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The Holden Overlander 4X4 was based on the GM Holden H-series vehicles originally modified by Overlander Motor Co Pty Ltd of Tasmania. Unfortunately, keeping up with GM model changes and government regulations put a stop to this business.

A substantial subframe made a chassis forward to support the new leaf-spring front suspension; the original Holden suspension being double wishbones with coil springs and there was no way that could be adapted to a live axle. Front and rear axles are Dana units - L. A11ison

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This particularly Overlander has been built up ~1998 and is powered by V8 Chevy power.

Overlander Specifications, 4WD Overlander (HJ, HX, HZ)

Specifications for one Overlander ute:

Type: V8 ohv four-stroke, hydraulic pushrods. Bore × Stroke: 101.6 × 77.7mm. Displacement: 5044cm. Compression ratio: 9.7-1. Claimed maximum power: (HZ Motor): 161 kW (216 bhp) at 4500rpm. Claimed max torque: 400 Nm (295 ft.lb.) at 3100rpm.
Internal gearbox ratios: 1st: 2.48; 2nd: 1.48; 3rd: 1.00; Reverse: 2.08. All gears multiply by 2 for Torque converter stall. Low range: 2.03:1. High range: 1:1. Differential ratio: 3.55:1. Overall Low-Low range ratio 35:1. Gearchange: T-Bar Hydromatic. Clutch: Torque Converter.
Running Gear:
Wheels and tyres: 10" × 15" National XT Commandos on 15" × 8" white steel wheels. Brakes: Front: 12" disc power assisted (increase of 1" over standard). Rear: 11" × 2" drum power assisted (10" × 1 3/4" Standard).
Type: Power assisted universal; 11:1-18:1 variable ratio. Turning circle: 16m. (52 ft). Turns lock to lock: 2.6. Suspension: Front: reinforced leaf springs with tele shock absorbers. Rear: As above.
Front Axle: 4400 ft. lbs torque 3000 lb. capacity. 62" track, free wheelhubs, Standard Equip. Rear Axle: 7000 ft. lbs torque 3500 lb. capacity. 62" track, limited slip diff' (replaces GM assembly. of 4000 ft. lb. viz. 75% increase)
L×W×H: 4938×1877×1399mm (194.4×73.9×55.1"). Wheelbase: 2895mm (114.0"). Kerb Mass: approx, 1500kg (3300lb). Load-carrying capacity: approx 750 kg. Track: 62" front, 62" rear (7" wider than competitors). Fuel consumption: approx. 14mpg on the open road.
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