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PFL.out -- the interpreter, reads a PFL source program from standard input.
[Examples/] -- example PFL programs

  process1 || process2       p1 and p2 in parallel
  process1 |  process2       choice of either p1 or p2
  action -> process          sequence
  stop                       null process

NB. there is a (typical) restriction that
  `||' below `|', eg. (p1||p2)|p3, is not allowed.

  channel ? variable         input  action
  channel ! expression       output action

  let c=chan in ...          chan returns a new channel
  output                     standard ouput channel
  input                      standard input channel

Otherwise the non-process part of the language is as for [λ FP].

April 1993

NB.   ->   is the sequencing, "then do" operator, nothing at all to do with function-types or the definition of functions as in Haskell.



|   choice
|| parallel
-> sequence
? input act
! output act
chan new channel

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