1899: Wilbur Gunn founded the Lagonda Engineering Company, building marine engines.

1903: Lagonda built a 5 hp tricar.

1909: Lagonda went bankrupt but restarted in 1909.

1911: Lagonda produced 20-hp four- and 30-hp six-cylinder cars.

1927: The 2-litre Speed Model (80mph) was launched.

1928: A Lagonda driven by D'Erlanger and Hawkes finished 11th at Le Mans.

1933: The 4.5 litre M45 was launched.

1935: A Lagonda M45R Rapide driven by Johnny Hindmarsh and Luis Fontes won Le Mans. Lagonda went bankrupt but Alan Good reformed it as LG Motors with W. O. Bentley as chief engineer.

A 1939 Lagonda V12 Drophead Coupe, chassis #14069, sold for £230,000 at Bonhams 2020 (17 Oct.) Goodwood Speedweek auction.

1947: Lagonda was bought by David Brown and Aston Martin Lagonda was formed.

1958: Lagonda production ceased.

1961: The 4-litre Lagonda Rapide was introduced - a four-door Aston Martin DB4.

1976: The striking 'V8 Lagonda', styled by William Towns, was launched.

1987: Ford took a 75% stake in Aston Martin Lagonda.

1993: Ford bought the rest of Aston Martin Lagonda, selling it again in 2007.

2008: Aston-Martin announced planes to revive the 'Lagonda' marque.

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