GPA (Seep)

The Amphi-Ranger was a purpose built amphibious four wheel drive vehicle. A fresh start makes for fewer compromises in the design than an adapted 4WD such as the amphibious Jeep or Seep. The hull is made of sea-water resistant aluminium alloy. Difficult design decisions in an amphibian include the suspension design and getting the steering and drive through the hull in a water-tight way. This is all much easier when starting from scratch.

Water drive is by a propellor which is retracted by an electric motor. The front wheels do the steering in water.

The main disadvantage of a specialised design is cost - about au$54,000 in 1985.

1985 AmphiRanger 2800SR, RMA Rheinhauer Maschinen und Armeturenbau GmbH, 4-seats, 2-door or 4-door,
loa 4810mm, width 1835mm, height 1915mm, wheelbase 2500mm, track 15200mm/15200mm, turning radius 6m, weight 1950kg (unladen), gvm 2750kg;
engine 2772cc, petrol, V6, bore 93mm, stroke 68.5mm, c.r. 9.2:1, power 99kW at 5200rpm, torque 216Nm at 3000rpm;
(AmphiRanger 2000SR, 1954cc, 4-cyl, 91mm×77mm, 74kW at 5200rpm, 153Nm at 4000rpm,)
transmission 4m (?later 5m?), quadra-track, selectable 4×4/ 4×2;
suspension independent, brakes disc/disc;
tyres 215R 16, fuel-tank 80L;
speed in water: 18 kph
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