1946: The Bristol Car Company grew from the Bristol Aircraft Company following World War Two.
1946-1950: The Bristol 'Type 400' (public debut 1947 [Geo00]).
1947 400
1948-1953: The beautiful Bristol 'Type 401'.
1949-1950: The Bristol 'Type 402' dhc.
1953-1955: The Bristol 'Type 403'.
1953-1955: The Bristol 'Type 404'.
1953-1955: Racing with the Bristol 'Type 450'.
1954-1958: The Bristol 'Type 405'.
1958-1961: The Bristol 'Type 406'.
1960: British aircraft builders, including Bristol (aircraft), formed the British Aircraft Corporation (BAC). The car division, Bristol Cars Ltd., became a private company. (In 1977, after more mergers, BAC became British Aerospace (BAe).)
1961-1963: The Bristol 'Type 407', with a 5-litre Chrysler V8.
1963-1965: Almost conventional styling in the Bristol 'Type 408'.
1965-1967: The Bristol 'Type 409'.
1967-1969: The Bristol 'Type 410'.
1969-1976: The Bristol 'Type 411'.
1975-1993: The Bristol 'Type 412' and 'Beaufighter'.
1976-1982: The Bristol 'Type 603'.
1982-1993: The Bristol 'Britannia' and 'Brigand'.
1993-...: The Bristol 'Blenheim'.
2000-...: The Bristol 'Series 6'.
2003-...: The Bristol 'Speedster / Roadster'.
2004-...: The Bristol 'Fighter', with Chrysler's 8-litre V10 (as in the Dodge Viper), and turbocharged in the 'Fighter T'!
2011, March: Bristol Cars went into administration. And on 20 April 2011: Kamkorp Autokraft, part of the Frazer-Nash group (the name of another fine old British marque), announced that it had acquired Bristol Cars.
2014, February: Long term boss of Bristol, Tony Crook b.1920, died.
2014, September 5: Bristol announced that it would be back, with new models, in 2015.
2016, 28 July: Bristol Cars, unveiled the new Bristol 'Bullet' sports car, with a 4.8 l V8 "manufactured by BMW and finished by Bristol". The Bullet did not go into production.
2020, 5 March: Bristol Cars lost an appeal against liquidation.
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