Land-Rover Engine Numbers


80" SW
107" SW

Michael Bishop: The first Land-Rover engine is the 1595cc 4-cylinder version of Rover's inlet over exhaust, then a very new engine layout. The basic specifications of the engine are as follows.

Bore................. 69.5 mm
Stroke...............105 mm
Capacity............1595 cc
Compression Ratio....6.8:1
B.H.P........50-55 @ 4000 rpm
Torque.......80lb./ft @ 2000 rpm

1948/49 model Land Rover Engine changes

861872 Some minor parts on the carburettor changed. The accelerator pump changed from having the long pump arm, to having a short pump arm. The throttle lever changed as well as the accelerator pump actuating rod. The main jet changed from being 102.5 to being 107.5. Original carburettors are easy to distinguish. They are date stamped on the carburettor main body. The series all start with L. They then have another single letter being from A to L excluding I. This means the month, A, being January and so on. Then the year is stamped 48, 49 and so on.
862234 The Lucas starter motor changed from being the M418 G/C type to being the M418 G/76 type. The details of the starter motor are stamped on the main starter body. These are date stamped in the fashion 3 49 meaning March 1949 and so on. The main difference between the two starters is that an adaptor plate was dropped from the back.
865550 A rubber sealing strip has been added to the rear of the sump. The early sealing of sump was sometimes found to be inadequate in extreme conditions.
867432 The nuts holding the main bearing caps to the engine block changed from being with self locking nuts to being held with castle nuts and split pins. The studs now have holes for the split pins to go through.
867641 The top engine rocker cover changed from having inset studs holding to the cylinder head to having raised points for the studs to hold the rocker cover to the cylinder head.

1950 model Land Rover engine changes

06100201 The clutch changed from being the Rover type to the Borg and Beck type. The Rover type clutch is held to the flywheel with eight nuts and the Borg and Beck type is held to the flywheel with six nuts, hence the flywheel is also different. See also gearbox No. 06100201 in the Gearbox part changes section. The clutch changed again on the 1953 model at engine No. 36100885.
06106532 The rear bolt for the dynamo changed from being 5/16 x 1.5" long to being 5/16 x 1 19/32" long.
06106720 The rubber inlet valve seal changed from being in the valve spring cup part No. 210517 to being in the valve guide part No. 233427. The valve guide changed as well to suit the new seal from part No. 217870 to part No. 233643.
06111606 The three long bolts holding the thermostat housing to the cylinder head are changed from being the special type which can hold the engine governor, part No. 232955 to being three normal bolts 5/16 x 11/16" long
06112001 The oil filter inlet and out let pipes changed. I think that they were lengthened a little so that it would make the oil filter easier to remove. The fan pulley was changed from being the type with two grooves, one for the fan belt and the other for the engine governor drive belt, part No. 218563, to being the type with one groove, part No. 230492 except when an engine governor is fitted and then two belt pulley is used.
06115161 The thermostat housing changed from being the type with two plugs on the left hand side, one for the heater pipe and the other for the temperature gauge sender, part No. 212379 to being the type with no extra plugs, part No. 233483. If you wish to fit a heater or a temperature gauge then you need to get one of the thermostat housings with the two plugs.

1951 model Land Rover engine changes

The oil supply pipe to the cylinder head is changed from being the type with removable oil pressure switch junction, part No. 212360, to being the type with the built in oil pressure switch junction, part No. 233522.
The locating bolt for the distributor that bolts in the side of the distributor housing is no longer fitted. The casting space for it is left in the distributor housing for a while after.
The sump changed from being the square type, part No. 231481, to being the curved type of sump part No. 233444. The oil pump changed from being the type with the removable round gauze filter, part No. 214989 to being the type with the dish shaped filter inside the sump, part No. 234310. The oil pump drive shaft, part No. 09053 was shortened to suit the new shorter curved sump oil pump. It is now part No. 234288. The dipstick changed to suit the new sump. The dipstick changed again at engine No. 26100201. The oil pump drive shaft changed again on the 1951 model at engine No. 16105728.
The top rocker cover breather changed from being the rounded adjustable type, part No.'s 213887 to 213890, to being the single hexagonal shaped type, part No. 234613. The top rocker cover breather changed on the 1952 model at engine No. 26100201.
The piston scraper rings changed from having two of the same ring per piston, to having a stepped scraper ring and a maxilite scraper ring. The pistons also changed to having two horizontal grooves in each side of the piston.
The oil pump/ distributor drive changed from being a one piece shaft, part No. 234288, with the distributor drive dog held on by a locating pin, to being a two piece shaft. The longer oil pump shaft is part No. 235083, and the shorter distributor drive shaft is part No. 233681.

1952 and 1953 model Land Rover engine changes

26100001 The engine is now the 2-litre engine as of the 1952 model. This is the Siamese bore type engine. The basic engine specification that changed are
Bore.................77.8 mm
Compression Ratio....6.8:1
Torque.....101 lb./ft @ 1500 rpm
Most of the other engine parts in the early 2-litre engines apart from the block and the pistons are the same as the previous 1.6-litre Land Rover engine.
26100201 The top rocker cover changed from having the hexagonal shaped breather on the far end, part No. 234613 to having the large dome shaped breather extruding out the front of the top rocker cover. The side rocker cover, part No. 216680 is changed from having the bolt on alloy oil filler, part No. 218799 to having an oil filler which is integral with the side cover, part No. 236003. The oil filler lid is a domed breather for the crank casing similar to the new top rocker cover breather. The previous crank case breather par No. 232454 which is on the right hand side of the engine block is no longer fitted. The pipe from the air filter to the carburettor are changed from the type with the extra holes in them for the early breather system, to being the type with no extra holes. The dipstick changes from the heavy short type, part No. 233460, to being the long skinny wire style dipstick part No. 237563.
The oil pressure switch changed somehow. It was part No. 217644 and is now part No. 240526
The clutch plate changed somehow. It isn't clear how it changed. The lining is still the same so presumably the clutch plate springs were changed.

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