29 November 2020 (#22/22): Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix, start 17.10pm local.

20-29 November 2020: LA Auto Show, Los Angeles [www].

15 November 2020 (#21/22): Brazilian F1 Grand Prix, start 14.10pm local.

14-15 November 2020: Bendigo Swap Meet [www].

13-15 November 2020: Classic Motor Show, NEC, Birmingham, uk [www].

9-19 November 2020: UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), Glasgow, UK [www]. 2/4: Postponed due to covid-19.

3-6 November 2020: SEMA Show, Las Vegas [www].

3 November 2020 (Tue.): United States presidential election.

3 November 2020 (Tues.): Melbourne Cup.

1 November 2020 (#20/22): Mexican F1 Grand Prix, start 13.10pm local.
1 November 2020 (Sun.): London to Brighton Veteran Car Run [www].

31 October 2020 (Sat.): Regents Street Motor Show, London [www].

25 October 2020 (#19/22): USA F1 Grand Prix, start 14.10pm local.

23-24 October 2020: RM Sotherby's auction, the Elkhart Collection, Indiana [www].

11 October 2020 (#18/22): Japanese F1 Grand Prix, start 13.10pm local.

11 October 2020: Bathurst 1000.

9-11 October 2020: Autoclassica, Royal Exhibition Building, Mebourne [www].

4 October 2020 (Sun.), .au: Daylight saving starts (2am→3am) in Victoria.

3-4 October 2020: Melbourne Society of Model and Experimental Engineers Exhibition, South Oakleigh [www].

2-3 October 2020 (Fri., Sat.): Deniliqin Ute Muster [www].

1-4 October 2020: Melbourne Leisurefest, Sandown racecourse (RVs, caravans, camping ...) [www].

27 September 2020 (#17/22): Russian F1 Grand Prix, start 20.10pm local.

27 September 2020, .au: Bay to Birdwood, SA [www]. This year "will involve antique, veteran, vintage and post-war/early-classic, classic, post-classic and modern vehicles."

20 September 2020 (#16/22): Singapore F1 Grand Prix, start 20.10pm local.

19-29 September 2020: The Royal Show, Melbourne [www]. 29/4: Cancelled due to covid-19.

19-20 September 2020: The postponed (from 13-14 June) 24-hours of Le Mans [www].

11-13 September 2020, (Fri.-Sun.): Goodwood Revival [www].
12 September: Bonhams Goodwood Revival auction [www].
6 September 2020 (#15/22): Italian F1 Grand Prix, start 15.10pm local.

4-6 September 2020: Concours d'Elegance, Hampton Court [www].

4-5 September 2020: Birdsville Races [www].

3-6 September 2020, .uk: Salon Prive, Blenheim Palace [www].

30 August 2020 (#14/22): Belgian F1 Grand Prix, start 15.10pm local.

30 August 2020 (Sun.): The postponed (from 28 June) 98th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb [www].

28 August - 6 September 2020: The postponed (from 10/4–19/4) New York Auto Show (NYIAS) [www].

23 August 2020: The postponed (from 24 May) 104th Indianapolis 500 [www].

21-23 August 2020, .au: National 4x4 Show Melbourne Showgrounds [www].

19-20 August 2020 (Wed-Thu): The postponed (from 10-11 June) London Concours [www].

16 August 2020: Pebble Beach, Concours d'Elegance [www].

15 August 2020 (Sat.): Henley on Todd "Regatta", Alice Springs, NT, .au [www]. 24/3: Cancelled due to covid-19.

14-15 August 2020: RM Sotherby's Monterey auction [www].

13 August 2020: Bonhams Quail Lodge auction [www].

7-14 August 2020, .au: Classic Outback Trial, Parkes - Orange - Bathurst [www].

2 August 2020 (#13/22): Hungarian F1 Grand Prix, start 15.10pm local.

1-2 August 2020: The postponed (from 9-10 May) Gaydon Land Rover Show [www].

31 July - 2 August 2020: Silverstone Classic [www].

28 July - 1 August 2020: The War and Peace Revival, Kent, uk [www].

25 July 2020, .uk: Festival of the Unexceptional [www].

24 July - 9 August 2020: Olympic Games, Tokyo. 25/3: Postponed to 2021 due to covid-19.

20-24 July 2020: Farnborough Air Show [www]. 24/3: Cancelled due to covid-19.

19 July 2020 (#12/22): British F1 Grand Prix, Silverstone, start 15.10pm local.

11 July 2020 (Sat.): International Air Day, Yeovilton, Somerset, .uk [www]. 24/3: Cancelled due to covid-19.

9-12 July 2020 (Thu.-Sun.): Goodwood Festival of Speed [www]. 29/3: Postponed, tba, due to covid-19.
10 July: Bonhams Festival of Speed auction [www]. (See above.)

7-9 July 2020: Birdsville Big Red Bash (music) [www]. 10/4: Cancelled due to covid-19; see 6-8 July 2021.

5 July 2020 (#11/22): Austrian F1 Grand Prix, start 15.10pm local.
As of early May 2020, F1 was hoping to start the season with two races in Austria, without spectators, the second race on the 12th of July. And, as of late May, hoping to follow that with a race in Hungary on the 19th of July, then two at Silverstone (UK) in August.

28 June 2020 (#10/22): French F1 Grand Prix, start 15.10pm local. 27/4: Postponed due to covid-19.

28 June 2020: Pikes Peak International Hill Climb [www]. 19/3: Postponed to 30 Aug. due to covid-19.

26-28 June 2020, .uk: Tankfest, Bovington [www]. 24/3: Postponed to 11-13 September due to covid-19.

13-20 June 2020: North American International Auto Show, NAIAS, Detroit (public 13-20, press 9-10, industry 10-11, ...) [www]. 2/4: Cancelled due to covid-19, see 19-26 June 2021.

14 June 2020 (#9/22): Canadian F1 Grand Prix, start 14.10pm local. 8/4: Postponed due to covid-19.

13-14 June 2020: The 24 Hours of Le Mans. 18/3: Postponed to 19-20 September due to covid-19.

13-14 June 2020: Brooklands Festival of Motorsport [www]. 24/3: Postponed due to covid-19.

10-11 June 2020 (Wed-Thu): London Concours [www]. 1/4: Postponed to 19-20 Aug.





8 June 2020 (Mon.): Queen's Birthday (Vic.) [www].

7 June 2020 (#8/22): Azerbaijan F1 Grand Prix, start 16.10pm local. 24/3: Postponed due to covid-19.

5-8 June 2020 .au: Finke Desert Race [www]. 18/3: Cancelled due to covid-19.

1 Jun Mon Melb ULP avg au$1.04/l; min $0.94 ([Perth] avg $1.02/l, min $0.90); oil us$35/b; au$1.00=us$0.67, £0.54, €0.61, ¥73

1 June 2020, covid-19: JHU put total confirmed cases at 6,164,784 world-wide, total deaths at 371,987 — [www][1/6]. .au: More easing of restrictions on movement, e.g., sa.gov.au [www], vic.gov.au [www] and the [abc], but what happens now?

1 June 2020, .au: The start of winter.


30 May - 12 June 2020 (Sat.-Fri.), .uk: Isle of Man TT Races [www]. 2/4: Cancelled due to covid-19, see 29/5-11/6 2021.

29-31 May 2020: Historic Winton, Vic. [www]. 24/3: Cancelled due to covid-19.

29 May 2020, .au, re the Dismissal of the Whitlam Government: "High Court of Australia. Hocking v Director-General of the National Archives of Australia [2020] HCA 19 ... Case Number: S262/2019 ... The Right Honourable Sir John Kerr held the constitutional office of Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia from 11 July 1974 until 8 December 1977. Throughout that tumultuous period in Australian constitutional and political history, Sir John engaged in 'personal and confidential' correspondence with Her Majesty the Queen. ... [The court] ordered that a writ of mandamus issue to compel the Director-General of the National Archives of Australia to reconsider Professor Hocking's request for access to the deposited correspondence ..." — HCA .gov.au [www].

29 May 2020: "Renault prepares for 15,000 job cuts ..." — [bbc].

28 May 2020: Nissan "... Intend[s] to close Barcelona plant in Western Europe ... Closure of manufacturing facility in Indonesia ..." — Nissan [www].

28 May 2020, .au: "Winter (June to August) is likely to be wetter than average across most of Australia. ..." — [bom].

27 May Wed Melb ULP avg au$1.07/l; min $0.94 ([Perth] avg $1.21/l, min $0.89); oil us$34/b; au$1.00=us$0.66, £0.54, €0.61, ¥71

27 May 2020, covid-19: JHU put total confirmed cases at 5,594,175 world-wide, total deaths at 350,531 — [www][27/5]. .usa: 100,396 deaths by 28/5.  .uk: "About 7% of people in England have had [SARS-CoV-2] ..." — [29/5], randomised testing for antibodies showed.

26 May 2020: Aston Martin appointed "Tobias Moers, as Chief Executive Officer ... [currently] Chief Executive Officer of Mercedes-AMG GmbH ..." — Aston Martin [www].

25 May 2020, bushfires: The Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements started "... holding hearings to gather evidence ..." — .gov.au [www].  "'Black Summer' played out exactly as scientists predicted it would ..." — [abc].

24-25 May 2020: MotorSport at the Palace, Crystal Palace [www]. 24/3: Cancelled due to covid-19.

24 May 2020 (#7/22): Monaco F1 Grand Prix, start 15.10pm local. 20/3: Cancelled due to covid-19.

24 May 2020: 104th Indianapolis 500 [www]. 28/3: Postponed, to 23 Aug(?), due to covid-19.

22 May Fri Melb ULP avg au$1.12/l; min $0.94 ([Perth] avg $1.11/l, min $0.89); oil us$34/b; au$1.00=us$0.65, £0.54, €0.60, ¥70

22 May 2020, covid-19: Total confirmed / new confirmed / total deaths: USA 1,525,186 / 23,310 / 91,527; Russia 326,448 / 8,894 / 3,249; Brasil 291,579 / 19,951 / 18,859; UK 250,912 / 2,615 / 36,042; ... New Zealand 1,154 / 1 / 21; ... Total 4,993,470 / 100,284 / 327,738. — WHO [www], situation report 123, 22/5.  JHU put total confirmed cases at 5,097,944 world-wide, total deaths at 332,425 — [www][22/5].  .usa: "Trump says US topping world virus cases is 'badge of honour' ..." — [20/5] !? 

May 2020: Car manufacturers in Europe and the USA cautiously restarted production, with masks and hand sanitiser in evidence, e.g., Audi [www][29/4], Fiat Chrysler [www][18/5], Ford [www][18/5], Hyundai [www][1/5], Jaguar Land Rover [www][20/5], Toyota [www][4/5].

22 May 2020: Ex tropical cyclone 'Mangga' headed for the west coast of WA, e.g., [abc].

20 May 2020, .eu: "Volkswagen Settles Emissions Charges Against two Managers ..." — NYT [www]. [Herbert Diess, CEO, and Hans Dieter Potsch, chairman.]

19 May 2020: "Elon Musk: Tesla raises cost of 'self-driving' [FSD] cars ..." — [bbc].

19 May 2020, .au: "... out-of-control truck destroys Carrickalinga house ..." — [abc].

19 May 2020, .au: "Darling River reaches River Murray for first time in two years ..." — [abc].  See 5 May below.

17-21 May 2020: The Gibb Challenge, that's bicycles on the Gibb River Road [www]. 1/5: Cancelled due to covid-19.

17 May Sun Melb ULP avg au$1.17/l; min $0.92 ([Perth] avg $0.99/l, min $0.85); oil us$29/b
15 May Fri au$1.00=us$0.65, £0.53, €0.60, ¥69

17 May 2020, covid-19: Total confirmed / new confirmed / total deaths: USA 1,409,452 / 27,090 / 85,860; Russia 281,752 / 9,709 / 2,631; UK 240,165 / 3,450 / 34,466; ... Australia 7,036 / 17 / 98; ... Total 4,525,497 / 100,012 / 307,395. — WHO [www], situation report 118, 17/5.  JHU put total confirmed cases at 4,630,273 world-wide, total deaths at 311,452 — [www][17/5].  15/5: "World agog as Trump flails over pandemic ..."The G [www].

17 May 2020: Bonhams Aston Martin Sale (auction), including a 2011 Aston Martin One-77 Q-Series Coupe (one of seven), 7.3-litre V12, chassis #SCFGFXXX9BGS17728.  8/4: "Bonhams Motoring Division has announced details of its revised UK motoring sales schedule, and the launch of its Private Sales platform ..." — Bonhams [www].

14 May 2020, .au: "... Warmer winter days for north and east; cooler for southern mainland ..." — [bom].  13th: "Hot dry season ahead for Northern Territory ..." — [abc].

13 May 2020: The BBC released historic "Newsreel footage of the British and European Grand Prix [at Silverstone] on 13 May 1950, designated as the first ever F1 World Championship race." — [bbc]. Emilio Giuseppe (Nino) Farina won in an Alfa Romeo 158 (Alfetta).

12 May 2020, recall PRA #2020/18317: "Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series MY2016-2018 ... Vegetation may accumulate around the vehicle's underbody and exhaust system as a result of driving in dry vegetation environments. ... the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) system's periodic regeneration may cause it to combust. ..." — .gov.au [www].

12 May Tue Melb ULP avg au$0.97/l; min $0.80 ([Perth] avg $0.90/l, min $0.82); oil us$24/b; au$1.00=us$0.65, £0.53, €0.60, ¥70

12 May 2020, covid-19: Total confirmed / new confirmed / total deaths: USA 1,298,287 / 26,642 / 78,652; ... Russia 232,243 / 10,899 / 2,116; ... UK 223,064 / 3,877 / 32,065; ... Sweden 26,670 / 348 / 3,256; ... S. Korea 10,936 / 27 / 258; ... Australia 6,948 / 7 / 97; ... Total 4,088,848 / 82,591 / 283,153. — WHO [www], situation report 113, 12/5.  JHU put total confirmed cases at 4,175,284 world-wide, total deaths at 285,971 — [www][12/5].  Many countries eased restrictions, slightly, e.g., .eu [www]. Will there be bursts of new cases in a month or three?  .usa, Dr Fauci: "the virus will spread if the country opens up too soon. ... the real US death toll is probably higher than the official figure of 80,000. ..." — [www].  "New US coronavirus hotspots appear in Republican heartlands ..." — The G [www].  S.Korea: A cluster of cases from nightclubs.  vic: "Victorians will be able to host up to five visitors in their homes and meet outdoors in groups of ten from Wednesday [13th] ... restaurants and cafes would continue to be restricted to takeaway business only, before all restrictions would be reviewed at the end of the month. ..." — [abc]. See .vic.gov.au [www].

12 May 2020: Toyota Financial Results to March 31 '... Consolidated vehicle sales totaled 8,958,423 units, a decrease of 18,372 units compared to the previous fiscal year. "Due to the spread of COVID-19, net revenues were decreased by 380 billion yen and operating income were decreased by 160 billion yen ..." ...' — Toyota [www].

10 May 2020 (#6/22): Spanish F1 Grand Prix, start 15.10pm local. 20/3: Postponed due to covid-19.

9-10 May 2020: Gaydon Land Rover Show [www]. 24/3: Postponed to 1-2 August due to covid-19.

8 May 2020: 75th Anniversay of VE Day, 8 May 1945.

8 May 2020: The Federal Court ruled that feral horses in the Victoria's Alpine National Park can be culled. See e.g., Vic. Parks [www], [abc].

8 May 2020 (Fri.), .au: "Coronavirus restrictions are due to begin easing, these are the steps to reopening Australia ... state and territory leaders will implement as [when] they see fit, ..." — [abc]. (Victoria's plans to be announced on Mon. 11th.)

7 May Thu Melb ULP avg au$0.93/l; min $0.80 ([Perth] avg $1.09/l, min $0.78); oil us$24/b; au$1.00=us$0.64, £0.52, €0.60, ¥68

7 May 2020, covid-19: Total confirmed / new confirmed / total deaths: USA 1,193,452 / 22,267 / 65,197; ... Sweden 23,918 / 702 / 2,941; ... Total 3,672,238 / 83,465 / 254,045. — WHO [www], situation report 108, 7/5.  JHU put total confirmed cases at 3,751,069 world-wide, total deaths at 263,346 — [www][7/5].  .uk: The UK recorded 30,150 deaths, overtaking Spain and Italy.

7 May 2020, .au: "Royal commission finds Cardinal George Pell should have done more to remove paedophile priest ..." — [abc].  Also see the 'Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse' [www].  And a petition [11/5].

6 May 2020, PRA #2020/18296: "Audi Australia Pty Ltd - Audi A1 MY2011-2016, Audi A3 MY2008-2016 and Audi TT MY2012-2016 ... with 7-speed dual clutch gearbox ..." — .gov.au [www].  Them! See Volkswagen 2 Apr.

5 May 2020, .au: "... In the Darling River, a further 28 gigalitres of water flowed into Menindee Lakes over the past fortnight ... WaterNSW is currently releasing a small volume of water into the lower Darling River - between 200 and 300 megalitres per day. ..." — MDBA [www].

5 May 2020, .uk: "Record −97.3% fall for UK new car market in April as coronavirus shuts showrooms ..." — SMMT [www].  Apr. 2019 : 2020, 161,064 → 4,321.
.au: 'New vehicle sales in the Australian market for ... April 2020 ... "A total of 38,926 sales were recorded for the month. This figure represents a fall of 48.5% over [April 2019] (75,550 sales) ..." ...' — FCAI [www].

May 2020: "... battery-powered vehicles ... make sure your 12-volt battery stays charged and that your high-voltage battery has adequate charge ... If you're storing your battery electric vehicle without plugging it in, Taenaka recommends keeping it at a state of charge between 10% and 80%. Ford hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles are designed to stay above a 10% state of charge during normal operation. ..." — Ford [www].

3 May 2020 (#5/22): Dutch F1 Grand Prix, start 15.10pm local. 20/3: Postponed due to covid-19, and then ... 29/5: Cancelled.

2-3 May 2020: Clunes Booktown Festival, Vic., .au [www]. March: Cancelled due to covid-19 (coronavirus).

2 May Sat Melb ULP avg au$0.91/l; min $0.82 ([Perth] avg $0.95/l, min $0.77); oil us$19/b
1 May Fri au$1.00=us$0.65, £0.51, €0.59, ¥69

2 May 2020, covid-19: Total confirmed / new confirmed / total deaths: USA 1,067,127 / 31,774 / 57,406; ... Sweden 21,520 / 428 / 2,653; ... Total 3,267,184 / 91,977 / 229,971. — WHO [www], situation report 103, 2/5.  JHU put total confirmed cases at 3,127,126 world-wide, total deaths at 213,792 — [www][2/5].  .usa: Steady ~30K new cases per day.  .au: There was some relaxation of restrictions in the NT and Qld (check new cases in two to four weeks).

1-3 May 2020 (Fri.-Sun.): Donington Historic [www]. 24/3: Postponed due to covid-19.

1 May 2020, vic: "April was wetter than average in most of the State, with large parts of northern and central Victoria very much wetter than average. ... Some sites had their highest April daily rainfall on record, including Lancefield and Redesdale which both have more than 100 years of record. ... More snow arrived to the Alpine area at the end of the month, in a wake of a vigorous cold front which brought low temperatures; Mount Buller reported 10-15cm of snow on the 30th." — [bom]. More rain fell in Melbourne Jan.-April than in all of 2019.

30 April 2020 (Thu.): Cold wet weather with snow down to 800m forecast for SE Australia. 
1 May, IDV21037: "A complex multi-centred low pressure system will deepen near Tasmania during Friday, directing a vigorous westerly airflow across Victoria. The low will move away to the southeast later on Saturday. ..." — [bom].
>30cm of snow fell at Dinner Plain, Mt Hotham.

30 April 2020: "UK car production falls −37.6% in March as coronavirus halts automotive manufacturing ..." — SMMT [www].

28 April 2020: China is resisting there being an independent inquiry into the origins of SARS-CoV-2 – as though it fears what may be discovered, e.g., "Federal Government calls Chinese ambassador about comments on trade boycott over coronavirus inquiry ..." — [abc].
(2 May, Lego movie: "... state media releases animated propaganda video mocking US coronavirus response ..." [www] – far more effective.)
(9 May: "In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, China forces out foreign reporters ..." — [www]. What's to hide?)

28 April 2020: "... consolidated earnings for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020, may differ by more than 30% from the previous financial forecast announced on Feb. 13, 2020, due to a continued decline in the company's performance resulting from the impact of the covid-19 pandemic ... Nissan may report a consolidated operating profit that is 120 billion to 130 billion yen lower and net income that is 150 billion yen to 160 billion yen lower than the Feb. 13 forecast. ..." — Nissan [www].

28 April 2020: Ford reported a "net loss of us$2.0 billion; adjusted earnings before interest and taxes was negative $632 million, including estimated negative effect of at least $2 billion from coronavirus ..." — Ford [www].

27 April 2020: "... [GM] has suspended the quarterly cash dividend on its common stock, suspended its share repurchase program and has taken other significant austerity measures to preserve near-term available cash. ..." — GM [www].

27 Apr Mon Melb ULP avg au$0.94/l; min $0.82 ([Perth] avg $0.89/l, min $0.77); oil us$17/b; au$1.00=us$0.65, £0.52, €0.60, ¥69

27 April 2020, covid-19: Total confirmed / new confirmed / total deaths: USA 931,698 / 32,417 / 47,980; ... Sweden 18,640 / 463 / 2,194; ... Total 2,878,196 / 85,530 / 198,668. — WHO [www], situation report 98, 27/4.  JHU put total confirmed cases at 2,968,627 world-wide, total deaths at 206,402 — [www][27/4].  .uk: PM Boris Johnson returned to No. 10.  .au: "Remember the bushfires? ..." — [abc].

26 April 2020, vic: The truck driver in the crash that killed four police officers (22 Apr.) was arrested and charged, e.g., see the [abc].

25 April 2020: Anzac Day.
31/3: Public Commemorations are cancelled due to covid-19; "Australians are encouraged to continue to mark this important national commemorative date by holding their own private commemorations and watching a televised national service from the Australian War Memorial" — dva.gov.au.

23 April 2020: Groupe Renault "sold 672,962 vehicles in the quarter, down −25.9% in a global market down −24.6% ..." — Renault [www].

23 April 2020: 2019 was Europe's warmest year on record — copernicus.eu [www].

22 April 2020, .au: Farmers, right to repair, closing date of 'Purchasers of agricultural machinery survey', "... options available to farmers in the event of problems with machinery, including accessing parts, diagnostic tools and software ..." — ACCC, release #76/20 [www].

22 Apr Wed Melb ULP avg au$0.98/l; min $0.87 ([Perth] avg $1.10/l, min $0.78); oil +us$10/b; au$1.00=us$0.63, £0.51, €0.58, ¥68
21 Apr Tue Melb ULP avg au$0.98/l; min $0.86 ([Perth] avg $0.86/l, min $0.78); oil −us$38/b; au$1.00=us$0.63, £0.51, €0.58, ¥68

22 April 2020, covid-19: Total confirmed / new confirmed / total deaths: USA 776,907 / 25,634 / 37,602; ... Spain 204,178 / 3,968 / 21,282; ... Sweden 15,322 / 545 / 1,765; ... Total 2,470,424 / 73,920 / 168,993. — WHO [www], situation report 93, 22/4.  JHU put total confirmed cases at 2,561,915 world-wide, total deaths at 177,200 — [www][22/4].  .au: It was reported that NZ was aiming to eradicate SARS-CoV-2 completely and that Au was aiming to suppress it, e.g., [abc]. 

22 April 2020, .au: "Petrol retailers should reduce their prices in line with falls in international petrol prices ..." — ACCC [www].

22 April 2020, vic: Four police officers who had pulled over a Porsche on the Eastern Freeway were killed when a truck ran into them; see the [abc]. The truck driver was arrested and charged on 26 April.

22 April 2020: "Jaguar Land Rover is expanding its electrified vehicle line-up with the introduction of its latest plug-in hybrid [PHEV] system ... 1.5-litre three-cylinder plug-in hybrid ... 200PS engine, combined with an 80kW electric motor on the rear axle ... 15kWh battery ... [in the] Evoque and Discovery Sport ..." — Jaguar Land-Rover (JLR) [www].

21 April 2020: US oil prices became negative due to the drop in demand and the filling of storage space, e.g., see the [bbc] and [abc]. On 20/4: WTI Crude Oil us$−37.63/b, Brent us$+25.57/b — oil-price.net. Don't expect petrol prices to turn negative.

21 April 2020: The airline "Virgin Australia goes into voluntary administration ..." — [abc]. Virgin Atlantic was also in trouble.

19 April 2020 (#4/22): Chinese F1 Grand Prix, start 14.10pm local. In doubt due to the coronavirus outbreak. 12/2: Postponed due to the novel coronavirus outbreak in China (covid-19) — FIA.

17 April 2020: "... we report the simulation-motivated synthesis of ultraporous metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) based on metal trinuclear clusters, namely, NU-1501-M (M=Al or Fe). ..." — 'Balancing volumetric and gravimetric uptake in highly porous materials for clean energy', Science, 368(6488), pp.297-303, [www] Z. Chen et al. (Might be good for storing Hydrogen and Methane compactly and cheaply one day.)

17 Apr Fri Melb ULP avg au$1.04/l; min $0.95 ([Perth] avg $1.02/l, min $0.79); oil us$20/b; au$1.00=us$0.64, £0.51, €0.59, ¥69
17 April 2020, covid-19: Total confirmed / new confirmed / total deaths: USA 632,781 / 28,711 / 28,221; ... Italy 168,941 / 3,786 / 22,172; ... Total 2,074,529 / 82,967 / 139,378. — WHO [www], situation report 88, 17/4.  JHU put total confirmed cases at 2,152,647 world-wide, total deaths at 143,802 — [www][17/4].  .au: "Australia's coronavirus restrictions will remain until these three things are established ..." — [abc]. (.au at <50 new confirmed cases per day.)  .usa: "President Donald Trump says the US has 'passed the peak' of new coronavirus cases ..." — [bbc]. (The USA is reported to be running at about 30K new confirmed cases per day.)  .uk: "Lockdown restrictions in the UK will continue for 'at least' another three weeks ..." — [bbc].
17 April 2020: "We've never made a successful vaccine for a coronavirus before. This is why it's so difficult ... [a] vaccine was tested with SARS in 2003 and resulted in reinfected lab monkeys having a nasty immune response ..." — [abc].

17 April 2020: "... the period from 2000 to 2018 was the driest 19-year span since the late 1500s and the second driest since 800 CE ..." — 'Large contribution from anthropogenic warming to an emerging North American megadrought', A. P. Williams et al, Science, 368(6488), pp.314-318, [www].

16 April 2020, .au: "Bushfire Royal Commission into Australia's harrowing 'Black Summer' begins ... The Commission will adjourn until next month when the first phase of online hearings will take place." — [abc].  See 'The Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements', "Sometimes referred to as the 'Bushfires Royal Commission'" — .gov.au [www]. (Also see 25 May above.)

16 April 2020: Ineos Projekt Granadier has prototype 4WDs in testing. The video showed twin live-axles and coil-spring suspension under a chassis — [www].

15 April 2020: "The 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Bergen-Belsen Camp. Today in 1945, with the end of the Second World War in Europe in sight, British soldiers from the 11th Armoured Division liberated the Bergen-Belsen Labour Camp in central Germany. ..." — mod.uk [www].

14 April 2020, .us" "Donald Trump declared in a White House briefing on Monday that his 'authority is total' when it comes to lockdown rules during the coronavirus [covid-19] pandemic, and he denied that he was weighing firing Dr Anthony Fauci ..." The G [www]. (See 12 Apr. below.)

13 April 2020, vic: "COVID-19 lockdown fines 'eroding public confidence', top cop warns ... In internal communications seen by The Age and issued to police on Monday, Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton urged police to issue fines for only the most blatant and deliberate breaches of the state's lockdown regulations. ..." The Age [www].
9 April: "... The Premier [Daniel Andrews] has repeatedly told Victorians that the Easter weekend was not an opportunity to go away, but said families going to their holiday homes would not be penalised. ..." The Age [www].
Clarity is missing and there is no one you can ask for it.
13 April 2020: Easter Monday.  Comedian Tim Brooke-Taylor (The Goodies) died of covid-19, e.g., the [bbc].
12 Apr Sun Melb ULP avg au$1.12/l; min $0.97 ([Perth] avg $0.96/l, min $0.80); oil us$23/b
10 Apr Fri au$1.00=us$0.62, £0.50, €0.57, ¥68
12 April 2020, covid-19: Total confirmed / new confirmed / total deaths: USA 492,881 / 31,606 / 18,516; ... UK 78,995 / 8,719 / 9,875; ... Australia 6,289 / 51 / 57; ... Total 1,696,588 / 85,679 / 105,952. — WHO [www], situation report 83, 12/4.  JHU put total confirmed cases at 1,773,358 world-wide, total deaths at 108,702 — [www].  .usa: 'Fauci says US 'could have saved lives' with earlier action ... "There was a lot of pushback about shutting things down back then." ...' — [bbc]. Will Fauci be looking for a new job soon?  .uk: PM Boris Johnson was out of intensive care but remained in hospital.
12 April 2020: Sir Stirling Moss OBE (17 Sept. 1929 - 12 April 2020) died "following a long illness".
11 April 2020, .au: "Lower Darling flows reach isolated NSW town of Pooncarie. The first flows down the Lower Darling in 18 months ..." — [abc].
11 April 2020: 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 13 which almost ended in disaster.
10 April 2020: Good Friday.
10-12 April 2020: ARB Eldee Station Easter Festival (NSW) [www]. Presumed cancelled due to covid-19.

10-19 April 2020: New York Auto Show [www]. "Rescheduled" to 28 Aug. due to covid-19 (coronavirus).

10 April 2020: "Opec and Russia agree to cut oil output [10%] in bid to prop up prices ..."The G [www].

7 Apr Tue Melb ULP avg au$1.19/l; min $0.97 ([Perth] avg $0.94/l, min $0.85); oil us$26/b; au$1.00=us$0.61, £0.50, €0.57, ¥67
7 April 2020, covid-19: Total confirmed / new confirmed / total deaths: USA 333,811 / 26,493 / 9,559; Spain 135,032 / 4,273 / 13,055; ... Australia 5,844 / 100 / 42; ... Total 1,279,010 / 68,766 / 72,603. — WHO [www], situation report #78, 7/4.  JHU put total confirmed cases at 1,348,628 world-wide — [www].  .uk: PM Boris Johnson was in intensive care.  Vic.: New 'Stay at Home Directions' (No 3) vic.gov.au [www] at [www]. Other states may differ.
.au, 'Impacts of covid-19': "... outlines scenario modelling ... increasing ICU capacity to over 7,000 beds ... assumptions ... age / % hospitalised / % ICU : 20-29 / 0.78% / 0.23%; ... 40-49 / 5.1% / 1.5%; ... 60-69 / 15.5% / 4.55%; ... 80+ / 65.9 / 19.4%; in hospital 7.5 days, in ICU 10 days ..." — .gov.au [www], more at [www]. This suggests the health system could withstand, at most, 7,000 in ICU, 20,000 in hospital, and 200,000 cases, at any one time (but it would be nothing like that simple). The population is 25.7 million.

7 April 2020: "Coronavirus: US car insurers refund drivers stuck at home ... a dramatic drop in accident claims as residents stay at home and off the roads. ..." — [bbc].  That is in the USA but road accidents must be down in .au too; there again summer was very bad with bush-fires and hail damage.

6 April 2020, Vic.: Police would like to speak to anyone who was in the Wonnangatta Valley between the 20th and the 26th of March – "Search for seniors missing in Wonnangatta Valley called off ..." — [abc].

5 April 2020 (#3/22): Vietnam F1 Grand Prix, start 14.10pm local. 13/3: Postponed due to covid-19 (coronavirus) — FIA.

5 April 2020 (Sun.), .au: Daylight saving ends (3am→2am) in Victoria.

4 April 2020, .uk: Sir Keir Starmer was elected leader of the Labour party, e.g., [bbc].

3 April 2020, .au: New vehicle sales for March 2020 totalled 81,690, down 18% on March 2019. The #1 model Toyota Hilux (3556) held off the #2 Ford Ranger (3108). See the FCAI [www].  6/4, .uk: "UK new car registrations fall −44.4% in March as coronavirus crisis hits market ..." — SMMT [www].  Most car manufacturers world wide have shut down due to covid-19.

3 April 2020, .au: "Avocado farmers call for brunch lovers to smash them at home during coronavirus isolation ..." — [abc]. Also see the book, by Richard Glover.

2 Apr Thu Melb ULP avg au$1.30/l; min $1.03 ([Perth] avg $1.15/l, min $0.94); oil us$20/b; au$1.00=us$0.61, £0.49, €0.56, ¥65

2 April 2020, covid-19, Total confirmed / new confirmed / total deaths: USA 187,302 / 24,103 / 3,846; Italy 110,574 / 4,782 / 13,157; Spain 102,136 / 7,719 / 9,053; ... China 82,724 / 93 / 3,327; ... UK 29,478 / 4,324 / 2,532; ... Australia 4,976 / 269 / 21; Total 896,450 / 72,839 / 45,526. — WHO [www], situation report 73, 2/4. There is scepticism, including among ex-pat Chinese, of the data from that country. John Hopkins University put the total cases at 1,007,977 world wide, [www].  In .au, "Can I see my parents? What about my partner? Can I ..." — [abc].  And 1/4: 'Donald Trump ... "This is going to be a very, very painful two weeks."' — [bbc]. Try two months or even longer.

2 April 2020, recall PRA #2020/18258: "Volkswagen [various] ... Vehicles fitted with a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox have a fluid leak that can lead to pressure loss ... resulting in loss of drive function. ..." — .gov.au [www].  Ah, those gearboxes. (Also see Audi 6 May.)

2 April 2020, .au: "... for the three months April to June, wetter than average conditions are likely for most of Australia, except for the north and east coasts and southern Tasmania, which have roughly equal chances of wetter or drier conditions. April to June days are likely to be warmer than average across northern and eastern Australia, but cooler across much of the southern mainland. ..." — [bom].

1 April 2020: "Massive difference in Sydney petrol prices as some retailers accused of gouging ... Motorists in the NSW capital are paying between 88 cents and $1.58 a litre. ..." — [abc].  Crude oil, WTI:us$20.50/b, Brent:us$25.83/b. Terminal gate prices ULP Melb. au$0.85/l, Sydney au$0.86/l, Adelaide au$0.85/l, and diesel Melb. au$1.04/l, Sydney au$1.05/l, Adelaide au$1.05/l. At the pump ULP Perth avg au$1.16/l, min au$0.90/l, Melb. avg au$1.30/l, min au$1.03/l, and diesel Perth avg au$1.36/l, min au$1.15/l, Melb. avg au$1.34/l, min au$1.22/l.

1 April 2020: Gooding and Co., Passion of a Lifetime, London auction [www], including lot 008 a 1961 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato, chassis #DB4GT/0176/R, engine #370/0176/GT; lot 010 a 1934 Bugatti Type 59 Sports, works GP car 1934-35, chassis #57428, engine #5. 20/3: Postponed due to covid-19.


31 March 2020: "Fire season comes to a [official] close in NSW ... 'NSW RFS crews and other agencies have responded to more than 11,400 bush and grass fires that have burnt more than 5.5 million hectares, the equivalent of 6.2% of the state,' Commissioner Fitzsimmons said. ... 'Fires this season have destroyed 2,448 homes; however, the great work of firefighters saw 14,481 homes saved. 'Commissioner Fitzsimmons said that most tragically 25 lives were lost, including those of the three NSW RFS volunteers and three US aerial firefighters. ..." — NSW RFS [www] at [www].

30 March 2020, covid-19: "Victoria has moved to "stage three" coronavirus restrictions ... State and federal officials have said people should only leave the house to go to work or study, to exercise, to get essential food and supplies or medical care. ...: — [abc].  Nationally, the "previous gathering limit of ten people had been cut to two" (weddings 5, funerals 10) – [29/3].  "'We thought the fires were bad': NSW South Coast businesses near breaking points ..." — [30/3].

28 Mar Sat Melb ULP avg au$1.31/l; min $1.00 ([Perth] avg $1.10/l, min $0.97); oil us$23/b
27 Mar Fri au$1.00=us$0.61, £0.50, €0.55, ¥66

28 March 2020, covid-19, Total confirmed / new confirmed / total deaths: Italy 86,498 / 5,959 / 9,136; USA 85,228 / 16,894 / 1,243; China 82,240 / 152 / 3,301; ... Spain 64,059 / 7,871 / 4,858; ... UK 14,547 / 2,885 / 759; ... Australia 3,635 / 650 / 14; Total 571,659 / 62,495 / 26,493. — WHO [www], situation report 68, 28/3. Other reports put the USA at more than 104,000 cases (28/3); it is said that gun sales are doing well. Numbers and ratios such as death-rate must be greatly affected by the amount of testing carried out in different countries. Also see John Hopkins University of Medicine [www]. Wuhan China where the pandemic began, partly reopened. Boris Johnson (UK PM) tested positive. In .au, it is said that alcohol sales are doing well. Vic Parks [www] closed "a number of high visitation sites ... some beaches ... [and] all campsites, camping grounds and caravan parks." (Covid-19 is the disease and SARS-CoV-2 is the coronavirus that causes it.)

27-29 March 2020, .au: National 4x4 Outdoors Show, Brisbane Showgrounds [www]. Postponed due to covid-19 (coronavirus).

27-29 March 2020, .uk: Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show, NEC, Birmingham [www]. 18/3: Postponed due to covid-19 (coronavirus).

27 March 2020, .uk: "UK car production steady in February, down −0.8%, as sector braces for coronavirus impact ..." — SMMT [www].

25-29 March 2020: TechnoClassica, Essen [www]. Postponed due to covid-19 (coronavirus).

25 March 2019, covid-19: The USA (51,194 confirmed, 673 dead as of the 25th) is set to become a disaster but ... "US President Donald Trump has said he hopes the US will shake off coronavirus by Easter ..." — [bbc]. (That idea didn't last long.)

24 Mar Tue Melb ULP avg au$1.35/l; min $1.08 ([Perth] avg $1.12/l, min $0.96); oil us$23/b; au$1.00=us$0.59, £0.51, €0.55, ¥65

24 March 2020, covid-19: World-wide "334,981 total confirmed cases, total 14,642 deaths ... [and as of 23/3] China 81,601 / 3,276; Italy 59,138 / 5,476; USA 31,573 / 402; ... UK 5,687 / 281; ... Australa 1,396 / 7; etc. ..." — WHO [www]. "... It took 67 days from the first reported of Covid-19 to reach 100,000 cases, 11 days for the second 100,000, and just four days for the third 100,000. ..." — [bbc]. Meetings of more than two people were banned in the UK. It became almost certain that the Olympic Games (July) would be postponed until 2021; confirmed.

23 March 2020, .au: "As most Victorian motorists take advantage of lower petrol prices, RACV says diesel vehicle drivers are still being taken for a ride ..." — RACV [www].

23 March 2020: "... already under current carbon intensities of electricity generation, electric cars and heat pumps are less emission intensive than fossil-fuel-based alternatives in 53 world regions, representing 95% of the global transport and heating demand ...", F. Knobloch et al, 'Net emission reductions from electric cars and heat pumps in 59 world regions over time', Nature Sustainability 138 [www]. And, "... The researchers say average 'lifetime' emissions from electric cars are up to 70% lower than petrol cars in countries like Sweden and France (where most electricity comes from renewables and nuclear), and around 30% lower in the UK. ..." — [bbc]. That 30% is a reduction but a rather disappointing one.

22 March 2020 (#2/22): Bahrain F1 Grand Prix, start 18.10pm local. To be run(?) without spectators present due to coronavirus (covid-19) . . . 13/3: Postponed due to covid-19 (coronavirus), ditto Vietnam — FIA [www].

21 March 2020, .au: "The Northern Territory will introduce strict border controls from 4:00pm on March 24 [Tues.] that mean anyone arriving from interstate or overseas will have to self-isolate for 14 days. ..." — [abc]. WA, SA and Qld followed suit. Victoria brough school holidays forward to Tuesday.

20 Mar Fri Melb ULP avg au$1.30/l; min $0.95 ([Perth] avg $1.24/l, min $1.06); oil us$25/b; au$1.00=us$0.59, £0.50, €0.54, ¥64

20 March 2020, .au: Terminal gate fuel prices, ULP: Melbourne 96c/l, Sydney 97c/l, ... , Hobart $1.03/l, ... .  Diesel: Melbourne $1.06/l, Sydney $1.07/l, ... , Hobart $1.12/l, ... — AIP [www].  So someone is cashing in (see right).  And, "The ACCC will closely monitor retail petrol price movements in Australia in the coming weeks to determine if the recent falls in international crude oil and refined petrol prices are flowing through to consumers. ..." — ACCC [www]. (Also see 1 Apr. above.)

20 March 2020, covid-19: Total deaths in Italy (3,400) passed those in China (3,248). China reported zero new cases. Boris Johnson (Bojo) predicted that the UK could "turn the tide" against the coronavirus in 12 weeks. Jaguar Land-Rover (JLR) shut down its UK factories. Australia blocked arrivals of all non-residents, the AFL season opened to matches played without spectators (& then stopped), and "From midnight on Friday [20th], all 'non-essential' travellers into [Tasmania] will have to go into 14 days' quarantine ..." — [abc].

18 March 2020: Dr Catherine Hamlin (1924–2020), who with her late husband Reginald (Reg, d.2013) founded the Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, died at the age of 96. There are now six Hamlin Fistula Hospitals across Ethiopia, the Desta Mender rehabilitation centre, the Hamlin College of Midwives and 80 Hamlin supported Midwifery Clinics. Their work continues – see hamlin.org.au [www].

18 March 2020: The Lightyear (.nl) 'One' (us$165,000) is an electric car (EV) with roof-mounted solar cells to get extra range. "... Total peak output is 1.25kW - enough power to add about 20 miles (32km) of average range per day. 'On a good day, you'll get 45 miles,' said Lex Hoefsloot, chief executive at Lightyear. ..." — SAE [www].

16 March 2020, covid-19, .au: Non-essential meetings of more than 500 people were banned.

15 March 2020 (#1/22): Australian F1 Grand Prix, start 4.10pm local, 5.10am GMT.  Some team members from Haas and McLaren were tested for covid-19 and one of the latter returned positive. 13/3: Cancelled due to covid-19 (coronavirus).

13 Mar Fri Melb ULP avg au$1.19/l; min $1.13 ([Perth] avg $1.30/l, min $1.17); oil us$33/b; au$1.00=us$0.63, £0.50, €0.56, ¥67

12 March 2020: "Water arrives in the Menindee Lakes ... estimating that Lake Wetherell could see inflows of between 230-260 gigalitres ..." — WaterNSW. (However, the lakes can hold 1,700 gigalitres.)

12 March 2020, covid-19: Donald Trump banned most travel between (mainland!) Europe and the USA. India suspended most visas. The World Health Organisation (WHO) finally (11/3) called covid-19 a 'pandemic' ... 118,000 cases in 114 countries, 4,291 deaths.

10 March 2020, covid-19: Italian authorities placed travel restrictions on the whole country. In the UK: "Health minister Nadine Dorries tests positive ..." — [bbc]. And, "Globally 113,702 confirmed (4125 new), 4012 deaths (203 new) ..." — WHO [www].

9-15 March 2020 (Mon.-Sun.): Corowa Swim in, the Year of the Military Motorcycle [www].

9 March 2020: Crude oil prices fell, a lot, as a price war started between Opec and Russia. Brent fell to us$31.63/b and WTI to us$27.71/b. (See oil @ [bbc].)

8 Mar Sun Melb ULP avg au$1.24/l; min $1.19 ([Perth] avg $1.27/l, min $1.19); oil us$41/b
6 Mar Fri au$1.00=us$0.66, £0.51, €0.59, ¥70
9 March 2020 (Mon.): Labour Day (Vic.) [www].
7-9 March 2020: Steamfest, Melbourne Steam Traction Engine Club, National Steam Centre [www].
6-9 March 2020 (Fri.-Mon.): Port Fairy Folk Festival [www].

8 March 2020, covid-19, "Coronavirus: Northern Italy quarantines 16 million people ... Milan ... Venice ..." — [bbc]. Also see the [abc].

6-7 March 2020: RM Sotheby's Amelia Island auction [www] including lot 146 a 2003 Ferrari Enzo, chassis #ZFFCW56A530132654, engine #75379 (sold us$2,782,500); lot 241 a 1938 Bugatti Type 57 Cabriolet by D'Ieteren, chassis #57589, engine #464, body #5219 (sold us$1,655,000).

March 2020, .au: The FCAI reported that total vehicle sales in Feb. 2020 were 79,940, 8.2% down on Feb. 2019, but within that SUV sales rose 5.4% to 39,304.
And in the .uk: "new car market declines −2.9% in February to 79,594 ... battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric cars, with 4,566 joining UK roads but, at just 5.8%, market share remains low. ..." — SMMT [www].

5-15 March 2020: 89th Geneva International Motor Show [www]. 28/2: Cancelled due to covid-19 (coronavirus). Cars that would have been shown include BMW 'Concept i4' electric saloon [www]; Fiat electric '500', 42-kWh battery [www]; Hispano-Suiza (the Spanish one) electric 'Carmen Boulogne'; Koenigsegg 'Jesko Absolut', and 'Gemera' hybrid (2-litre, 3-cyl + 3×electric) 4-seater [www]; Morgan 'Plus Four' [www]; Volvo Polestar 'Precept' electric concept; VW 'Golf GTI' Mk 8.

5 March 2020: Bonhams Amelia Island auction [www] including lot 123 a 1932 Bugatti Type 55 Super Sport Roadster factory coachwork by Jean Bugatti design, chassis #55220, engine #21 (sold us$7,100,000, note, chassis #55221 sold in Paris 6 Feb. below); lot 142 the ex-Commander John "Jack" Rutherford 1952 Jaguar C-Type Sports Racing two-seater, chassis #XKC 014, engine #E-1014-8 (not sold).

5 March 2020: "Regional Australia cops brunt of rainfall from ex-tropical cyclone Esther ..." — [abc]. Melbourne 55mm,

4 March 2020, covid-19: "... There is now a total of 92,943 reported cases of COVID-19 globally, and 3,160 deaths. In the past 24 hours, China reported 120 cases. Most cases continue to be reported from Hubei province. Outside China, 2075 cases were reported in 35 countries. Almost 90% of those cases are from just three* countries. ..." — WHO [www]. (* Iran, S. Korea, Italy.) And in .au there was panic buying of . . . toilet paper!?

4 March 2020, .au: "... to what extent the risk of these [summer bush-]fires was exacerbated by anthropogenic climate change. ... we find large trends in the Fire Weather Index in the ERA5 reanalysis, and a smaller but significant increase by at least 30% in the models. ..." — WWA, intro [www], and full report [www].

4 March 2020: "... GM's new Ultium batteries ... from 50 to 200kWh ... Most will have 400-volt battery packs and up to 200kW fast-charging capability ... GM's joint venture with LG Chem will drive battery cell costs below $100/kWh. The cells use a proprietary low cobalt chemistry ..." — GM [www].

3 Mar Tue Melb ULP avg au$1.28/l; min $1.23 ([Perth] avg $1.31/l, min $1.21); oil us$45/b; au$1.00=us$0.66, £0.51, €0.59, ¥71

2 March 2020: Shannons Melbourne Autumn Classic Auction [www], including lot 21 an ex-army 1986 Mercedes-Benz 1700L Unimog 4x4 tray back, chassis #435110 60 123793, engine #535 9 0 0827731 (sold au$21,000); lot 70 a 1928 Delage DMS Sport Tourer, 3182cc I6, 4-speed manual, chassis #27222, engine #1504 (sold au$90,000).

2 March 2020: "... A substantial proportion of the world's sandy coastline is already eroding ... ambient trends in shoreline dynamics, combined with coastal recession driven by sea level rise, could result in the near extinction of almost half of the world's sandy beaches by the end of the century. ...", in 'Sandy coastlines under threat of erosion', M. I. Vousdoukas et al, Nat. Clim. Change, 10, pp.260-263, 2 March 2020 [www]. Apparently many Australian beaches could recede by 100 metres. (Also see 'Climate change risks to Australia's coasts: a first pass national assessment' — .gov.au [www].)

2 March 2020, .au: "[2019-2020] was Australia's second-warmest summer on record, with all three of the mean, maximum, and minimum temperatures the second-warmest on record for the season, each coming in [2nd] behind the record set last year (summer 2018 - 2019). ..." — [bom].
And, "... Summer-starting temperatures – the average 1 December temperature mid 20th century – now arrive two weeks earlier. Summer-ending temperatures – the average on 1 March over 1950-1969 – now arrives two weeks later. ...", in 'Out of Season Expanding summers and shrinking winters in subtropical and temperate Australia' — The Australia Institute [www]. And winters are growing shorter.  (Also see, "Australian summers have become, on average, 31 days longer in Australia's capital cities, and in regional areas that number is even higher, according to a new report. ..." — [abc].)

2 March 2020, .uk: "February 2020 has been the wettest February on record for UK, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and the second wettest (behind Feb. 1990) for Scotland. ..." — Met Office [www].  And, "The 2019/2020 winter has been the warmest on record for Europe, with average temperatures 1.4°C above the previous high of 2015/2016. ..." — [bbc].

1 March 2020, .uk: "... flood-hit Wales as Storm Jorge's rains sweep in ..." The G [www].


29 February 2020: 2020 is a leap year.

28 February 2020: "Uber Air's plans for 1,000-strong Melbourne helicopter fleet revealed ..." — [abc].

28 February 2020, .uk: "New cars emit more climate changing CO2 than old ..." — Which [www].

27 February 2020, .au: "Climate outlook for March to June ... likely to be wetter than average for parts of southern Australia (60-75% chance), while scattered parts of northern Australia are more likely to be drier than average (60-65% chance). Australia's climate has warmed by around 1.4°C since 1910 ..." — [bom].

27 February 2020, covid-19: "... Outbreak at 'decisive point' as WHO urges action ..." — [bbc]. 28th: Risk upgraded to "very high".

27 Feb Thu Melb ULP avg au$1.37/l; min $1.24 ([Perth] avg $1.41/l, min $1.21); oil us$50/b; au$1.00=us$0.66, £0.51, €0.60, ¥72

27 February 2020: "Rio Tinto joins BHP in pledging to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 ..." — [abc].

27 February 2020, .uk: "West Midlands floods: 'Ten days of difficult conditions' to come ..." — [bbc].

26-28 February 2020: F1 pre-season testing #2, Circuit de Catalunya, e.g., The FIA [www] and [bbc]. (#1 was 19-21 Feb.; 1st GP 15 March.)

26 February 2020, covid-19: "Coronavirus fears grow as more cases found across Europe ... Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and Croatia ..." The G [www]. Also see the [abc].  And, 24/2: "... As of 6am Geneva time this morning, China has reported a total of 77,362 cases of COVID-19 to WHO, including 2618 deaths. In the past 24 hours, China has reported 416 new confirmed cases, and 150 deaths. ... the fatality rate is between 2% and 4% in Wuhan, and 0.7% outside Wuhan. ..." — Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General [www].

26 February 2020, .uk: The new Land Rover 90 went on sale in the UK, from £40,290. "Commercial derivatives ... later this year priced from £35,000 (+VAT)" — Land Rover [www].

25 February 2020: "Tesla Crash [23/3/2018] Investigation Yields nine NTSB Safety Recommendations ... The NTSB determined the Tesla 'Autopilot' system's limitations, the driver's overreliance on the 'Autopilot' and the driver's distraction - likely from a cell phone game application - caused the crash. The Tesla vehicle's ineffective monitoring of driver engagement was determined to have contributed to the crash. ..." — NTSB [www].

24 February 2020, .au: Tropical Cyclone "Esther [cat.1] has now made landfall between Mornington Island and the NT/Qld border ..." — [bom]. And 3 March: "... The Gibb River Road is shut to all vehicles, and the Great Northern Highway is also closed in both directions from Willare to Halls Creek." — [abc].

22 Feb Sat Melb ULP avg au$1.43/l; min $1.24 ([Perth] avg $1.32/l, min $1.20); oil us$53/b;
21 Feb Fri au$1.00=us$0.66, £0.51, €0.61, ¥74

22 February 2020, .au: "Queensland's first cyclone of the season predicted to form in the Gulf ..." — [abc].

21-23 February 2020, .uk: Race Retro historic motorsport show, Stoneleigh Park [www].

20 February 2020, .au: "Huge East Gippsland bushfire that burned for three months finally declared 'contained' ... The one major remaining fire still going in Victoria is the Snowy complex fire in the far east of the state which features smouldering fire in several areas including at Bendoc. ..." — [abc], and [2]. Check Vic. [www] emergency warnings, Vic. Roads [www] and Vic. [www] Parks.  ("New commissioners added to lead royal commission into deadly bushfires ..." — [3] but also see 16 Jan. below.)

20-23 February 2020: The London Classic Car Show, Olympia [www].

19-21 February 2020: F1 pre-season testing #1, Circuit de Catalunya, e.g., the FIA [www] and the [bbc]. (Also see 26-28 Feb.)

19 February 2020: The ten F1 teams for 2020; Alfa Romeo (Sauber) - Kimi Raikkonen, Antonio Giovinazzi; Alpha Tauri (was Toro Rosso) - Daniil Kvyat, Pierre Gasly; Ferrari - Sebastian Vettel, Charles Leclerc; Haas - Romain Grosjean, Kevin Magnussen; McLaren - Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris; Mercedes - Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas; Racing Point - Sergio Perez, Lance Stroll; Red Bull - Max Verstappen, Alexander Albon; Renault - Daniel Ricciardo, Esteban Ocon; Williams - George Russell, Nicolas Latifi — the FIA [www].

19 February 2020: "BHP boss weighs thermal coal exit – if the price is right ..." — SMH [www].

18 February 2020, .uk: They're all at, now JLR shows its own "autonomous, electric, connected" thing – pod [www].  And, "Coronavirus: Jaguar Land Rover 'shipping parts [out of China] in suitcases' ..." — [bbc].

17 February 2020, .au: "Dutton Asks For Midnight Oil To Be Classified As A Terrorist Organisation ..." — The Betoota Advocate [www]. Or see The G [www].

17 February 2020, .uk: "Storm Dennis: Further flooding as storm damage continues ..." — [bbc]. It is reported that a record number of flood warnings were issued. Storm Dennis closely followed storm Ciara. More [19/2], and [21/2].

17 Feb Mon Melb ULP avg au$1.57/l; min $1.24 ([Perth] avg $1.27/l, min $1.21); oil us$52/b; au$1.00=us$0.67, £0.52, €0.62, ¥74

16 February 2020: "GM to cease Holden sales, design and engineering operations by 2021, plans to focus on growth opportunities in specialty vehicle business ..." — GM [www]. Also see the [abc].

16 February 2020, .au: Victorian 4WD Show, Lardner Park, Vic. [www].

February 2020, .au: "... NEM electricity spot prices averaged $72/MWh, which was 19% lower than Q4 2018, representing the lowest prices since Q4 2016. A key driver of this outcome was increased supply from windfarms, solar farms, and gas-powered generation (GPG), with combined grid-scale wind and solar output increasing by 39% compared to Q4 2018. ..." — AEMO, 'Quarterly Energy Dynamics Q4 2019' [www].

14 February 2020, VW dieselgate, .de: "Class-action suit: Volkswagen offers settlement solution ... A settlement of up to €830 million had previously been reached with the federation [of German Consumer Organisations]. Nonetheless, no binding agreement could be negotiated. The talks broke down as a result of unwarranted demands of the litigation attorneys who sought a flat fee of €50 million to carry out the settlement. ..." — VW [www].

14 February 2020: "Flash flooding, hail and damaging winds hit Melbourne ..." — [abc].  And, "Ex-tropical Cyclone Uesi passes straight over Lord Howe Island [LHI] ..." — [2].  (LHI is 600km east of Port Macquarie.)

13 February 2020: "... NSW Rural Fire Service announced all grass and bushfires had been contained for the first time this fire season. ..." — [abc]. (Check the NSW [www] RFS.)

13 February 2020: Known coronavirus infections headed towards 60,000 and deaths towards 1,400, but many distrust the official Chinese government figures.

12 Feb Wed Melb ULP avg au$1.60/l; min $1.21 ([Perth] avg $1.45/l, min $1.23); oil us$50/b; au$1.00=us$0.67, £0.52, €0.62, ¥74

11 February 2020: "BP sets ambition for net zero [CO2] by 2050 ... 1. Net zero across BP's operations on an absolute basis by 2050 or sooner. 2. Net zero on carbon in BP's oil and gas production on an absolute basis by 2050 or sooner. 3. 50% cut in the carbon intensity of products BP sells by 2050 or sooner. ..." — BP [www].

11 February 2020: Daimler (Mercedes) 2019 financial results [www]. Net profit fell from €7.6 billion (2018) to €2.7 billion (2019). "... a substantial cash outflow in connection with legal proceedings relating to diesel vehicles. Also, a continued high level of expenses for new products and technologies [electric] had a negative effect. ..."

10 February 2020: The first production SSC (Shelby SC) 'Tuatara', twin turbo 5.9-litre V8, was unveiled at the Philadelphia Auto Show, [www].

10 February 2020, .uk: "Today, the government has confirmed plans to introduce import controls on EU goods at the border after the transition period ends on 31 December 2020. ..." — Cabinet Office and The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, .gov.uk [www].

10 February 2020, .uk: "Storm Ciara: Floods and travel disruption as UK hit by severe gales ..." — [bbc].

9 February 2020, WA: "Tropical Cyclone Damien brings flooding, gale-force winds and storm surges as it tracks inland ..." — [abc]. (Crossed the coast Sat. 8th, cat.3. Later, 11:56am AWST Sun. 9th, cat.1, near Paraburdoo, WA.)  Qld: "Flooding, road closures and evacuations amid heavy rain in Queensland's Darling Downs ..." — [2].  NSW: "South Coast's Currowan bushfire extinguished as torrential rain falls across NSW ..." — [3].

7 Feb Fri Melb ULP avg au$1.33/l; min $1.24 ([Perth] avg $1.39/l, min $1.26); oil us$51/b; au$1.00=us$0.67, £0.52, €0.61, ¥74

7 February 2020: "First Autonomous Vehicle to Receive US DOT Approved Exemption. Today, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) approved a regulatory exemption for R2, Nuro's second-generation [delivery] vehicle. ... R2 will begin public road testing to prepare for its first deliveries to customers' homes with our partners in Houston, Texas. ..." — Nuro [www]. No human at the controls.

7 February 2020: Dr Li Wenliang, who warned of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan last December, died of the virus, e.g., The G [www], [bbc].

6 February 2020, .au: "Cyclone Damien set to form off WA coast before possibly hitting Karratha this weekend ..." — [abc].  "A tropical low is expected to develop into a cyclone off the west Kimberley coast today. ..." — [bom].
2pm AWST Fri. 7 Feb.: "category 3, 295km north of Karratha and 300km northwest of Port Hedland ..." – bom.

6 February 2020: Bonhams Les Grandes Marques auction, Paris [www], including lot 268 a 1931 Bugatti type 55 two-seat Supersport, coachwork by Carrosserie Figoni, chassis #55221, engine #26 (sold €4,600,000); lot 303 1965 Volvo L3314-H-T 'Laplander' 4x4 Military Vehicle chassis #3391 (sold €19,550).

5-9 February 2020: Retromobile, Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre, Paris [www].
7 Feb.: Artcurial Motorcars auction, Parc de Versailles, Paris [www], including lot 45 a 1929 Mercedes-Benz 710 SS 27/140/200hp Sport Tourer Carrosserie attributed to Fernandez & Darrin, chassis #36223, engine #72182 (not sold); lot 98 a 1983 Ferrari 126 C3 F1 V6-turbo, chassis #068 (sold €1,438,880).

5 February 2020, .au: "... present the radiocarbon ages of 24 mud wasp nests that were either over or under pigment from 21 anthropomorphic motifs of the Gwion style (previously referred to as 'Bradshaws') from the middle of the relative stylistic sequence. We demonstrate that while one date suggests a minimum age of c.17ka for one motif, most of the dates support a hypothesis that these Gwion paintings were produced in a relatively narrow period around 12,000 years ago." — D. Finch et al, '12,000-Year-old Aboriginal rock art from the Kimberley region, Western Australia', Science Advances, 6(6), eaay3922, 5 Feb. 2020 [www].

5 February 2020: "Heavy rainfall and flash flooding in drought-ravaged parts of NSW ... falls near Cobar, Bourke and Nyngan ..." — [abc].

4 February 2020: "Call for protection of Fitzroy River as Western Australia election [13/3/2021] deadline looms ..." — [abc].

4 February 2020, .uk: "... UK bringing forward end to the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles to 2035, and including hybrids for the first time ..." — .gov.uk [www].  Note, hybrids too.
"It's extremely concerning that government has seemingly moved the goalposts for consumers and industry on such a critical issue ..." — SMMT [www].
5 Feb.: "UK new car market falls −7.3% in January [v. Jan. '19], as sector demands clear plan for 2035 ambition ..." — SMMT.

3 February 2020, .au: "RACV reminds drivers of forgotten road rules ... [e,g.,] There are two types of merging, and who gives way depends on the line marking. The first is when two lanes join and there is no dashed line. In this case, the vehicle at the rear must give way to the vehicle ahead. The second is where the merging vehicle must cross a dashed line, which means the vehicle crossing the dashed line must give way. ..." — RACV [www].

2 February 2020: "GMC will introduce the GMC HUMMER EV, bringing bold design and remarkable capability to the electrified vehicle space ... 1,000 hp, 11,500 lb-ft of torque, 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds ... will be revealed on May 20, 2020 ..." — GMC [www].  "Production of electric pickup trucks will begin in the fall of 2021"GM 5/2/2020.

2 Feb Sun Melb ULP avg au$1.33/l; min $1.25 ([Perth] avg $1.33/l, min $1.27); oil us$52/b
31 Feb Fri Melb au$1.00=us$0.67, £0.51, €0.61, ¥73

1 February 2020, .au: Many bushfires continued to burn, particularly in E. Victoria and S. NSW. Check Vic. [www] and NSW [www] fire and emergency warnings.  "Victoria heatwave settles in for second day as humidity builds, bushfire risk increases ..." — [abc]. (On Friday it reached 44°C at Avalon.)


31 January 2020: It was announced that investors would provide £500m more to Aston Martin, including a consortium lead by Lawrence Stroll which would put in £182m. Given that LS owns the Racing Point F1 team and plans for it to become Aston Martin F1 in 2021, and that Red Bull F1 currently has ties with Aston Martin (including the Valkyrie), there will be musical chairs next year.  (Also see 26 May above.)

31 January 2020, .uk: Brexit deadline, so were 31 October 2019 and 29 March 2019 but this one stuck. The Bill for the UK to leave the EU was passed by Parliament on 22 Jan. The European Parliament approved the UK's exit, 29 Jan. The UK departed the EU at 11pm, 31 January. A transition period runs to the end of 2020. (The UK joined the European Community on 1 Jan. 1973.)

30 January 2020: "UK car output falls ... down −14.2% in 2019 to 1.3m units – the lowest since 2010. ..." — SMMT [www].

30 January 2020: "Statement on the second meeting of the International Health Regulations (2005) Emergency Committee regarding the outbreak of novel ["Wuhan"] coronavirus (2019-nCoV) ... the outbreak now meets the criteria for a Public Health Emergency of International Concern ..." — WHO [www].

30 January 2020, .au: Many roads remained closed in East Gippsland, and other areas, due to bushfires or the after-effects of bushfires, including the Princes Highway East of Manorina, see vic-roads [www].

29 January 2020, .au: "Rain record broken near Townsville as a monsoonal low tracks across Queensland's north-west ..." — [abc]. "Canberra 'not out of the woods' from Namadgi bushfire ..." — [abc]. ... & 31 Jan.: "ACT enters state of emergency as Namadgi's Orroral Valley bushfire is upgraded to Watch and Act ..." — [2].

28 Jan Tue Melb ULP avg au$1.45/l; min $1.29 ([Perth] avg $1.32/l, min $1.25); oil us$54/b; au$1.00=us$0.68, £0.52, €0.61, ¥74

27 January 2020: Seventy-five years ago on "27 January 1945, Soviet troops cautiously entered Auschwitz. ..." — [bbc].

27 January 2020, .uk: "Thirty-eight people have been killed on smart motorways in the last five years ..."— [bbc].

27 January 2020: "Severe Weather Warning for heavy rainfall and damaging winds for people in Gulf Country [Qld] and parts of North West Forecast Districts. ..." — [bom].  "Queensland rain cuts roads and prompts warnings of flash flooding ..." — [abc].

26 January 2020 (Sun.): Australia Day (holiday on Monday 27th).

23 Jan Thu Melb ULP avg au$1.52/l; min $1.36 ([Perth] avg $1.46/l, min $1.28); oil us$58/b; au$1.00=us$0.69, £0.52, €0.62, ¥75

22 January 2020, .au: "Sky turns orange as massive dust storm blankets southern states ..." — [abc].  And then, "Brown rain falls in Victoria ..." — [23/1].

22 January 2020: "Introducing the Cruise 'Origin'. Self-Driven. All-Electric. Shared. ... Cruise vehicles are purpose-built for self-driving at a dedicated GM manufacturing plant. ... [no] steering wheel, rearview mirror, pedals, ..." — Cruise [www]. Honda has a 5.7% share of Cruise.

21 January 2020: Monty Python's Terry Jones died aged 77 – writer, director, spam, spam, spam and spam, Mandy (Life of Brian), Mr Creosote (The Meaning of Life), ... . See, for example, wikip [www], The G [www][23/1], the [bbc].

21 January 2020: "Both the El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) are neutral ..." — [bom].
"For the week to 21 January 2020, rainfall was recorded in the W, N, and E of Australia. Little to no rainfall was recorded in South Australia away from the SE, and through Central Australia. ... Rainfall totals in excess of 200mm were recorded in NE New South Wales and SE Queensland, including the highest weekly total of 373mm at Miami Bardon Avenue in the Gold Coast in SE Queensland. ..." — [bom].

20 January 2020: "The richest one per cent of Australians have more than double the wealth of the entire bottom 50 per cent - or more than 12.5 million people - Oxfam has revealed today ahead of the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. ..." — Oxfam [www]. Surprise?  Also see sales of Rolls Royces, 7 Jan., below.  The World Economic Forum [www] is held at Davos, Switzerland (21-24 Jan. this year).
21 Jan.: "... a rapid and ambitious transition to lower emissions pathways means that a large fraction of proven reserves of fossil fuel cannot be extracted ..., becoming 'stranded assets', with potentially systemic consequences for the financial system ..." — the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) [www].
21 Jan., "Davos: Trump decries climate 'prophets of doom' ..." — [bbc].
22 Jan., Mark Carney, the Bank of England governor — The G [www].
22 Jan., President von der Leyen, "...there is no point in only reducing greenhouse gas emissions at home, if we increase the import of CO2 from abroad. It is not only a climate issue; it is also an issue of fairness. It is a matter of fairness towards our businesses and our workers. We will protect them from unfair competition. One way for doing so is the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism. ..." — [www].
20 January 2020, .au: "Honda and Mitsubishi have commenced voluntary recalls for vehicles manufactured between 1996 and 2000 due to a serious safety concern relating to faulty [Takata NADI 5-AT] airbags. ... [M, H & others] offered to buy back affected vehicles at market value. ..." — ACCC [www]. This is the other Takata airbag problem.
NB. "Penalties for allegedly selling or advertising recalled cars with dangerous Takata airbags ..." — ACCC (31/1/'20) [www],
18 Jan Sat Melb ULP avg au$1.41/l; min $1.28 ([Perth] avg $1.39/l, min $1.28); oil us$59/b
17 Jan Fri au$1.00=us$0.69, £0.53, €0.62, ¥76

18 January 2020, .au: "One-in-100-year event. Flash flooding hits Gold Coast and Brisbane ..." — [abc].

17-18 January 2020: Gooding & Co. Scottsdale auction [www], including lot 121 a 1948 Tucker 48, 6,200 miles, only 51 built, chassis #1034, engine #33541 (sold us$2,040,000); lot 143 a 1932 Hispano-Suiza J12 Dual Cowl Phaeton, coachwork by Binder, chassis #13016, engine #321025 (sold us$2,425,000).

17 January 2020, .au: "Alpine communities around Mount Buffalo urged to evacuate from bushfire ..." — [abc]. See Vic. [www] emergency warnings.

January 2020: "... Climate Risk Is Investment Risk ..." — Larry Fink, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Blackrock [www].  Blackrock, which invests us$7 trillion, "will no longer invest in companies that generate more than 25% of their revenue from thermal coal production ..." The G [www].  But, Scott this-is-coal Morrison "backs resources as world's biggest asset manager ditches thermal coal ..." SMH [www].

17 January 2020: End of Dakar 2020, Saudi Arabia (5-17 Jan.). Bikes, 1. Ricky Brabec (Honda); Quads, 1. Ignacio Casale (Casale Racing); SSV, 1. Casey Currie & Sean Berriman (Can-Am); Cars, 1. Carlos Sainz & Lucas Cruz (Mini Buggy); Trucks, 1. Andrey Karginov, Andrey Mokeev & Igor Leonov (Kamaz) — Dakar [www].

16 January 2020, .au: "We have already had countless bushfire inquiries. What good will it do to have another? ...  57 [inquiries] since 1939 ..." — Kevin Tolhurst, The Conversation [www].

16 January 2020: "Toyota and Joby Aviation ... an aerospace company that is developing and commercializing all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft ... investing $394M in Joby ..." — Toyota [www]. Also see Joby [www].

16 January 2020: Bonhams Scottsdale Auction [www]. Lot 54 a 1951 Ferrari 212 Inter Cabriolet, coachwork by Vignale, chassis #0159E, engine #0159E, sold for us$1,930,000.

15 January 2020: "WMO confirms 2019 as second hottest year on record ... after 2016 ... the annual global temperature in 2019 was 1.1°C warmer than the average for 1850-1900 ..." — WMO {www].

14 January 2020: 'State of the Climate: National (U.S.) Climate Report' for 2019 — National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) [www].

13 Jan Mon Melb ULP avg au$1.41/l; min $1.28 ([Perth] avg $1.35/l, min $1.28); oil us$59/b; au$1.00=us$0.69, £0.53, €0.62, ¥76

13 January 2020: 2020 F1 Grand Prix race schedule, FIA [www].

13 January 2020: Lamborghini delivered 8,205 cars in 2019, up 43%. Of those, 4,962 were Urus SUVs! See Lamborghini [www].

13 January 2020, .au: At 8am Tropical Cyclone 'Claudia' (cat.3) was 530km north of Karratha WA, 490km NW of Port Hedland, and moving WSW. See the [bom].

13 January 2020: "Drought declared for the entirety of NSW, but at least there is some rain forecast ..." — [abc].

11 January 2020: "The truth about Australia's fires" – [www] – "arsonists aren't responsible for many this season."
And, 22 Jan.: "... In NSW, the last decade has seen more than twice the amount of prescribed burning compared to the decade before and in all mapped records of prescribed burning across NSW national parks it's the highest decade. ..." — [www].
10 January 2020, .au: Dangerous bushfires continued to burn in most states; see the NSW [www], SA [www], Tas. [www], Qld [www], Vic. [www] and WA [www] warning and fire services, and the [bom].
10 Jan.: "NSW fire threat to worsen ..." — [abc]. "... East Gippsland and Alpine communities ..." — [2]. But, "Nullarbor highway reopens after being closed for 12 days" — [3].

9-12 January 2020, .uk: Autosport International, NEC Birmingham (9-10th trade) [www].

9 January 2020, recall PRA #2019/18091: "Mazda3 (BP) Model Year 2019 ... The Smart Brake Support (SBS) system may falsely detect an object in front of the vehicle, which may initiate the automatic brake function. ... unexpectedly slow down and stop, increasing the risk of an accident ..." — .gov.au [www].
And, PRA #2019/18090: "Mazda3 (BP) Model Year 2019. ... Due to a software programming fault, the engine may not restart after entering idle stop mode until the vehicle is restarted using the Start/Stop button. ..." — .gov.au [www].

9 January 2020, .au: "Annual climate statement 2019 Australia's warmest year on record, with the annual national mean temperature 1.52°C above average. ... Annual national mean maximum temperature warmest on record (2.09°C above average). ... Australia's driest year on record. Nationally-averaged rainfall 40% below average for the year at 277.6mm. ..." — [bom].  Last year was really hot and dry!
9 Jan.: "Victoria's fire danger increases as people told to leave East Gippsland and Alpine regions ..." — [abc]. See Vic. [www] warnings.
8 Jan Wed Melb ULP avg au$1.41/l; min $1.28 ([Perth] avg $1.53/l, min $1.29); oil us$63/b; au$1.00=us$0.69, £0.52, €0.62, ¥74

8 January 2020, .au: "Ross Garnaut's climate change prediction is coming true and it's going to cost Australia billions ..." — [abc]. Also see the Garnaut Climate Change Review, 4 July & 5 Sept. 2008, and 7 Feb.–31 May 2011.
"Bushfire emergency warning issued for WA town of Toodyay ..." — [abc].

January 2020: Repsol, the oil company, plans to "be a net zero emissions company by 2050" — Repsol, 2/12/2019 [www].

7 January 2020: "Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has delivered an historic annual sales record in 2019 ... A total of 5,152 cars were delivered to customers in over 50 countries ... an increase of 25% on the previous high set in 2018 ..." — Rolls-Royce [www]. (Also see Davos, 20 Jan., above.)

6 January 2020, .au: Tropical Cyclone 'Blake', the first cyclone for summer 2019-2020, formed off the WA coast north of Broome. See the [bom].

6 January 2020, .au: "Nullarbor evacuation underway after WA fires on Eyre Highway left hundreds stranded ..." — [abc].

6 January 2020, .au: "... [In] year 2019, a total of 1,062,867 new vehicles were recorded as sold, a 7.8% decrease on ... 2018. The 2019 figure ... is the lowest annual sales result reported in VFACTS since 2011. ..." — FCAI [www]. As usual the Toyota Hilux was the #1 seller although the Ford Ranger gave it a run for the money.

6 January 2020, .uk: "... UK new car registrations fall −2.4% in 2019 to 2.3 million units ... petrol cars, up +2.2% ... [diesel] −21.8% ... the UK new car fleet average CO2 rose for a third successive year, by +2.7% to 127.9g/km ..." — SMMT [www].

6 January 2020, .uk: "Nuclear waste removal begins 30 years after power station closure ..." — [bbc]. The power station at Berkeley on the Severn in Gloucestershire was the UK's first commercial nuclear power station. It has two (disused) 'Magnox' reactors and ran from 1962 to 1989.

5-17 January 2020: Dakar 2020, Saudi Arabia(!) [www].

4 January 2020, .au: "Tanami Road on a $235 million path to being sealed ..." — [abc]. The Tanami Road is ~1000km long, from near Alice Springs (NT) to Halls Creek (WA).

4 January 2020: "NSW and Victoria bushfire conditions to worsen ..." — [abc].  There were 'fire weather warnings' for parts of ACT, NSW, SA, Tasmania, Victoria and WA; check the [bom].  (Canberra reached a record 44°C and Penrith, W. Sydney, a record 48.9°C.)

3 Jan Fri Melb ULP avg au$1.42/l; min $1.33 ([Perth] avg $1.45/l, min $1.29); oil us$61/b; au$1.00=us$0.70, £0.53, €0.62, ¥75
3 January 2020, Vic"Bushfires prompt Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to declare state of disaster ... It covers a huge part of the state's eastern half, including parts of the East Gippsland shire, Mansfield shire, Wellington shire, Wangaratta rural shire, Towong shire, Alpine shire and the Mount Buller, Mount Hotham, Mount Stirling and Falls Creek Alpine resorts. ..." — [abc].  "The Princes Highway is closed between Orbost and the New South Wales border, due to significant fire activity in East Gippsland. Other major road closures include the Monaro Highway, Great Alpine Road, Bonang Road and Bruthen-Nowa Nowa Road. Avoid all travel in East Gippsland." — vicroads [www].
SA: "Bushfires could break containment lines ..." — [2].
NSW: "The NSW bushfire death toll has risen to 16 ..." — [3].
WA: "Bushfires that have closed major highways on the Nullarbor ..." — [4].
"Australia fires: Smoke turns New Zealand skies 'eerie' yellow ..." — [bbc].

3 January 2020: "Volkswagen in 'Dieselgate' settlement talks with 400,000 German owners ..." The G [www].

3 January 2020: An American drone strike killed Qasem Soleimani, the head of Iran's military, at Baghdad airport in Iraq. (E.g., see [bbc].) President Donald Trump later said that the killing was "to stop a war, not to start one". We'll see how that works.
8 Jan.: Iran fired missiles at US troops in Iraq.

2-5 January 2020 (Thu-Sun): Summernats, Canberra [www].

2 January 2020, .au: "2019 was Australia's hottest and driest year on record ..." — [abc]. See 9 Jan. above.
3 January 2020, .uk: "2019 record temperatures conclude a decade of records ..." — the Met Office [www].
1 January 2020, vic.: On the roads in 2018 lives lost 212;  in 2019 lives lost 264 (+24.5%) — TAC [www].  And, Australia-wide: 1,188 lives lost in 2019, up 4.7% on 2018 — BITRE [www].

1 January 2020, .au: Dangerous bushfires continued to burn in most states; see the NSW [www], SA [www], Tas. [www], Qld [www], Vic. [www] and WA [www] warning and fire services, and the [bom].

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