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The Bushmaster infantry mobility vehicle is an armoured 4x4 built in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia by Thales Australia (was ADI pre 2006). It was selected by the Australian army in 1998 and 700+ were delivered between 2004 and 2009, seeing service in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Armoured, 4 wheeled, personnel carrier, 2 crew + 7,
loa 7.02m (hull 6.6m), width 2.5m, height 2.65m, track 2.1m, wb 3.9m, grnd clearance 400mm, weight 11,300 - 14,000kg,
Caterpillar diesel 224kW, Allison 7-speed auto gearbox, 4x4, double-wishbone independent suspension, disc brakes, 395/85 R20 tyres, central tyre inflation system (CTIS), cruising speed 100km/h,
gun ring for machine gun.
Variants: ambulance, mortar carrier, recovery vehicle.
2008: A single-cab truck version.
2011, May 12: The Government announced an order for 101 more Bushmasters, 31 having been damaged beyond repair "in recent years". This took the total number of Bushmasters ordered by Defence to 838.
2012, July 2: "Minister for Defence Stephen Smith ... announced the proposed acquisition of a further 214 Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles ... in addition to the ... 101 ... announced in May '11..."
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