggccaaac atacattgct aaggctattc ctatatcagc tggacacata taaaatgctg
    40381 ctaatgcttc attacaaact tatatccttt aattccagat gggggcaaag tatgtccagg
    40441 ggtgaggaac aattgaaaca tttgggctgg agtagatttt gaaagtcagc tctgtgtgtg
    40501 tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtc agcgtgtgtt tcttttaacg tcttcagcct acaacataca
    40561 gggttcatgg tgggaagaag atagcaagat ttaaattatg gccagtgact agtgcttgaa
    40621 ggggaacaac tacctgcatt taatgggaag gcaaaatctc aggctttgag ggaagttaac
    40681 ataggcttga ttctgggtgg aagctgggtg tgtagttatc tggaggccag gctggagctc
    40741 tcagctcact atgggttcat ctttattgtc tcctttcatc tcaacagctc ctgggaaatg
    40801 tgctggtgac cgttttggca atccatttcg gcaaagaatt cacccctgag gtgcaggctt
    40861 cctggcagaa gatggtgact gcagtggcca gtgccctgtc ctccagatac cactgagcct
    40921 cttgcccatg attcagagct ttcaaggata ggctttattc tgcaagcaat acaaataata
    40981 aatctattct gctgagagat cacacatgat tttcttcagc tctttttttt acatcttttt
    41041 aaatatatga gccacaaagg gtttatattg agggaagtgt gtatgtgtat ttctgcatgc
    41101 ctgtttgtgt ttgtggtgtg tgcatgctcc tcatttattt ttatatgaga tgtgcatttt
    41161 gatgagcaaa taaaagcagt aaagacactt gtacacggga gttctgcaag tgggagtaaa
    41221 tggtgttgga gaaatccggt gggaagaaag acctctatag gacaggactt ctcagaaaca
    41281 gatgttttgg aagagatggg aaaaggttca gtgaagacct gggggctgga ttgattgcag
    41341 ctgagtagca aggatggttc ttaatgaagg gaaagtgttc caagctttag gaattcaagg
    41401 tttagtcagg tgtagcaatt ctattttatt aggaggaata ctatttctaa tggcacttag
    41461 cttttcacag cccttgtgga tgcctaagaa agtgaaatta atcccatgcc ctcaagtgtg
    41521 cagattggtc acagcatttc aagggagaga cctcattgta agactctggg ggaggtgggg
    41581 acttaggtgt aagaaatgaa tcagcagagg ctcacaagtc agcatgagca tgttatgtct
    41641 gagaaacaga ccagcactgt gagatcaaaa tgtagtggga agaatttgta caacattaat
    41701 tggaaggttt acttaatgga atttttgtat agttggatgt tagtgcatct ctataagtaa
    41761 gagtttaata tgatggtgtt acggacctgg tgtttgtgtc tcctcaaaat tcacatgctg
    41821 aatccccaac tcccaactga ccttatctgt gggggaggct tttgaaaagt aattaggttt
    41881 agctgagctc ataagagcag atccccatca taaaattatt ttccttatca gaagcagaga
    41941 gacaagccat ttctctttcc tcccggtgag gacacagtga gaagtccgcc atctgcaatc
    42001 caggaagaga accctgacca cgagtcagcc ttcagaaatg tgagaaaaaa ctctgttgtt
    42061 gaagccaccc agtcttttgt attttgttat agcaccttac actgagtaag gcagatgaag
    42121 aaggagaaaa aaataagctt gggttttgag tgaactacag accatgttat ctcaggtttg
    42181 caaagctccc ctcgtcccct atgtttcagc ataaaatacc tactctacta ctctcatcta
    42241 taagacccaa ataataagcc tgcgcccttc tctctaactt tgatttctcc tatttttact
    42301 tcaacatgct ttactctagc cttgtaatgt ctttacatac agtgaaatgt aaagttcttt
    42361 attctttttt tctttctttc ttttttctcc tcagcctcag aatttggcac atgcccttcc
    42421 ttctttcagg aacttctcca acatctctgc ctggctccat catatcataa aggtcccact
    42481 tcaaatgcag tcactaccgt ttcaggatat gcactttctt tcttttttgt tttttgtttt
    42541 ttttaagtca aagcaaattt cttgagagag taaagaaata aacgaatgac tactgcatag
    42601 gcagagcagc cccgagggcc gctggttgtt ccttttatgg ttatttcttg atgatatgtt
    42661 aaacaagttt tggattattt atgccttctc tttttaggcc atatagggta actttctgac
    42721 attgccatgg catgtttctt ttaatttaat ttactgttac cttaaattca ggggtacacg
    42781 tacaggatat gcaggtttgt tttataggta aaagtgtgcc atggttttaa tgggtttttt
    42841 ttttcttgta aagttgttta agtttcttgt ttactctgga tattggcctt tgtcagaaga
    42901 atagattgga aaatcttttt cccattctgt agattgtctt tcgctctgat ggtagtttct
    42961 tttgctgagc aggagctctt tagtttaatt agattccatt ggtcaatttt tgcttttgct
    43021 gcaattgctt ttcacgcttt catcatgaaa tctgtgcccg tgtttatatc atgaatagta
    43081 ttgccttgat ttttttctag gctttttata gtttggggtt tttcatttaa gtctctaatc
    43141 catccggagt taattttgga taaggtataa ggaaggagtc cagtttcatt tttcagcata
    43201 tggctagcca gttctccccc atcatttatt aaattgaaaa tcctttcccc attgcttgct
    43261 tttgtcaggt ttctaaaaga cagatggttg taggtacaat atgcagtttc ttcaagtcat
    43321 ataataccat ctgaaatctc ttattaattc atttctttta gtatgtatgc tggtctcctc
    43381 tgctcactat agtgagggca ccattagcca gagaatctgt ctgtctagtt catgtaagat
    43441 tctcagaatt aagaaaaatg gatggcatat gaatgaaact tcatggatga catatggaat
    43501 ctaatgtgta tttgttgaat taatgcataa gatgcaacaa gggaaaggtt gacaactgca
    43561 gtgataacct ggtattgatg atataagagt ctatagatca cagtagaagc aataatcatg
    43621 gaaaacaatt ggaaatgggg aacagccaca aacaagaaag aatcaatact accaggaaag
    43681 tgactgcagg tcacttttcc tggagcgggt gagagaaaag tggaagttgc agtaactgcc
    43741 gaattcctgg ttggctgatg gaaagatggg gcaactgttc actggtacgc agggttttag
    43801 atgtatgtac ctaaggatat gaggtatggc aatgaacaga aattcttttg ggaatgagtt
    43861 ttagggccat taaaggacat gacctgaagt ttcctctgag gccagtcccc acaactcaat
    43921 ataaatgtgt ttcctgcata tagtcaaagt tgccacttct ttttcttcat atcatcgatc
    43981 tctgctctta aagataatct tggttttgcc tcaaactgtt tgtcactaca aactttcccc
    44041 atgttcctaa gtaaaacagg taactgcctc tcaactatat caagtagact aaaatattgt
    44101 gtctctaata tcagaaattc agctttaata tattgggttt aactctttga aatttagagt
    44161 ctccttgaaa tacacatggg ggtgatttcc taaactttat ttcttgtaag gatttatctc
    44221 aggggtaaca cacaaaccag catcctgaac ctctaagtat gaggacagta agccttaaga
    44281 atataaaata aactgttctt ctctctgccg gtggaagtgt gccctgtcta ttcctgaaat
    44341 tgcttgtttg agacgcatga gacgtgcagc acatgagaca cgtgcagcag cctgtggaat
    44401 attgtcagtg aagaatgtct ttgcctgatt agatataaag acaagttaaa cacagcatta
    44461 gactatagat caagcctgtg ccagacacaa atgacctaat gcccagcacg ggccacggaa
    44521 tctcctatcc tcttgcttga acagagcagc acacttctcc cccaacacta ttagatgttc
    44581 tggcataatt ttgtagatat gtaggatttg acatggacta ttgttcaatg attcagagga
    44641 aatctccttt gttcagataa gtacactgac tactaaatgg attaaaaaac acagtaataa
    44701 aacccagttt tccccttact tccctagttt gtttcttatt ctgctttctt ccaagttgat
    44761 gctggataga ggtgtttatt tctattctaa aaagtgatga aattggccgg gcgcggtggc
    44821 tcacacctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg ctgaggtggg cggatcacga ggtcaggaga
    44881 tcaagaccat cctggctaac atggtgaaac cccatctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaaattag
    44941 ccagagacgg tggcgggtgc ctgtagtccc agctactcgg gaggctgagg caggagaatg
    45001 gcgtgaacct gggaggcaga gctgcagtga gcagagatcg cgccactgca cactccagcc
    45061 tgggtgacaa agcgagactc catctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaagaaagaa
    45121 agaaaaaaaa agtgatgaaa ttgtgtattc aatgtagtct caagagaatt gaaaaccaag
    45181 aaaggctgtg gcttcttcca cataaagcct ggatgaataa caggataaca cgttgttaca
    45241 ttgtcacaac tcctgatcca ggaattgatg gctaagatat tcgtaattct tatccttttc
    45301 agttgtaact tattcctatt tgtcagcatt caggttatta gcggctgctg gcgaagtcct
    45361 tgagaaataa actgcacact ggatggtggg ggtagtgtag gaaaatggag gggaaggaag
    45421 taaagtttca aattaagcct gaacagcaaa gttcccctga gaaggccacc tggattctat
    45481 cagaaactcg aatgtccatc ttgcaaaact tccttgccca aaccccaccc ctggagtcac
    45541 aacccaccct tgaccaatag attcatttca ctgagggagg caaagggctg gtcaatagat
    45601 tcatttcact gggagaggca aagggctggg ggccagagag gagaagtaaa aagccacaca
    45661 tgaagcagca atgcaggcat gcttctggct catctgtgat caccaggaaa ctcccagatc
    45721 tgacactgta gtgcatttca ctgctgacaa gaaggctgct gccaccagcc tgtgaagcaa
    45781 ggttaaggtg agaaggctgg aggtgagatt ctgggcaggt aggtactgga agccgggaca
    45841 aggtgcagaa aggcagaaag tgtttctgaa agagggatta gcccgttgtc ttacatagtc
    45901 tgactttgca cctgctctgt gattatgact atcccacagt ctcctggttg tctacccatg
    45961 gacctagagg tactttgaaa gttttggata tctgggctct gactgtgcaa taatgggcaa
    46021 ccccaaagtc aaggcacatg gcaagaaggt gctgatctcc ttcggaaaag ctgttatgct
    46081 cacggatgac ctcaaaggca cctttgctac actgagtgac ctgcactgta acaagctgca
    46141 cgtggaccct gagaacttcc tggtgagtag taagtacact cacgctttct tctttaccct
    46201 tagatatttg cactatgggt acttttgaaa gcagaggtgg ctttctcttg tgttatgagt
    46261 cagctatggg atatgatatt tcagcagtgg gattttgaga gttatgttgc tgtaaataac
    46321 ataactaaaa tttggtagag caaggactat gaataatgga aggccactta ccatttgata
    46381 gctctgaaaa acacatctta taaaaaattc tggccaaaat caaactgagt gttttggatg
    46441 agggaacaga agttgagata gagaaaataa catctttcct ttggtcagcg aaattttcta
    46501 taaaaattaa tagtcacttt tctgcatagt cctggaggtt agaaaaagat caactgaaca
    46561 aagtagtggg aagctgttaa aagaggattg tttccctccg aatgatgatg gtatactttt
    46621 gtacgcatgg tacaggattc tttgttatga gtgtttggga aaattgtatg tatgtatgta
    46681 tgtatgtgat gactggggac ttatcctatc cattactgtt ccttgaagta ctattatcct
    46741 actttttaaa aggacgaagt ctctaaaaaa aaaatgaaac aatcacaata tgttggggta
    46801 gtgagttggc atagcaagta agagaaggat aggacacaat gggaggtgca gggctgccag
    46861 tcatattgaa gctgatatct agcccataat ggtgagagtt gctcaaactc tggtcaaaaa
    46921 ggatgtaagt gttatatcta tttactgcaa gtccagcttg aggccttcta ttcactatgt
    46981 accattttct tttttatctt cactccctcc ccagctctta ggcaacgtga tattgattgt
    47041 tttggcaacc cacttcagcg aggattttac cctacagata caggcttctt ggcagtaact
    47101 aacaaatgct gtggttaatg ctgtagccca caagaccact gagttccctg tccactatgt
    47161 ttgtacctat gtcccaaaat ctcatctcct ttagatgggg gaggttgggg agaagagcag
    47221 tatcctgcct gctgattcag ttcctgcatg ataaaaatag aataaagaaa tatgctctct
    47281 aagaaatatc attgtactct ttttctgtct ttatatttta ccctgattca gccaaaagga
    47341 cgcactattt ctgatggaaa tgagaatgtt ggagaatggg agtttaagga cagagaagat
    47401 actttcttgc aatcctgcaa gaaaagagag aactcgtggg tggatttagt ggggtagtta
    47461 ctcctaggaa ggggaaatcg tctctagaat aagacaatgt ttttacagaa agggaggtca
    47521 atggaggtac tctttggagg tgtaagagga ttgttggtag tgtgtagagg tatgttagga
    47581 ctcaaattag aagttctgta taggctatta tttgtatgaa actcaggata tagctcattt
    47641 ggtgactgca gttcacttct acttatttta aacaacatat tttttatgat ttataatgaa
    47701 gtggggatgg ggcttcctag agaccaatca agggccaaac cttgaacttt ctcttaacgt
    47761 cttcaatggt attaatagag aattatctct aaggcatgtg aactggctgt cttggttttc
    47821 atctgtactt catctgctac ctctgtgacc tgaaacatat ttataattcc attaagctgt
    47881 gcatatgata gatttatcat atgtattttc cttaaaggat ttttgtaaga actaattgaa
    47941 ttgatacctg taaagtcttt atcacactac ccaataaata ataaatctct ttgttcagct
    48001 ctctgtttct ataaatatgt acaagtttta ttgtttttag tggtagtgat tttattctct
    48061 ttctatatat atacacacac atgtgtgcat tcataaatat atacaatttt tatgaataaa
    48121 aaattattag caatcaatat tgaaaaccac tgatttttgt ttatgtgagc aaacagcaga
    48181 ttaaaaggct gagatttagg aaacagcacg ttaagtcaag ttgatagagg agaatatgga
    48241 catttaaaag aggcaggatg atataaaatt agggaaactg gatgcagaga ccagatgaag
    48301 taagaaaaat agctatcgtt ttgagcaaaa atcactgaag tttcttgcat atgagagtga
    48361 cataataaat agggaaacgt agaaaattga ttcacatgta tatatatata tagaactgat
    48421 tagacaaagt ctaacttggg tatagtcaga ggagcttgct gtaattatat tgaggtgatg
    48481 gataaagaac tgaagttgat ggaaacaatg aagttaagaa aaaaaatcga gtaagagacc
    48541 attgtggcag tgattgcaca gaactggaaa acattgtgaa acagagagtc agagatgaca
    48601 gctaaaatcc ctgtctgtga atgaaaagaa ggaaatttat tgacagaaca gcaaatgcct
    48661 acaagccccc tgtttggatc tggcaatgaa cgtagccatt ctgtggcaat cacttcaaac
    48721 tcctgtaccc aagaccctta ggaagtatgt agcaccctca aacctaaaac ctcaaagaaa
    48781 gaggttttag aagatataat accctttctt ctccagtttc attaatccca aaacctcttt
    48841 ctcaaagtat ttcctctatg tgtccacccc aaagagctca cctcaccata tctcttgagt
    48901 gggagcacat agataggcgg tgctaccatc taacagcttc tgaaattcct ttgtcatatt
    48961 tttgagtccc cactaataac ccacaaagca gaataaatac cagttgctca tgtacaataa
    49021 tcactcaact gctgtcttgt agcatacatt aattaagcac attctttgaa taattactgt
    49081 gtccaaacaa tcacacttta aaatctcaca cttgtgctat cccttgccct tctgaatgtc
    49141 actctgtatt ttaaatgaag agatgagggt tgaatttcct gtgttactta ttgttcattt
    49201 ctcgatgagg agttttcaca ttcaccttta ctggaaaaca cataagtaca catcttacag
    49261 gaaaaatata ccaaactgac atgtagcatg aatgcttgtg catgtagtca tataaaatct
    49321 tgtagcaatg taaacattct ctgatataca catacagatg tgtctatatg tctacacaat
    49381 ttcttatgct ccatgaacaa acattccatg cacacataag aacacacact gttacagatg
    49441 catacttgag tgcattgaca aaattacccc agtcaatcta gagaatttgg atttctgcat
    49501 ttgactctgt tagctttgta catgctgttc atttactctg ggtgatgtct ttccctcatt
    49561 ttgccttgtc tatcttgtac tcatacttta agtcctaact tatatgttat ctcaactaag
    49621 aagctatttt tttttaattt taactgggct taaagccctg tctataaact ctgctacaat
    49681 tatgggctct ttcttataat atttagtgtt tttcctacta atgtacttaa tctgctcatt
    49741 gtatattcct accactaaat tttaacctct tttatggtag agacattgtc ttgtaaactc
    49801 ttatttccct agtatttgga gatgaaaaaa aagattaaat tatccaaaat tagatctctc
    49861 ttttctacat tatgagtatt acactatcca tagggaagtt tgtttgagac ctaaactgag
    49921 gaacctttgg ttctaaaatg actatgtgat atcttagtat ttataggtca tgaggttcct
    49981 tcctctgcct ctgctatagt ttgattagtc agcaagcatg tgtcatgcat ttattcacat
    50041 cagaatttca tacactaata agacatagta tcagaagtca gtttattagt tatatcagtt
    50101 agggtccatc aaggaaagga caaaccatta tcagttactc aacctagaat taaatacagc
    50161 tcttaatagt taattatcct tgtattggaa gagctaaaat atcaaataaa ggacagtgca
    50221 gaaatctaga tgttagtaac atcagaaaac ctcttccgcc attaggccta gaagggcaga
    50281 aggagaaaat gtttatacca ccagagtcca gaaccagagc ccataaccag aggtccactg
    50341 gattcagtga gctagtgggt gctccttgga gagagccaga actgtctaat gggggcatca
    50401 aagtatcagc cataaaaaac cataaaaaag actgtctgct gtaggagatc cgttcagaga
    50461 gagagagaga ccagaaataa tcttgcttat gctttccctc agccagtgtt taccattgca
    50521 gaatgtacat gcgactgaaa gggtgaggaa acctgggaaa tgtcagttcc tcaaatacag
    50581 agaacactga gggaaggatg agaaataaat gtgaaagcag acatgaatgg taattgacag
    50641 aaggaaacta ggatgtgtcc agtaaatgaa taattacagt gtgcagtgat tattgcaatg
    50701 attaatgtat tgataagata atatgaaaac acagaattca aacagcagtg aactgagatt
    50761 agaattgtgg agagcactgg catttaagaa tgtcacactt agaatgtgtc tctaggcatt
    50821 gttctgtgca tatatcatct caatattcat tatctgaaaa ttatgaatta ggtacaaagc
    50881 tcaaataatt tattttttca ggttagcaag aacttttttt tttttttttt ctgagatgga
    50941 gcattgctat ggttgcccag gctggagtgc aatggcatga tccaggctca ctgcaacatc
    51001 tgcctcccag gttcaagcga ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc aagtagctgg cattacaggc
    51061 atgtgccacc accatgcctg gctaattttc tatttttagt agataggggg tttcaccatg
    51121 ttggtcaggc tgatctcgaa ctcctaacat caggtgatcc accctcctcg gcctctgaat
    51181 gtactgggat cacaggcgtg agccaccaca cccagccaag aatgtgaatt ttgtagaagg
    51241 atataaccca tatttctctg accctagagt ccttagtata cctcccatac catgtggctc
    51301 atcctcctta catacatttc ccatctttca ccctaccttt tcctttttgt ttcagctttt
    51361 cactgtgtgt caaaatctag aaccttatct cctacctgct ctgaaaccaa cagcaagttg
    51421 acttccattc taacccacat tggcattaca ctaattaaaa tcgatactga gttctaaaat
    51481 catctgggat tttggggact atgtcttact tcatacttcc ttgagatttc acattaaatg
    51541 ttggtgttca ttaaaggtcc ttcatttaac tttgtattca tcacactctt ggattcacag
    51601 ttatatctaa actcttatat atagcctgta taatcccaat tcccaagtct gatttctaac
    51661 ctctgacctc caacctcagt gccaaaccca tatatcaaac aatgtactgg gcttatttat
    51721 atagatgtcc tataggcacc tcagactcag catgggtatt tcacttgtta tactaaaact
    51781 gtttctcttc cagtgttttc cattttagtc attagatagc tacttgccca ttcaccaagg
    51841 tcacagatta aaatcatttc cctacctcta atcaacagtt caattctgct tcaatttgtc
    51901 cctatctatt aatcaccact cttactgccc agtcaggtcc tcattgtttc ctgaacaaga
    51961 gtagatgcta ttctttccac tttaagacct tatcctggct ggatgcggtg gctcaggctt
    52021 gtaaacccag cactttggga ggccgaggca ggcagatcac ttgaggtcag gagttcaaga
    52081 ccagcctgac caacatggtg aaaccccatc tctactaaaa atacaaaatc agccgggcgt
    52141 gtggtgcatg cctgcagtcc cagctattca ggtggctgag gcaggagaat tgcttgaacc
    52201 caggaggcgg aggttgcggt gagcctagat tgcaccattg cactctagct tgggcaatag
    52261 ggatgaaact ccatctcaga agagaaaaga aaaaaagacc ttattctgtt acacaaatcc
    52321 tctcaatgca atccatatag aataaacatg taaccagatc tcccaatgtg taaaatcatt
    52381 tcaggtagaa cagaattaaa gtgaaaagcc aagtctttgg aattaacaga caaagttcaa
    52441 ataacagtcc tcatggcctt aagaatttac ctaacatttt ttttagaatc aattttctta
    52501 tatatgaatt ggaaacataa ttcctccctc acaaacacat tctaagattt taaggagata
    52561 ttgatgaagt acatcatctg tcatttttaa cagttagtgg tagtgattca cacagcacat
    52621 tatgatctgt tcttgtatgt tctgttccat tctgtattct tgacctggtt gtattctttc
    52681 tgagctccag atccacatat ctaagtacat ctttttgcat tttacaagag tgcatacaat
    52741 acaatgtatc caagactgta tttctgattt tatcgtacca ctaaactcac aaatgtggcc
    52801 ctattcttgt gttcacgact gacatcaccg tcatggtcca agtctgataa tagaaatggc
    52861 attgtcactt tcttccctac tgcaacagaa gcccagctat ttgtctccca ttttctctac
    52921 ttctaaaata catttcttca ctaagtgaga ataatctttt aaagacacaa atcaaaccat
    52981 gccaccacct ttcttgaatt attcaatatc tttcgttggc ttccaggtta cagaaaaata
    53041 acttgtaaca aagtttaaag gtcattcatg gctcctctct accctatttt ataacatttc
    53101 cccttgtgat cagaatctca ggcacatcat ccatctttct atatacaaat aaagtcatat
    53161 agtttgaact cacctctggt tacttttaat caaccaaatg ctgtaaaatg catttgtatc
    53221 gctacgtgtt aagcagtagt tgattctttt catttcttgt taatattcta ttctttgact
    53281 ataccgtaat ttatcaattc tactgttggt aagcatttaa gtggctaccg gtttgaggtt
    53341 tttatgatta ttgctgtcat aagcatttct atacatgtct ttggatacac acatgcatgt
    53401 gtttctgaat atctaaaaat gtaattgcta ggtaatagac ttatcaagca tccagcattt
    53461 gtggatacta ttaaaggttt tccaaagggg ttatactatt gtacagtgtc accaacagag
    53521 tttgagtttc tattgatcca tatcaccacc aaaatttgaa ctgtcagtct tatctcttct
    53581 cttgtctctt ttttcctctt ttttttcctt cccttcccct ctcttcgttt cttttctctc
    53641 ctcttctctt ctttcctctc ttcccttccc tttctctttc tcttccctat cccttctcct
    53701 ctcctctccc ctcctttttt ctcctctcct ctccattatt tatttttcct tcttctcctc
    53761 catcccttcc atcctctctc ttcccctctt ccttccttcc tttctccatt tcttcctcct
    53821 ctttccctca atccttcctt ttggatatgc tcatgggtgt gtatttgtct gccattgtgg
    53881 cattatttga attcagaaaa gagtgaaaaa ctactgggat cttcattctg ggtctaattc
    53941 cacatttttt tttaagaaca cactctgtaa aaatgttctg tactagcata ttcccaggaa
    54001 cttcgttaaa tttaatctgg ctgaatatgg taaatctact ttgcactttg cattctttct
    54061 ttagtcatac cataatttta aacattcaaa atatttgtat ataatatttg attttatctg
    54121 tcattaaaat gttaacctta aaattcatgt ttccagaacc tatttcaata actggtaaat
    54181 aaacactatt cattttttaa atattctttt aatggatatt tatttcaata taataaaaaa
    54241 ttagagtttt attataggaa gaatttacca aaagaaggag gaagcaagca agtttaaact
    54301 gcagcaatag ttgtccattc caacctctca aaattccctt ggagacaaaa tctctagagg
    54361 caaagaagaa ctttatattg agtcaacttg ttaaaacatc tgcttttaga taagttttct
    54421 tagtataaag tgacagaaac aaataagtta aactctaaga tacattccac tatattagcc
    54481 taaaacactt ctgcaaaaat gaaactagga ggatattttt agaaacaact gctgaaagag
    54541 atgcggtggg gagatatgca gaggagaaca gggtttctga gtcaagacac acatgacaga
    54601 acagccaatc tcagggcaag ttaagggaat agtggaatga aggttcattt ttcattctca
    54661 caaactaatg aaaccctgct tatcttaaac caacctgctc actggagcag ggaggacagg
    54721 accagcataa aaggcagggc agagtcgact gttgcttaca ctttcttctg acataacagt
    54781 gttcactagc aacctcaaac agacaccatg gtgcatctga ctcctgagga gaagactgct
    54841 gtcaatgccc tgtggggcaa agtgaacgtg gatgcagttg gtggtgaggc cctgggcagg
    54901 ttggtatcaa ggttataaga gaggctcaag gaggcaaatg gaaactgggc atgtgtagac
    54961 agagaagact cttgggtttc tgataggcac tgactctctg tcccttgggc tgttttccta
    55021 ccctcagatt actggtggtc tacccttgga cccagaggtt ctttgagtcc tttggggatc
    55081 tgtcctctcc tgatgctgtt atgggcaacc ctaaggtgaa ggctcatggc aagaaggtgc
    55141 taggtgcctt tagtgatggc ctggctcacc tggacaacct caagggcact ttttctcagc
    55201 tgagtgagct gcactgtgac aagctgcacg tggatcctga gaacttcagg gtgagtccag
    55261 gagatgcttc acttttctct ttttactttc taatcttaca ttttggttct tttacctacc
    55321 tgctcttctc ccacattttt gtcattttac tatattttat catttaatgc ttctaaaatt
    55381 ttgttaattt tttatttaaa tattctgcat tttttccttc ctcacaatct tgctatttta
    55441 aattatttaa tatcctgtct ttctctccca accccctccc ttcatttttc cttctctaac
    55501 aacaactcaa attatgcata ccagctctca cctgctaatt ctgcacttag aataatcctt
    55561 ttgtctctcc acatgggtat gggagaggct ccaactcaaa gatgagaggc atagaatact
    55621 gttttagagg ctataaatca ttttacaata aggaataatt ggaattttat aaattctgta
    55681 gtaaatggaa tggaaaggaa agtgaatatt tgattatgaa agactaggca gttacactgg
    55741 aggtggggca gaagtcgttg ctaggagaca gcccatcatc acactgatta atcaattaat
    55801 ttgtatctat taatctgttt atagtaatta atttgtatat gctatataca catacaaaat
    55861 taaaactaat ttggaattaa tttgtatata gtattataca gcatatatag catatatgta
    55921 catatataga ctacatgcta gttaagtaca tagaggatgt gtgtgtatag atatatgtta
    55981 tatgtatgca ttcatatatg tacttattta tgctgatggg aataacctgg ggatcagttt
    56041 tgtctaagat ttgggcagaa aaaaatgggt gttggctcag tttctcagaa gccagtcttt
    56101 atttctctgt taaccatatg catgtatctg cctacctctt ctccgcagct cttgggcaat
    56161 gtgctggtgt gtgtgctggc ccgcaacttt ggcaaggaat tcaccccaca aatgcaggct
    56221 gcctatcaga aggtggtggc tggtgtggct aatgccctgg ctcacaagta ccattgagat
    56281 cctggactgt ttcctgataa ccataagaag accctatttc cctagattct attttctgaa
    56341 cttgggaaca caatgcctac ttcaagggta tggcttctgc ctaataaaga atgttcagct
    56401 caacttcctg attaatttca cttatttcat ttttttgtcc aggtgtgtaa gaaggttcct
    56461 gaggctctac agatagggag cacttgttta ttttacaaag agtacatggg aaaagagaaa
    56521 agcaagggaa ccgtacaagg cattaatggg tgacacttct acctccaaag agcagaaatt
    56581 atcaagaact cttgatacaa agataatact ggcactgcag aggttctagg gaagacctca
    56641 accctaagac atagcctcaa gggtaatagc tacgattaaa ctccaacaat tactgagaaa
    56701 ataatgtgct caattaaagg cataatgatt actcaagaca atgttatgtt gtctttcttc
    56761 ctccttcctt tgcctgcaca ttgtagccca taatactata ccccatcaag tgttcctgct
    56821 ccaagaaata gcttcctcct cttacttgcc ccagaacatc tctgtaaaga atttcctctt
    56881 atcttcccat atttcagtca agattcattg ctcacgtatt acttgtgacc tctcttgacc
    56941 ccagccacaa taaacttctc tatactaccc aaaaaatctt tccaaaccct ccccgacacc
    57001 atatttttat atttttctta tttatttcat gcacacacac acactccgtg ctttataagc
    57061 aattctgcct attctctacc ttcttacaat gcctactgtg cctcatatta aattcatcaa
    57121 tgggcagaaa gaaaatattt attcaagaaa acagtgaatg aatgaacgaa tgagtaaatg
    57181 agtaaatgaa ggaatgatta ttccttgctt tagaacttct ggaattagag gacaatatta
    57241 ataataccat cgcacagtgt ttctttgttg ttaatgctac aacatacaaa gaggaagcat
    57301 gcagtaaaca accgaacagt tatttccttt ctgatcatag gagtaatatt tttttccttg
    57361 agcacatttt tgccataggt aaaattagaa ggatttttag aactttctca gttgtataca
    57421 tttttaaaaa tctgtattat atgcatgttg attaatttta aacttacttg aatacctaaa
    57481 cagaatctgt tgtttccttg tgtttgaaag tgctttcaca gtaactctgt ctgtactgcc
    57541 agaatatact gacaatgtgt tatagttaac tgttttgatc acaacatttt gaattgactg
    57601 gcagcagaag ctctttttat atccatgtgt tttccttaag tcattataca tagtaggcat
    57661 gagactcttt atactgaata agatatttag gaaccactgg tttacatatc agaagcagag
    57721 ctactcaggg cattttgggg aagatcactt tcacattcct gagcataggg aagttctcat
    57781 aagagtaaga tattaaaagg agatacttgt gtggtattcg aaagacagta agagagattg
    57841 tagaccttat gatcttgata gggaaaacaa actacattcc tttctccaaa agtcaaaaaa
    57901 aaagagcaaa tatagcttac tataccttct attcctacac cattagaagt agtcagtgag
    57961 tctaggcaag atgttggccc taaaaatcca aataccagag aattcatgag aacatcacct
    58021 ggatgggaca tgtgccgagc aacacaatta ctatatgcta ggcattgcta tcttcatatt
    58081 gaagatgagg aggtcaagag atgaaaaaag acttggcacc ttgttgttat attaaaatta
    58141 tttgttagag tagagctttt gtaagagtct aggagtgtgg gagctaaatg atgatacaca
    58201 tggacacaaa gaatagatca acagacaccc aggcctactt gagggttgag ggtgggaaga
    58261 gggagacgat gaaaaagaac ctattgggta ttaagttcat cactgagtga tgaaataatc
    58321 tgtacatcaa gacccagtga tatgcaattt acctatataa cttgtacatg tacccccaaa
    58381 tttaaaataa agttaaaaca aagtatagga atggaattaa ttcctcaaga tttggcttta
    58441 attttatttg ataatttatc aaatggttgt ttttcttttc tcactatggc gttgctttat
    58501 aaactatgtt cagtatgtct gaatgaaagg gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgaaaga gagggagaga
    58561 ggaagggaag agaggacgta ataatgtgaa tttgagttca tgaaaatttt tcaataaaat
    58621 aatttaatgt caggagaatt aagcctaata gtctcctaaa tcatccatct cttgagcttc
    58681 agagcagtcc tctgaattaa tgcctacatg tttgtaaagg gtgttcagac tgaagccaag
    58741 attctacctc taaagagatg caatctcaaa tttatctgaa gactgtacct ctgctctcca
    58801 taaattgaca ccatggccca cttaatgagg ttaaaaaaaa gctaattctg aatgaaaatc
    58861 tgagcccagt ggaggaaata ttaatgaaca aggtgcagac tgaaatataa attttctgta
    58921 ataattatgc atatacttta gcaaagttct gtctatgttg actttattgc ttttggtaag
    58981 aaatacaact ttttaaagtg aactaaacta tcctatttcc aaactatttt gtgtgtgtgc
    59041 ggtttgtttc tatgggttct ggttttcttg gagcattttt atttcatttt aattaattaa
    59101 ttctgagagc tgctgagttg tgtttactga gagattgtgt atctgcgaga gaagtctgta
    59161 gcaagtagct agactgtgct tgacctagga acatatacag tagattgcta aaatgtctca
    59221 cttggggaat tttagactaa acagtagagc atgtataaaa atactctagt caagtgctgc
    59281 ttttgaaaca aatgataaaa ccacactccc atagatgagt gtcatgattt tcatggagga
    59341 agttaatatt catcctctaa gtatacccag actagggcca ttctgatata aaacattagg
    59401 acttaagaaa gattaataga ctggagtaaa ggaaatggac ctctgtctct ctcgctgtct
    59461 cttttttgag gacttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgttgt ggtcagtggg
    59521 gctggaataa aagtagaata gacctgcacc tgctgtggca tccattcaca gagtagaagc
    59581 aagctcacaa tagtgaagat gtcagtaagc ttgaatagtt tttcaggaac tttgaatgct
    59641 gatttagatt tgaaactgag gctctgacca taaccaaatt tgcactattt attgcttctt
    59701 gaaacttatt tgcctggtat gcctgggctt ttgatggtct tagtatagct tgcagccttg
    59761 tccctgcagg gtattatggg taatagaaag aaaagtctgc gttacactct agtcacacta
    59821 agtaactacc attggaaaag caacccctgc cttgaagcca ggatgatggt atctgcagca
    59881 gttgccaaca caagagaagg atccatagtt catcatttaa aaaagaaaac aaaatagaaa
    59941 aaggaaaact atttctgagc ataagaagtt gtagggtaag tctttaagaa ggtgacaatt
    60001 tctgccaatc aggatttcaa agctcttgct ttgacaattt tggtctttca gaatactata
    60061 aatataacct atattataat ttcataaagt ctgtgcattt tctttgaccc aggatatttg
    60121 caaaagacat attcaaactt ccgcagaaca ctttatttca catatacatg cctcttatat
    60181 cagggatgtg aaacagggtc ttgaaaactg tctaaatcta aaacaatgct aatgcaggtt
    60241 taaatttaat aaaataaaat ccaaaatcta acagccaagt caaatctgta tgttttaaca
    60301 tttaaaatat tttaaagacg tcttttccca ggattcaaca tgtgaaatct tttctcaggg
    60361 atacacgtgt gcctagatcc tcattgcttt agttttttac agaggaatga atataaaaag
    60421 aaaatactta aattttatcc ctcttacctc tataatcata cataggcata attttttaac
    60481 ctaggctcca gatagccata gaagaaccaa acactttctg cgtgtgtgag aataatcaga
    60541 gtgagatttt ttcacaagta cctgatgagg gttgagacag gtagaaaaag tgagagatct
    60601 ctatttattt agcaataata gagaaagcat ttaagagaat aaagcaatgg aaataagaaa
    60661 tttgtaaatt tccttctgat aactagaaat agaggatcca gtttcttttg gttaacctaa
    60721 attttatttc attttattgt tttattttat tttattttat tttattttgt gtaatcgtag
    60781 tttcagagtg ttagagctga aaggaagaag taggagaaac atgcaaagta aaagtataac
    60841 actttcctta ctaaaccgac tgggtttcca ggtaggggca ggattcagga tgactgacag
    60901 ggcccttagg gaacactgag accctacgct gacctcataa atgcttgcta cctttgctgt
    60961 tttaattaca tcttttaata gcaggaagca gaactctgca cttcaaaagt ttttcctcac
    61021 ctgaggagtt aatttagtac aaggggaaaa agtacagggg gatgggagaa aggcgatcac
    61081 gttgggaagc tatagagaaa gaagagtaaa ttttagtaaa ggaggtttaa acaaacaaaa
    61141 tataaagaga aataggaact tgaatcaagg aaatgatttt aaaacgcagt attcttagtg
    61201 gactagagga aaaaaataat ctgagccaag tagaagacct tttcccctcc tacccctact
    61261 ttctaagtca cagaggcttt ttgttccccc agacactctt gcagattagt ccaggcagaa
    61321 acagttagat gtccccagtt aacctcctat ttgacaccac tgattacccc attgatagtc
    61381 acactttggg ttgtaagtga ctttttattt atttgtattt ttgactgcat taagaggtct
    61441 ctagtttttt atctcttgtt tcccaaaacc taataagtaa ctaatgcaca gagcacattg
    61501 atttgtattt attctatttt tagacataat ttattagcat gcatgagcaa attaagaaaa
    61561 acaacaacaa atgaatgcat atatatgtat atgtatgtgt gtatatatac acatatatat
    61621 atatattttt tttcttttct taccagaagg ttttaatcca aataaggaga agatatgctt
    61681 agaactgagg tagagttttc atccattctg tcctgtaagt attttgcata ttctggagac
    61741 gcaggaagag atccatctac atatcccaaa gctgaattat ggtagacaaa gctcttccac
    61801 ttttagtgca tcaatttctt atttgtgtaa taagaaaatt gggaaaacga tcttcaatat
    61861 gcttaccaag ctgtgattcc aaatattacg taaatacact tgcaaaggag gatgttttta
    61921 gtagcaattt gtactgatgg tatggggcca agagatatat cttagaggga gggctgaggg
    61981 tttgaagtcc aactcctaag ccagtgccag aagagccaag gacaggtacg gctgtcatca
    62041 cttagacctc accctgtgga gccacaccct agggttggcc aatctactcc caggagcagg
    62101 gagggcagga gccagggctg ggcataaaag tcagggcaga gccatctatt gcttacattt
    62161 gcttctgaca caactgtgtt cactagcaac ctcaaacaga caccatggtg cacctgactc
    62221 ctgaggagaa gtctgccgtt actgccctgt ggggcaaggt gaacgtggat gaagttggtg
    62281 gtgaggccct gggcaggttg gtatcaaggt tacaagacag gtttaaggag accaatagaa
    62341 actgggcatg tggagacaga gaagactctt gggtttctga taggcactga ctctctctgc
    62401 ctattggtct attttcccac ccttaggctg ctggtggtct acccttggac ccagaggttc
    62461 tttgagtcct ttggggatct gtccactcct gatgctgtta tgggcaaccc taaggtgaag
    62521 gctcatggca agaaagtgct cggtgccttt agtgatggcc tggctcacct ggacaacctc
    62581 aagggcacct ttgccacact gagtgagctg cactgtgaca agctgcacgt ggatcctgag
    62641 aacttcaggg tgagtctatg ggacccttga tgttttcttt ccccttcttt tctatggtta
    62701 agttcatgtc ataggaaggg gagaagtaac agggtacagt ttagaatggg aaacagacga
    62761 atgattgcat cagtgtggaa gtctcaggat cgttttagtt tcttttattt gctgttcata
    62821 acaattgttt tcttttgttt aattcttgct ttcttttttt ttcttctccg caatttttac
    62881 tattatactt aatgccttaa cattgtgtat aacaaaagga aatatctctg agatacatta
    62941 agtaacttaa aaaaaaactt tacacagtct gcctagtaca ttactatttg gaatatatgt
    63001 gtgcttattt gcatattcat aatctcccta ctttattttc ttttattttt aattgataca
    63061 taatcattat acatatttat gggttaaagt gtaatgtttt aatatgtgta cacatattga
    63121 ccaaatcagg gtaattttgc atttgtaatt ttaaaaaatg ctttcttctt ttaatatact
    63181 tttttgttta tcttatttct aatactttcc ctaatctctt tctttcaggg caataatgat
    63241 acaatgtatc atgcctcttt gcaccattct aaagaataac agtgataatt tctgggttaa
    63301 ggcaatagca atatttctgc atataaatat ttctgcatat aaattgtaac tgatgtaaga
    63361 ggtttcatat tgctaatagc agctacaatc cagctaccat tctgctttta ttttatggtt
    63421 gggataaggc tggattattc tgagtccaag ctaggccctt ttgctaatca tgttcatacc
    63481 tcttatcttc ctcccacagc tcctgggcaa cgtgctggtc tgtgtgctgg cccatcactt
    63541 tggcaaagaa ttcaccccac cagtgcaggc tgcctatcag aaagtggtgg ctggtgtggc
    63601 taatgccctg gcccacaagt atcactaagc tcgctttctt gctgtccaat ttctattaaa
    63661 ggttcctttg ttccctaagt ccaactacta aactggggga tattatgaag ggccttgagc
    63721 atctggattc tgcctaataa aaaacattta ttttcattgc aatgatgtat ttaaattatt
    63781 tctgaatatt ttactaaaaa gggaatgtgg gaggtcagtg catttaaaac ataaagaaat
    63841 gaagagctag ttcaaacctt gggaaaatac actatatctt aaactccatg aaagaaggtg
    63901 aggctgcaaa cagctaatgc acattggcaa cagccctgat gcctatgcct tattcatccc
    63961 tcagaaaagg attcaagtag aggcttgatt tggaggttaa agttttgcta tgctgtattt
    64021 tacattactt attgttttag ctgtcctcat gaatgtcttt tcactaccca tttgcttatc
    64081 ctgcatctct cagccttgac tccactcagt tctcttgctt agagatacca cctttcccct
    64141 gaagtgttcc ttccatgttt tacggcgaga tggtttctcc tcgcctggcc actcagcctt
    64201 agttgtctct gttgtcttat agaggtctac ttgaagaagg aaaaacaggg ggcatggttt
    64261 gactgtcctg tgagcccttc ttccctgcct cccccactca cagtgacccg gaatctgcag
    64321 tgctagtctc ccggaactat cactctttca cagtctgctt tggaaggact gggcttagta
    64381 tgaaaagtta ggactgagaa gaatttgaaa gggggctttt tgtagcttga tattcactac
    64441 tgtcttatta ccctatcata ggcccacccc aaatggaagt cccattcttc ctcaggatgt
    64501 ttaagattag cattcaggaa gagatcagag gtctgctggc tcccttatca tgtcccttat
    64561 ggtgcttctg gctctgcagt tattagcata gtgttaccat caaccacctt aacttcattt
    64621 ttcttattca atacctaggt aggtagatgc tagattctgg aaataaaata tgagtctcaa
    64681 gtggtccttg tcctctctcc cagtcaaatt ctgaatctag ttggcaagat tctgaaatca
    64741 aggcatataa tcagtaataa gtgatgatag aagggtatat agaagaattt tattatatga
    64801 gagggtgaaa cctaaaatga aatgaaatca gacccttgtc ttacaccata aacaaaaata
    64861 aatttgaatg ggttaaagaa ttaaactaag acctaaaacc ataaaaattt ttaaagaaat
    64921 caaaagaaga aaattctaat attcatgttg cagccgtttt ttgaatttga tatgagaagc
    64981 aaaggcaaca aaaggaaaaa taaagaagtg aggctacatc aaactaaaaa atttccacac
    65041 aaaaaagaaa acaatgaaca aatgaaaggt gaaccatgaa atggcatatt tgcaaaccaa
    65101 atatttctta aatattttgg ttaatatcca aaatatataa gaaacacaga tgattcaata
    65161 acaaacaaaa aattaaaaat aggaaaataa aaaaattaaa aagaagaaaa tcctgccatt
    65221 tatgcgagaa ttgatgaacc tggaggatgt aaaactaaga aaaataagcc tgacacaaaa
    65281 agacaaatac tacacaacct tgctcatatg tgaaacataa aaaagtcact ctcatggaaa
    65341 cagacagtag aggtatggtt tccaggggtt gggggtggga gaatcaggaa actattactc
    65401 aaagggtata aaatttcagt tatgtgggat gaataaattc tagatatcta atgtacagca
    65461 tcgtgactgt agttaattgt actgtaagta tatttaaaat ttgcaaagag agtagatttt
    65521 tttgtttttt tagatggagt tttgctcttg ttgtccaggc tggagtgcaa tggcaagatc
    65581 ttggctcact gcaacctccg cctcctgggt tcaagcaaat ctcctgcctc agcctcccga
    65641 gtagctggga ttacaggcat gcgacaccat gcccagctaa ttttgtattt ttagtagaga
    65701 cggggtttct ccatgttggt caggctgatc cgcctcctcg gccaccaaag ggctgggatt
    65761 acaggcgtga ccaccgggcc tggccgagag tagatcttaa aagcatttac cacaagaaaa
    65821 aggtaactat gtgagataat gggtatgtta attagcttga ttgtggtaat catttcacaa
    65881 ggtatacata tattaaaaca tcatgttgta caccttaaat atatacaatt tttatttgtg
    65941 aatgatacct caataaagtt gaagaataat aaaaaagaat agacatcaca tgaattaaaa
    66001 aactaaaaaa taaaaaaatg catcttgatg attagaattg cattcttgat ttttcagata
    66061 caaatatcca tttgactgtt tactcttttc caaaacaata caataaattt tagcacttta
    66121 tcttcatttt ccccttccca atctataatt ttatatatat atattttaga tattttgtat
    66181 agttttactc cctagatttt ctagtgttat tattaaatag tgaagaaatg tttacactta
    66241 tgtacaaaat gttttgcatg cttttcttca tttctaacat tctctctaag tttattctat
    66301 tttttcctga ttatccttaa tattatctct ttctgctgga aatatattgt tacttttggt
    66361 ttatctaaaa atggcttcat tttcttcatt ctaaaatcat gttaaattaa taccactcat
    66421 gtgtaagtaa gatagtggaa taaatagaaa tccaaaaact aaatctcaca aaatataata
    66481 atgtgatata taaaaatata gcttttaaat ttagcttgga aataaaaaac aaacagtaat
    66541 tgaacaacta tactttttga aaagagtaaa gtgaaatgct taactgcata taccacaatc
    66601 gattacacaa ttaggtgtga aggtaaaatt cagtcacgaa aaaactagaa taaaaatatg
    66661 ggaagacatg tatataatct tagagataac agtgttattt aattatcaac ccaaagtaga
    66721 aactatcaag ggagaaataa attcagtcaa caataaaagc atttaagaag ttattctagg
    66781 ctgggagcgg tggctcacac ctgcaattgc agcactttgg gaggcctaga caggcggatc
    66841 acgacgtcag gagttcaaga tcagcctggc caacatagtg aaacctcatc gctactaaaa
    66901 atataaaaac ttagcctggc gtggtggcag gcatgtgtaa tcccagcaat ttgggaggct
    66961 gaggcaggag aatcgcttga tcctgggagg cagaggttgc agtgagccaa gattgtgcca
    67021 ctgcattcca gcccaggtga cagcatgaga ctccgtcaca aaaaaaaaag aaaaaaaagg
    67081 gggggggggg cggtggagcc aagatgaccg aataggaaca gctccagtct atagctccca
    67141 tcgtgagtga cgcagaagac gggtgatttc tgcatttcca actgaggtac caggttcatc
    67201 tcacagggaa gtgccaggca gtgggtgcag gacagtagtg cagtgcactg tgcatgagcc
    67261 gaagcagggc gaggcatcac ctcacccggg aagcacaagg ggtcagggaa ttccctttcc
    67321 tagtcaaaga aaagggtgac agatggcacc tggaaaatcg ggtcactccc gccctaatac
    67381 tgcgctcttc caacaagctt aacaaatggc acaccaggag attatatccc atgcctggct
    67441 cagagggtcc tacgcccatg gagcctcgct cattgctagc acagcagtct gaggtcaaac
    67501 tgcaaggtgg cagtgaggct gggggagggg tgcccaccat tgtccaggct tgagcaggta
    67561 aacaaagccg cctggaagct cgaactgggt ggagcccacc acagctcaag gaggcctgcc
    67621 tgcctctgta ggctccacct ctaggggcag ggcacagaca aacaaaagac aacaagaacc
    67681 tctgcagact taaatgtccc tgtctgacag ctttgaagag agtagtggtt ctcccagcac
    67741 atagcttcag atctgagaac aggcagactg cctcctcaag tgggtccctg acccccgagt
    67801 agcctaactg ggaggcatcc cccagtaggg cggactgaca cctcacatgg ctggtactcc
    67861 tctaagacaa aacttccaga ggaatgatca ggcagcagca tttgcggttc accaatatcc
    67921 actgttctgc agccaccgct gctgataccc aggaaaacag catctggagt ggacctccag
    67981 taaactccaa cagacctgca gctgagggtc ctgactgtta gaaggaaaac taacaaacag
    68041 aaaggacatc cacaccaaaa acccatctgt acatcaccat catcaaagac caaaggtaga
    68101 taaaaccata aagatgggga aaaagcagag cagaaaaact ggacactcta aaaatgagag
    68161 tgcctctcct tctccaaagt aacgcagctc ctcaccagca atggaacaaa gctgggcaga
    68221 gaatgacttt gacgagttga gagaggaagg cttcagaaga tcaaactact ccaagctaaa
    68281 ggaggaagtt cgaacaaacg gcaaagaagt aaaaaacttt gaaaaaaaat tagatgaatg
    68341 gataactaga ataaccaatg cacagaagtc cttaaaggac ctgatggagc tgaaaaccaa
    68401 ggcaggagaa ctacgtgaca aatacacaag cctcagtaac cgatgagatc aactggaaga
    68461 aagggtatca atgacggaag atgaaatgaa tgaaatgaag catgaagaga agtttagaga
    68521 aaaaagaata aaaagaaacg aacaaagcct ccaagaaata tgggactatg tgaaaagacc
    68581 aaatctacat ctaattggtg tagctgaaag tgatggggag aatggaacca agttggaaaa
    68641 cactctgcag gatattatcc aggagaactt ccccaatcta gcaaggcagc ccaaattcac
    68701 attcaggaaa tacagagaac gccacaaaga tactcctaga gaaaagcaac tccaagacac
    68761 ataactgaca gattcaccaa agttgaaatg aaggaaaaaa tgttaagggc agccagagag
    68821 aaaggtcggg ttacccacaa agggaagccc atcagactaa cagctgatct atcggcagaa
    68881 actctacaag ccagaagaaa gtgggggcca atattcaaca ttgttaaaga aaagaatttt
    68941 cggcccagaa tttcatatcc agccaaacta agcttcataa gcattggaga aataaaatcc
    69001 tttacagaca agcaaatgct gagagatttt gtcaccacca ggcctgccct acaagagctc
    69061 ctgaaggaag cactaaacat ggaaaggaac aactagtatc agccactgca aaaacatgcc
    69121 aaattgtaaa cgaccatcaa ggctaggaag aaactgcatc aaggagcaaa ataaccagct
    69181 aacatcataa tgacaggatc aaattcatac ataacaatac tcaccttaaa tgtaaatagg
    69241 ctaaatgctc caattaaaag acacagactg gcaaattgga taaggagtca agacccatct
    69301 gtcgttatgt attcaggaaa cccatctcac gtgcagagac acacataggc tcgaaataaa
    69361 aggatggagg aatatctacc aagcaaatgg aaaacaaaaa aaggcagggg ttgcaatcct
    69421 agtctctgat aaaacagatt ttaaaccaac aaagatcaaa agagacaaag aaggccatta
    69481 cataatggca aagggatcta ttcaagaaga agaactaact atactaaata tatatgcacc
    69541 caatacagga gcacccagat tcataaaaca agtcctgagt gacctacaaa gagacttaga
    69601 tgcccacaca ataataatgg gagactttaa caccccactg tcaacattag acagatcaac
    69661 gagacagaaa gttaacaagg atatccagga attggactca gctctgcacc aagcagacct
    69721 aatagacatc tacagaactc tccaccccaa atcaacagaa tatacattct tttcagcacc
    69781 acaccacacc tattccaaaa ctgaccacat agttggaagt aaagctctcc tcagcaaatg
    69841 taaaagaaca gaaactataa caaactgtct ctcagaccac agtgcaatca aactagaact
    69901 caggattaag aaactcactc aaaaccactc agctacatgg aaactgaaca gcctgctcct
    69961 gaatgactac tgggtacata acaaaatgaa ggcagaaata aagatgttct ttgaaacaac
    70021 gagaacaaag acacaacaca ccagaatctc tgagacacat tcaaagcagt gtgtagaggg
    70081 aaatttatag cactaaatgc ccacaaggga aagcaggaaa gatctaaaat tgacacccta
    70141 acatcacaat taaaaaacta gagaagcagg agcaaacaca ttcaaaagct aacagaagac
    70201 aagaaataac taagatcaga gcagaagtga agaagataga gacacaaaaa acccttcaaa
    70261 aaaatcaatg aatccagaag ctgttttttt gaaaagatca acaaaattga tagactgcta
    70321 gcaagactaa taaagaagaa aggggagaag aatcaaatag acgcaataaa aaatgacacg
    70381 gggtatcacc actgatccca cagaaataca aactaccgtc agagaatact ataaacacct
    70441 ctacgcaaat aaactagaaa atctagaaga aatggataaa ttcctcgaca catacactct
    70501 gccaagacta aaccaggaag aagttgtatc tctgaataga ccaataacag gctctgaaat
    70561 tgaggcaata attaatagct tatcaaccaa aaaaagtccg ggaccagtag gattcatagc
    70621 cgaattctac cagaggtaca aggaggagct ggtaccattc cttctgaaac tattccaatc
    70681 aatagaaaaa gagggaatcc tccctaactc attttatgag gccagcatca tcctgatacc
    70741 aaagcctgac agagacacaa caaaaaaaga gaatgttaca ccaatatcct tgatgaacat
    70801 cgatgcaaaa atcctcaata aaatactggc aaactgaatc cagcagcaca tcaaaaagct
    70861 tatcctccat gatcaagtgg gcttcatccc tgccatgcaa ggctggttca acatacgaaa
    70921 tcaataaaca taatccagca tataaacaga accaaagaca caaaccatat gattatctca
    70981 atagatgcag aaaaggcctt tgacaaaatt caacaatgct tcatgctaaa aactctcaat
    71041 aaattaggta ttgatgggac atatctcaaa ataataagag ctatctatga caaacccaca
    71101 gccaatatca tactgagtgg acaaaaactg gaagcattcc ctttgaaaac tggcacaagg
    71161 cagggatgcc ctctctcacc actcctattc aacatagtgt tggaagttct ggccagggca
    71221 atcaggcagg agaaggaaat aaagggcatt caattaggaa aagaggaagg tgaaattgtc
    71281 cctgtttgca gatgacatga ttgtatatct agaaaacccc attgtctcag cccaaaatct
    71341 ccttaagctg ataagcaact tcagcaaagt ctcaggatat aaaatcagtg tgcaaaaatc
    71401 acaagtattc ctatgcacca ataacagaca aacagagagc caaatcatga gtgaactccc
    71461 attcacaatt gcttcaaaga gaataaaata cctaggaatc caacttacaa gggatgtgaa
    71521 ggacctcttc aaggagaact acaaaccact gctcaatgaa ataaaagagg atacaaacaa
    71581 atggaagaac attccatgct tatgggtagg aagaatcata tcgtgaaaat ggtcatactg
    71641 cccaaggtaa tttatagatt caatgccatc cccatcaagc taccaatgac tttcttcaca
    71701 gaactggaaa aaactacttt aaagttcata tggaatcaaa aaagagccca catcaccaag
    71761 gcaatcctaa gccaaaagaa caaagctgga ggcatcacgc tacctgactt caaactatac
    71821 tacaatgcta cggtaaccaa aacagcatgg tactggtacc aaaacagaga tctagaccaa
    71881 tggaacagaa cagagccctc agaaataatg ccgcatatct acaactatcc gatctttgac
    71941 aaacctgaga gaaacaagca atggggaaag gattccctat ttaataaatg gtgctgggaa
    72001 aactggctag ccatatgtag aaagctgaaa ctggatcctt ccttacacct tatacaaaaa
    72061 ttaattcaag atggattaaa gacttaaaca ttagacctaa aaccataaaa accctagaaa
    72121 aaaacctagg caataccatt caggacatag gcatgggcaa ggacttcatg tctaaaacac
    72181 caaaacgaat ggcaacaaaa gacaaaatgg acaaacggga tctaattaaa ctaaagagct
    72241 tctgcacagc taaagaaact accatcagag tgaacaggca acctacaaaa tgggagaaaa
    72301 tttttgcaat ctactcatct gacaaagggc taatatccag aatctacaat gaactcaaac
    72361 aaatttacaa gaaaaaacaa acaaccccat caaaaagtgg gcaaaggata tgaacagaca
    72421 cttctcaaaa gaagacattt atgtaatcaa aaaacacatg aaaaaatgct catcatcact
    72481 agccatcaga gaaatgcaaa tcaaaaccac aatgagatac catctcacac cagttagaat
    72541 ggcgatcatt aaaaagtcag gaaacaacag gtgctggaga ggatgtggag aaacaggaac
    72601 aacttttaca ctgttggtgg gactgtaaac tagttcaacc attgcggaag tcagtgtggc
    72661 aattcctcag gaatctagaa ctagaaatac catttgaccc agccatccca ttactgggta
    72721 gatacccaaa ggattataaa tcatgctgct ataaagacac atgcacacgt atgtttattg
    72781 cagcactatt cacaatagca aagacttgga accaacccaa atgtccaaca acgatagatt
    72841 ggattaagaa aatgtggcac atatacacca tggaatacta tgcagccata aaaaatgatg
    72901 agttcatgtc ctttgtaggg acatggatga agctggaaac tatcattctc agcaaactat
    72961 cacaaggaca ataaaccaaa caccgcatgt tctcactcat aggtgggaat tgaacaatga
    73021 gaacacatgg acacatgaag aggaacatca cactctgggg actgttatgg ggtggggggc
    73081 aggggcaggg atagcactag gagatatacc taatgctaaa tgacgagtta atgggtgcag
    73141 cacaccaaca tggcacatgt atacatatat aacaaacctg ccgttgtgca catgtaccct
    73201 aaaacttgaa gtataataat aaaaaaaagt tatcctatta aaactgatct cacacatccg
    73261 tagagccatt atcaagtctt tctctttgaa acagacagaa atttagtgtt ttctcagtca
    73321 gttaac
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