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Ineos is a UK chemicals company founded by Jim Ratcliffe. The company supports the Ineos Grenadiers professional cycling team (was Team Ineos) and Ineos Team UK, the 2021 British America's Cup challenge. In December 2020 it was announced that Ineos would buy one third of The Mercedes F1 team. Ratcliffe is a fan of the (old) Land-Rover Defender 4WD. After production of the Defender ended in 2016 he decided to build a spiritual successor – the Grenadier named after the pub where Projekt Grenadier was conceived.

2020: Ineos gradually released pictures, videos and details of prototypes of the Grenadier 4WD. In September 2019 it had been announced that the Grenadier would be built in Bridgend, Wales, but in December 2020 it was announced that it would instead be built in Hambach, France (yet Ratcliffe supported brexit).

2021 May 11: "... production in Hambach to start in July 2022. ..." — Ineos. (delayed)

2022 October production, Ineos 'Grenadier' 4WD, 2-seater or 5-seater Station Wagon.
loa 4856mm, width 1930mm (body), h 2036mm, wb 2922mm.
Ladder chassis, live axles, coil springs, 17" or 18" wheels.
Engines: BMW 'B58' I6 3-litre turbo petrol 210kW or 'B57' I6 3-litre twin-turbo diesel 183kW.
Transmission: ZF 8-speed auto, full-time 4WD, low-ratio 2.5:1, optional axle diff-locks (std on some models).
Price: from £49K, au$84.5K, deliveries from Dec. 2022?
Nov. 2023, 2024: From au$97,000 to au$109,525. 2-seat (van) from au$109K to au$122K (Trialmaster), 5-seat stn wgn from au$110K to au$123K, Quartermaster (crew-cab ute) from au$110K to au$123K.
2023 August: The Grenadier 'Quatermaster' extended wheel-base crew-cab ute was shown at the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

2024 February 23: Ineos unveiled the Fusilier a BEV 4x4, smaller than the Grenadier; one version will have a petrol ICE "range extender".

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