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The Oshkosh Motor Truck Manufacturing Company was formed, initially as the Wisconsin Duplex Auto Co. of Clintonville, by Besserdich and Mosling in 1913. It was renamed Oshkosh when it moved to the town of that name in 1917 [Bal87]. Besserdich had earlier been one of the founders of another 4x4 firm - FWD.

1968 Oshkosh 6x4, GCM 45,000kg, Caterpillar 1674, 270hp motor, at the Historic Commercial Vehicles Show.
M1070 Heavy Equipment Transporters.
These monsters have 500hp diesels, 5 speed automatic gearboxes, two speed transfer cases, and eight wheel drive. They are used to haul Abrams tanks around.

2009 August 17: Oshkosh Defense (and not S&S/BAE) was selected to produce 2,568 FMTV trucks and trailers for us$280.9million. (A SS/BAE counter appeal was rejected, Feb.2010.)
2010 May 10: Oshkosh announced an order of over us$410million to supply 2,634 Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) trucks and trailers to the U.S. Army in 2011, with more orders in July.

2010, October 6: "Oshkosh Defense [was] awarded its first production order for the [HET A1] Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET) from the U.S. Army. ... for more than 1,000 vehicles ... for completion in June 2012." -- Oshkosh.

2015, August 25: The US military awarded $6.7 billion contract to Oshkosh for an initial production run of "approximately 17,000" Joint Light Tactical Vehicles JLTVs from FY 2016.

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