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Land-Rover 80" Mobile Welder changes

Here are listed the part changes on 80" Mobile Welders. Most of these parts were common to the Basic Model. Only 113 Mobile Welders were made from 1949 to 1953. The left hand column shows the chassis number of the vehicle on which the parts changed. The right hand column describes how the parts differed. Most if not all of the parts are still common with the basic Land Rover.

1950 model Land Rover Mobile Welder changes

06300001 The bolts fixing the shock absorbers and the exhaust bushes are changed from welded to the chassis to being plain bolts that are removable from the chassis. The elbow on top of the carburettor is changed from being the fully rounded type, part # 218182, to being the partly oval shaped type, part # 231494.
06300022 The brackets for bolting the bumper bar to the chassis are now welded to the bumper bar from being welded to the chassis. The bumper is now held with four bolts. It was previous held with eight bolts. The rear draw bar is change from being welded to the chassis and being ten holes wide, to being bolted to the chassis and eight holes wide. The right hand floor plate is changed so that it doesn't have the circular cut out for the ring pull freewheel lock. The gear box cover is changed to have the yellow "push down" lever bolted to it which now locks the freewheel unit. See also the 1950 gearbox # 06104015. The L shaped bracket used to bolt the choke control bracket to the bulkhead is changed from being bolted to the choke control bracket to being spot welded to it. The choke control bracket changed again on the 1950 station wagon at chassis # 06200312
06300028 The R.H.D hand brake lever is changed from the bakealite handle type with the big button, part # 218379, to being plain steel handle type with a small button, part # 231316. See chassis # 06200325 for L.H.D hand brake lever change The hood bows changed from being the flat top type, part # 301121, to being the curved top type, part # 301892. The full length hood changed to suit the new hood bows.
06300030 The exhaust silencer assembly no longer has an integral rear support bracket. A separate rear bracket now supplied, part # 233618.

1951 model Land Rover Mobile Welder changes

The exhaust silencer assembly for L.H.D vehicles is changed so that the exhaust exists on the drivers side. R.H.D stays exiting were it was on its drivers side. The battery box changed from the type with the high sides part # 218036, to the type with the low sides and top battery support held with three wing nuts, part # 232550
The door top hinges change from being the Y shaped wire type which is welded to the door top, to being a bolt on triangular shaped hinge, part numbers 304100 R.H & 304101 L.H. On earlier vehicles where the Y shaped hinges have broken off, new bolt on type hinges were available as part numbers 301916 R.H & 301917 L.H with two adaptor plates, part # 301918. The windscreen hinge part changed on the 1952 model at chassis # 26300014. The door tops changed again on the 1952 model chassis # 26300001.
The dash panel warning lights (Choke & Ignition) are now all coloured plastic end to end. The oil pressure warning light is now green instead from being red with "OIL" on it. The dash panel changed slightly to suit the new warning lights The wiring harness changed to suit the new warning lights. In the sequence Ignition, choke & oil the earlier part numbers were 238018, 238020 & 217645 and changed to 234995, 234996 & 234997. Wiring harness changed to suit the warning light changes. The dash panel warning lights changed again on the 1952 model chassis # 26105067. The catches for holding the windscreen upright changed from being the straight type, part # 300543, to the curved type, part # 302377. The windscreen fasteners on bonnet, that are used to hold the windscreen down when it is in its horizontal position are changed from being forward facing and being bolted to the bonnet, part # 300692 to being rearward facing, and bolted to the bonnet to the bonnet windscreen supports, part # 302326.
The accelerator pedal shaft is lengthened to accommodate a distance piece, part #, 234635. On R.H.D vehicles the cross shaft for the accelerator changed from from the right side of bulkhead to the left, to being shortened and on the right hand side only. The accelerator cross shaft set up on L.H.D vehicles stayed similar to what it was. The cross shaft itself changed somehow.

1952 model Land Rover Mobile Welder changes

To start with the front grille is now the inverted T style of grille, part # 302567 from being the head lights sticking through the grille style. The grill panel changed to suit the new grille. The doors now have exterior door handles and the canvas flaps needed on the door tops for opening the earlier doors with out the exterior door handles are no longer fitted. The chassis now has two transverse bracings added underneath the rear body floor. The rear floor L shaped bracings are shortened to clear chassis bracings. The chaff guard for radiator changed to suit new grille.
The seat backs are changed from being the curved spade back style part # 301997 the square style of seat back part # 302609. The hinges for the new backs are different also. The strengthening pieces on the rear body for the seat backs changed to suit the new seat backs.
The dash panel warning lights changed from being all coloured plastic, to having a black exterior, ie back to what they were before 1951 chassis # 16101656 except for the oil pressure light and that the coloured piece is now glass instead of plastic. In the sequence Ignition, choke & oil the earlier part numbers were 234995, 234996 & 234997 and changed to 238018, 238020 & 238019. The dash panel changed slightly to suit the new warning lights.
26300014 The hinge part for the door tops which is bolted to the windscreen is changed so that it is able to be adjusted forwards or backwards slightly. The earlier hinges are part # 300684, the later hinges are part # 304104.

1953 model Land Rover Mobile Welder changes

The rubber grommet for the exterior door handle is changed somehow. The part book shows that one front shock absorber and one rear shock absorber changed somehow.
The inner steering column and nut changed from having a bronze steering nut, part # 261425, for the right hand drives and part # 261426, for the left hand drives, to having a case hardened inner column and steel steering nut, part # 242302, for the right hand drives and part # 242303 for the left hand drives.
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